SIM Not Provisioned Error Message on Android

Facing issues with SIM card when using it in a new phone or transferring the number to a new SIM card?

Subscriber Identity Module popularly known as SIM card is a small chip used to connect your smartphone with the carrier. Without it, our smartphones are of no use and our life comes to a halt.

I hope you all agree with this.

With that said, today we will discuss how to resolve SIM not provisioned #MM2 or SIM not provisioned error message.

Why You Get This Error?

SIM card as we all know is a tiny piece of plastic with a small integrated chip that contains information about the user like phone number, IMEI and other important data. SIM helps make a call and connect with mobile internet.
Why you get this Error

When you encounter the error message SIM not provisioned, it means SIM card is not yet activated. However, this is not the only reason, other reasons that can cause SIM not provisioned MM2 are:

  • Software and system glitch
  • SIM card is not placed properly
  • Network provider’s server is offline
  • Transferring contacts to a new SIM card, etc.

Now that we know what can cause SIM not provisioned MM2 or SIM not provisioned error let’s learn how to solve the error and use the phone with the SIM card without any problem.

Before that we will like to discuss some other common SIM not provisioned errors that you might face.

Error Message, “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice”

This error occurs when you are trying to make voice calls using a device is connected with the Google Fi.

 Error Message, “SIM 2 Not Provisioned”

When “SIM not provisioned MM2” error is followed by a number. That means there is a number after SIM it means you are using a dual-SIM phone and there is some problem with the slot.

So, these were two other most common SIM Not Provisioned error messages. To resolve all these error messages here, we enlist certain ways.

The methods below are listed in order. However, if you wish you can jump to any option that you like.

5 Techniques to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” or SIM Not Provisioned Errors

1.  Reboot Phone: It might seem dubious, but sometimes the simplest thing works. To resolve the error power off your phone and restart it. This should fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2 error.

2. Insert SIM Card properly: Sometimes it’s not the service provider nor the network that causes SIM Not Provisioned error. It can be caused by an incorrectly inserted SIM. Therefore, to resolve the error on Android and see if the SIM is properly inserted.

If you are not using a high-end phone or have not got a new one you can find a SIM card by removing the battery. However, a phone without removable battery or flagship phones, have the slot to insert SIM at the side. To open it you will need a SIM card opener.

Note: Make sure you detach the SIM card only not anything else like microSD card.

After detaching the SIM card, blow it or clean it with a clean muslin cloth. Put dust free SIM and follow the instruction you received in the manual. Now restart your phone the error message will no longer appear.

3. Activate SIM Card: Usually, within 24 hours a SIM card gets activated. If that doesn’t happen, you can face SIM not provisioned. To resolve, try getting your SIM activated by calling a helpline number, sending SMS, or head to carrier’s website and activate SIM.

All these options will help activate SIM and fix “SIM not provisioned”.

4. Contact Network Provider: If you are unable to get SIM card activated, make a call to your carrier provider and explain the problem.

They might be able to resolve it as the problem with the server. Once you follow the steps explained by them restart your phone “SIM Not Provisioned” error message should be resolved.

5. Swap with a New SIM Card
Swap with a New SIM Card

Still, nothing works? Try getting a new SIM card or can register eSIM if your phone supports it.

You can even contact the network provided to resolve the issue. However, the quickest way is to visit a local shop. They’ll be able to fix the issue and no longer you will see “SIM not provisioned MM2” error.

If some of the steps are repeated don’t panic. It’s part of the process. The store has tools to diagnose the problem. They will either swap the SIM or fix it so that you don’t face SIM not provisioned error.

All the steps explained above will help fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM 2” or SIM not provisioned Error!

Keep in mind this error only occurs in the device with SIM cards. If the SIM is okay and placed properly these fixes will work. Remember you have five ways to fix the error message and SIM not provisioned error message.

  • Restarting phone
  • Checking SIM card placement
  • Activating SIM card
  • Contacting store or network provider for help
  • Getting a New SIM

We hope SIM not provisioned MM2 or SIM not provisioned whatever the error message you were getting on your phone is now resolved. Please do leave us a comment to let us know. Also, share the article with your friends and family.

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