What Is AdobeGC Invoker Utility? Should I Disable It?

Do you see AdobeGC Invoker Utility running as a Startup item under Task Manager? Wondering what on earth is it? Should we disable it or not? 

Well, if you have doubts about AdobeGC Invoker Utility and are looking for answers, you are at the right place. In this post, we will discuss this utility in detail. Also, you will know if this utility is safe to run or not. 


AdobeGC Invoker


What is AdobeGC Invoker Utility?

AdobeGC Invoker Utility also referred to as GC Invoker Utility is developed by Adobe Systems, Incorporated. This service helps increase the performance of Adobe software. Also, this process runs as part of the Adobe Software Integrity Service validation testing. This means using Adobe checks for genuine licensing. 

This utility runs in the background and is also known as AdobeGCClient.exe. By default AGCInvokerUtility.exe is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe \AdobeGCClient. Although it is not a Windows-based process, still you can leave it running, if you are not facing any issues. 

Is AGCInvokerUtility.exe Safe or a Virus?

We hope the above explanation makes clear that AGCInvokerUtility is a safe file. It doesn’t damage the Windows machine. However, if the file location for AdobeGC Invoker Utility.exe file is not C:\Windows OR C:\Windows\System 32, then it should ring the bells. 

On occasions when you find AGCInvokerUtility.exe is not saved at the above-specified location, you need to scan the system for malware infections. For this, we recommend using the Systweak Antivirus. 

It is a safe, trusted, and reliable security system with real-time, malware protection, exploit protection, and other security shields. Using it you can scan your system thoroughly for infections and can also check startup items for infections. 


Systweak Antivirus

Read the review of Systweak Antivirus

Do We Need AdobeGC Invoker Utility Running At System Startup?

Apparently yes, to check program licensing and to run the functions it is designed for AdobeGC needs to run at startup. 

But if the file causes High CPU usage, or slows down the system as reported by certain users, you should disable it. 

To do so open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys. Here under Startup tab look for AdobeGC Invoker Utility > right-click > Disable>Apply > Ok. 

Note: We do not recommend disabling the file as this might stop interfere with the functioning of certain Adobe programs. 

How To Disable AGCInvokerUtility.exe?

We say we don’t recommend disabling it, but then we are explaining how to do it, this might be confusing. With that said, let me explain why I am explaining how to disable AGCInvokerUtility.exe. In situations where you face slow boot time issues, or the system’s performance starts to slow down we recommend disabling it. 

Surely, you can do so from Task Manager as explained below, but it won’t help much. Hence, we recommend using a third-party tool called Advanced PC Cleanup. Using this powerful and comprehensive tool you can not only disable AdobeGC Invoker Utility but can also clean up junk files and declutter Windows PC. 

To use this amazing and best PC optimization tool follow the steps below:

1. Download, install and run Advanced PC Cleanup


advanced pc cleanup


2. Now, click the Startup Manager tab and wait for the program to display a list of all startup items.


AdobeGC Invoker


3. Select AdobeGC Invoker Utility and other Adobe related services one by one and hit the Trash bin. This will disable the process from running at startup. 

4. In addition to this, you can disable other unwanted startup items. 

5. Once this is done, to clean junk files and to optimize the system in one click, hit the System Status option.

6. Here click Start Scan now and wait for the scan to finish.

7. Next, hit Clean Now to clear all the infection and junk data.


advanced pc cleanup


8. Restart the PC and experience the performance boost. 

This is not all, Advanced PC Cleanup as the name implies as more to offer. Using this tool, you can perform the following actions:

tipsAdditional Tip

Sometimes you forget to clean up and optimize your system but remember failing to do so reduces your system’s life. Therefore, to enjoy glitch-free Windows performance cleaning it from time to time is recommended.  

To save you from the manual hassle of doing it, Advanced PC Cleanup offers a Scheduler. You can use it to scan the system at a specified time. This will help get an optimized PC with enhanced performance. To run Scheduler, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Advanced PC Cleanup
  2. Click the three stacked lines at the top left corner
  3. Select Schedule from the left pane 
  4. Now configure the scanning to run automatic scanning.

    AdobeGC Invoker
  5. You can run it Every Day, Every Week or Once. Decide how you want it to run.
  6. Once all the settings are made, hit Apply. 
  7. That’s it now Advanced PC Cleanup will automatically scan your system for errors and will keep it optimized. 

We hope you find the guide helpful and we have been able to answer all the questions related to AdobeGC Invoker Utility. However, if you are having any questions please leave your queries and feedback in the comments section. Also, to keep your system optimized give Advanced PC Cleanup a try. Trust me, it is worth trying. 


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    Gajendra singh
    Advanced PC Cleanup is the best uninstaller software

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    AdobeGC is good utility to help other Adobe software run smoothly.

    3 years ago
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    Amara Smith
    this article is very informative. but can i have a question What is CCX process?

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    After reading the article I feel that I know something that a lot of people don’t.. amazingly explained article

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