Top 9 Best Identity Theft Protection Services In 2023

An individual’s identity depicts his individuality, origin, and personal details. You may already understand how crucial it is. Any kind of data breach or identity theft digitally may result in personal as well as monetary losses. It is hence advisable to go for best identity theft protection services, which can actively monitor the suspicious activities and help in protecting the identity already.

Young, adults, or senior citizens, everyone is playing their hands digitally. But recent years have proved that victims of identity theft have lost millions of dollars along with compromising personal information like social security number, passport numbers, credit card numbers, etc.

Apart from learning things to do when identity theft is suspected and ways to protect yourself from identity theft, we will take you to the best identity protection services that overall can manage a lot of things for you, and you do not even need to worry about your details getting stolen.

Part 1: Comparison Chart

Identity Theft Services Notable Features Free Trial Price
Advanced Identity Protector
  • Detects identity traces
  • Safety vault to secure all the personal information
  • Organizes personal data.
Yes Windows: $39.95 per year

Mac: Free (in-app purchases)

  • Detects credit file activity and unauthorized USP changes.
  • Act as a theft monitoring tool
  • Detects information on the dark web
No Starts $8.99 per month
  • Visual tracker for credit rating
  • Its mobile app monitors spyware and spoof networks.
  • Fraud protection and advanced monitoring
Yes Starts $14.99 per month
ID WatchDog
  • Advanced identity monitoring.
  • Real-time web monitoring to guard identity information
  • Chat and email support around the clock
No Starts $14.95 per month
Identity Guard
  • Backed up by IBM Artificial intelligence
  • Analyze your social media insight report for reputation status
  • Get instant notifications when someone changes name, address, email address, etc. to their bank account.
No Starts $6.67 per month
  • Monthly credit records come in a merged report
  • Dedicated ID and fraud specialists for your assistance
  • Comes with free antivirus software
$1 for 14 days trial Starts $9.99 per month
Intelius Identity Protect
  • View and track your credit score smartly
  • Sends warning signs for breach in identity
  • 24*7 fraud resolution experts
Yes $19.95 per month
Identity Fraud
  • Lowest entry-level price
  • Every active member is provided with $1M of insurance
  • Keeps your sensitive information under the wraps
No $19.95
ID Freeze by myFICO
  • Updates itself every one to three months
  • Provides credit reports and scores for mortgages, auto loans, etc.
  • $1 million theft insurance for all the plans
No Starts $19.95

Part 2: Detailed Description Of Best Identity Theft Protection Services

2.1 Advanced Identity Protector


    • Protects confidential information like passwords, email accounts, credential details, etc. from intruders.
    • Wipeout identity traces from the system.
    • Offers normal and custom scanning services.
    • AES-256 robust security system.
    • Automatic scanning can be scheduled based on your preference.

Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector is an efficient and best identity theft protection service by Systweak, which makes sure that none of your personal information is leaked or stolen by the intruders. It scans all the weak and loose identity traces from web browsers, files, registry, and displays them on the screen.

Once detected, you can choose to move this information in the secure vault, remove traces permanently or move them to the exclusion list.

Set a strong password for the secure vault and make sure to not to share it with anyone. Keep it with you, and your information remains safe with the tool itself. Luckily, it also works as a secure password manager, and you can save multiple passwords in it with ease.

Its knowledge base and customer support system is also available for your assistance.

Availability: Windows & Mac

Website: https://www.advancedidentityprotector.c

2.2 LifeLock


  • Keeps an eye on fraudulent use of personal information
  • Three tiers of protection monitoring for multiple accounts
  • 60-days money back guarantee
  • Offers different plans and packages for privacy monitoring and control of private information.


As the name says it all, LifeLock can lock your details that are important to your identity and act as the best identity theft protection tool. When someone tries to play with your information, it alerts you and helps in determining privacy. To keep an idea that your identity is not sabotaged, the tool keeps monitoring thousands of websites, court and criminal records.

Moreover, it also offers various plans like Standard, Advantage and Ultimate Plus in which all of them at least provide SSN protection and credit monitoring. With the upgrade of plans, you have options of bank alerts, annual credit reports and 401(k) and investment activity alerts.

You would also like to know that upgraded plans have options of providing VPN services upto limited devices, can reimburse the stolen funds and even protects from virus (Norton antivirus).

Availability: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Website: LifeLock

2.3 IdentityForce


  • Alerts you for any fraudulent bank or credit card activity.
  • Monitoring of change of address, payday loan, social media identity, etc.
  • Protects your keystrokes, PINs, and credit card information.


When you talk about a tool for best identity theft protection, you might want to look up to a plethora of features that settle you with their services. IdentityForce is capable of monitoring essential details like fraud, change of address, dark web, court records, etc. at one end. In contrast, it alerts you with bank activities, investment accounts, SSN, identity threat, etc. at another.

You can even control medical ID fraud, two-factor authentication, lost wallet assistance, etc. This new feature on a mobile app called Mobile Attack Control keeps your phone safe from spyware, unsecured Wi-Fi locations, and maintains security so you can take immediate action when required.

It comes with two plans called Ultra Secure and UltraSecure+Credit, which almost gives similar features, but the latter also provides Bureau credit monitoring, reporting and score tracking. Moreover, both plans offer identity theft insurance of up to $1 million with fully managed restoration services.

Available: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Website: IdentityForce

2.4 ID WatchDog


  • Receive credit monitoring report from one or nationwide credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, etc.
  • Identity theft case detection is transferred to CITRMS
  • Sends emails and notifications when unauthorized identity usage is detected

ID WatchDog

This identity protection service is capable of searching licenses, public records and certifications to find identity theft. It even scans various websites, forums and chat rooms which are trafficking your stolen identity in the low light. Their tag line ‘Beyond credit card fraud’ suits it best as it is finding tax-related, child and medical ID theft along with the base rule.

Their family plan lets you protect your family data too with Child credit lock that protects minors against credit fraud. With that, any kind of cyberbullying or reputation-damaging information on social media would be notified to you, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

Plus, 24×7 customer support and theft insurance of up to $1 million makes things convenient to you when in stress. With its Platinum plan, you are getting credit scores as well, apart from all the services.

Availability: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Website: ID Watchdog

2.5 Identity Guard


  • Family plan offers services for 2 adults and unlimited kids
  • Credit bureau reports (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)
  • Telephonic assistance on weekdays and Saturday evenings

Identity Guard

A comprehensive solution for identity theft prevention is with you. Backed up with artificial intelligence capabilities, it can discover vulnerabilities and alert you when any kind of identity is at risk. You can quickly get a monthly vantage 3.0 credit score based on TransUnion and dark web monitoring is possible.

You would be alerted when any kind of breach on SSN, credit card numbers, health insurance number is detected. Also, get alerts if anyone tries to mess with your bank account details. Moreover, assistance with covered losses due to identity theft with stolen funds reimbursements is supported to you.

Its pricing is far better than its competitors where the Premier plan($16.67 per month) offers tax refund alerts, safe browsing tools and monthly credit score.

Availability: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Website: Identity Guard

2.6 PrivacyGuard


  • Offers 14-days trial programme in just $1
  • Email and text alerts for any fraudulent activity
  • Scanning and monitoring of your personal information.


You want to call PrivacyGuard as one of the best identity protection services as it offers daily credit monitoring services besides the list mentioning public and dark web scanning, monitoring of social security numbers, driver’s license, passport, debit card, credit card, USPs address change, and public records.

With its highest plan(Total Protection), you get 24*7 triple bureau daily credit monitoring, secure keyboard app, financial calculator suite, online fraud assistance, neighborhood reports, medical record reimbursements, lost and stolen wallet protection, etc.

Availability: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Website: PrivacyGuard

2.7 Identity Protect by Intelius


  • 7 days risk-free trial available
  • Find out who is peeking at your credit score
  • Identity recovery kit and $1 million identity theft insurance

Identity Protect by Intelius

A single-tier service plan, this identity theft protection service offers identity theft protection majorly with credit reporting. Since Intelius primarily acts as a background check company, you can find a vast size of public records over here besides monitoring any changes in credit reports.

Apart from all the alerts being mailed, these are saved in the member portal of the website too. These credit reports that come every month can be pulled from TransUnion. Despite fundamental to intermediate security services, you can easily rely on the tool for its simplicity and customer calling service for 24*7.

Availability: Windows & Mac

Website: Identity Protect

2.8  Identity Fraud


  • Lowest price with maximum protection
  • Credit report and credit score facility
  • Keystroke encryption software to protect your identity

Identity Fraud

Though there is always no complete guarantee of stopping identity theft, a simple and effective identity theft protection service can create a great deal for all. Identity Fraud is one such service where Gold and Platinum plans offer unlimited victim assessment, ID risk score, SSN monitoring, credit card monitoring with credit card report (Platinum).

Moreover, what you would like is the budget-friendliness where even Platinum services cost you $15.95 per month and provide additional triple bureau credit monitoring and credit score, which is usually at a higher price otherwise.

Availability: Windows & Mac

Website: Identity Fraud

2.9 ID Freeze by myFICO


  • Gives you 1 to 3 credit bureau report
  • Detect all possible threats to the identity and recover from the same
  • 24/7 on-call support in case of any urgency

ID Freeze by myFICO

One of the best identity protection services, ID Freeze quickly detects any possible threat to personal and sensitive information and notify you for the same. It offers three different plans; Basic, Advanced and Premier where Premier updates every month, gives FICO score, credit reports and 3 bureau credit reports.

There is constant monitoring on various aspects of identity and scores. Monitoring ultimately helps in preparing you for a loan, understanding how the system works and analyzing the insights in depth are some significant aspects of ID Freeze by myFICO.

Availability: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Website: ID Freeze by myFICO

Part 3: What Are Some Tip To Escape About Identity Theft

Stealing your private information like email address, social security number, bank account number, credit card, medical ID, etc. count as identity theft and must be taken very seriously. Or else there could be severe consequences for reputation, employment, finances and even monetary losses whoever is present online, whether actively or passively, they must know how to keep distances from hackers and cybercriminals.

Here are some of the tips that you must keep in mind related to identity theft.

  • It is best to act quick as soon as identity theft is detected.
  • Shred your records by either using a shredder utility or manually.
  • Examine your bank account activities every week and keep your books updated.
  • Don’t click on unidentified links or phishing emails.
  • Keep an eye on unsafe website addresses.
  • Make your passwords most robust or use smart password managers.
  • Use VPN services while undertaking transactions and other critical online activities.

Your awareness matters most in escaping from identity theft. So make sure you act rightly and stay attentive to your online surroundings. Plus, keep one of the best identity theft protection services with you for better security.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are identity theft protection services worth it?

Absolutely, Yes! As the identity theft cases are on the rise, and they purge with your monetary and individuality theft, an excellent identity protection service helps you in keeping all the information secure and doesn’t let data to be stolen for their benefits. An efficient tool covers all the private information under the password or backs up by new tech services like Artificial Intelligence.

Q2. What does identity theft protection do?

A good identity theft protection is capable of warning you with any potential threats, keep an eye on the credit, assist you in restoring the identity if stolen, detects unapproved use of user’s personal information. It can scan multiple devices for identity theft protection.

Q3. How do you know if your identity is stolen?

If your reputation is sabotaged without your knowledge, your bank account is being drained away without your knowledge, mails are not coming, or debtors are complaining about the money that hasn’t reached them, these signs could be denoting that your identity is stolen. Having a good identity theft prevention tool can help you in advance as you will be notified in advance only

Q4. What to do if someone has stolen my identity?

If any signs of identity theft are present, you must firstly freeze all your financial accounts. Next step is to notify the police and Federal Trade Commission. Calling a credit reporting agency, opening a new account to transfer funds and keeping a robust identity theft protection tool are some of the significant steps you need to take to stay away from identity theft in future.


As we have mentioned, some of the best identity theft protection services, we believe that you would keep yourself safe from any suspicious activity in your accounts. If you are looking for a simple solution to your identity, Advanced Identity Protector is one key you need. Whereas if you wish to open through power-packed features, LifeLock & ID WatchDog are some recommendations.

We would say that you should go for a free trial of all those software who offer it and make a decision. Rest, we would like to know which one did you pick in the comment section below. We are listening!

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