Top Ways to Recover Deleted GIF Images on Windows

GIF images, those snippets of moving visual delight, have become a language of their own, expressing emotions, reactions, and stories with just a looped animation.  The king of memes, the silent storyteller, the master of micro-expression. But what happens when these tiny titans of animation vanish from your Windows PC? The pain of accidentally deleting these cherished GIFs is a universal experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top ways to recover deleted GIF images on Windows. Let’s dive into the world of GIF recovery, where lost laughter and viral potential can be unearthed once more.

Oh No, GIF Gone! Fear Not! – Discover the Top Ways to Recover Deleted GIF Images on Windows

Losing your favorite GIFs can occur due to various reasons such as accidental deleting, formatting, or malware infection. In such cases, utilize the below-mentioned methods to restore your deleted GIF images on your Windows computer.

Method 1: Restore Deleted GIF from The Recycle Bin

Typically, when GIF images are deleted (either intentionally or accidentally), they are sent to the Recycle Bin, where they remain for 30 days until automatically or manually removed. To recover lost GIFs, follow these steps to retrieve them from the Recycle Bin.

Step 1: Go to your Desktop screen and open the Recycle Bin folder by clicking on it twice.

Step 2: Look for and tap/select deleted GIFs you want to recover.

Step 3: Now right-click on a particular GIF or your entire selection and then choose Restore.


Allow the process to finish, and keep in mind that the restored GIF image will be returned to its original folder where it was initially deleted.

Method 2: Use Windows File History

Reviving GIF images using Windows File History proves to be a savvy solution. It turns out that Windows File History is a clever way to get back GIF images. You can use this integrated program to automatically backup specific personal files from your PC. To initiate File History in Windows, you’ll require a portable/separate storage device to transfer files.

Follow the steps below to initiate GIF recovery –

Step 1: Click on the Windows search bar from your desktop, type file history, and then click on Open.

file history

Step 2: Within the new window, navigate to the left panel and choose “Restore personal files.” Utilize the arrow adjacent to the recovery button to explore previous versions.

Step 3: Next, identify the appropriate version and folder to relocate the lost GIF image. Once you’ve selected the desired GIF image, tap the restore button to initiate the process.

retrieve data

Method 3: Use GIF Recovery Software

If your deleted GIFs are not in the backup folder or recycle bin, consider employing reliable data recovery software like Advanced File Recovery. This do-it-yourself recovery tool is an expert at retrieving various media files, including photos, GIFs, audio and video files, from a variety of data loss situations, such as accidental deletion, virus attacks, formatting, corruption, and more.

windows recovery

GIFs gone missing? Don’t fret! Advanced File Recovery digs like a data archaeologist, unearthing lost GIFs from your Windows PC and other storage devices. Install this powerful tool and scan your hard disk, SD card, or USB drive. Its deep-scan technology recovers lost media, including your beloved GIFs, from various storage options.

Follow the steps below to restore deleted GIF files on a Windows PC –

Step 1: Download and install the Advanced File Recovery software.

Step 2: Open it and select the location or drive where you had the GIF image.

Step 3: Now choose the scan type and hit the NEXT button.

recover data

Step 4: Then choose the box of Scan Photos and tap on the START SCAN button.

restore data

Step 5: Wait while it looks for erased GIF images on the selected drive.

Step 6: Following the completion of the scan, a list of missing or deleted files will appear.

Step 7: From the left-hand side click on the Photos folder and then choose the GIF folder to open.

Step 8: Now just select your deleted GIF image and then click on the RECOVER NOW button.

recover gif

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From Gone to Glory – Recover Deleted GIF Image

Deleted GIFs aren’t gone for good. With a little know-how and the right tool like Advanced File Recovery, you can bring them back from the digital graveyard. Remember, it’s not just about reviving pixels, it’s about reclaiming the joy, the humor, and the pure meme-tastic magic that GIFs bring to our lives. Now go forth, brave recoverer, and restore those animated gems to their rightful place in the internet’s hall of fame.

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