Risks Posed by Manual Cleaning And Optimization Of Android Devices

If you are willing to clean your phone storage manually, keep the risks in mind. As the phone storage keeps filling up over the time of use, cleaning Android becomes a necessity. It is required to free up phone storage regularly. If you are using a manual way to clear out the unwanted files from the phone storage on your own, remember all the things.

Some people believe they do not need the phone cleaner apps, and it is a task to be taken care of themselves. But if we keep cleaning the phone storage manually, there are high chances that we might delete some of the critical system files in the process. It can severely hamper the Android phone’s functionality or the apps you use, and it cannot be reversed at times. Therefore, we would recommend you to use one of the best cleaning apps for your Android device. This will not only keep your phone safe but clear the storage and help in boosting its performance.

This post will tell you about one of the best Android phone cleaner apps – smart phone cleaner. It not only safely removes the junk but optimizes your phone and speeds it up. You can download smart phone cleaner from the download button given below:

Cleaning Android Using Phone Cleaner App

  • Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, open it. Now you will be directed to the home page, which runs a quick scan of your Android device. It will show you a result in the form RAM used for the total phone storage.

smart phone cleaner

Tap on the arrow sign to see the distribution of the Android storage in different sections such as Images, Videos and Music.

  • Now, let’s begin with the cleaning app to remove junk files first. Tap on the Junk Files icon from the home screen to calculate the junk formed on your Android device. It will show results in a short period.


smart phone cleaner


It will be divided into sections naming – External Application Cache, Temporary Files, .APK files, Outdated Folder, and Large files. On a default, only the cache and temporary files are marked to be deleted when you tap the Clean Now button on the screen. You can select others after checking the contents on other sections and mark them to clean them permanently from your phone.

  • The next section on the home screen is Duplicates, one of the most common storage problems. We often make multiple copies of the files, which hog on the phone storage unnecessarily. Cleaning Android manually can never make sure of deleting all the duplicates from your device storage. Therefore use smart phone cleaner to remove duplicates effectively. Tap on the Duplication icon and wait until it shows you the results.

find duplicates in android

remove duplicates from android

Duplicate scan results will be shown in several groups that comprise the duplicate files. One of the files is left unmarked, and the rest are marked to make the task easy for you. This is much simpler than the manual method of cleaning Android. It is also shown in subcategories – Music, Videos, Photos, and Documents to make the process easier.

Go through the list and mark/unmark the files as per your choice to remove files from your device. Once done, click on the Delete Now button.


While cleaning Android is important, but the risks posed by manual cleaning of Android devices are bigger. And contrary to the perception that phone cleaner apps are unnecessary, they optimize your device safely. With the ease of use, you will find out that smart phone cleaner is the best Android phone cleaner app available. A simple interface and multiple useful features make it a popular choice for millions of users. Get it now and make the process of cleaning Android simpler.

We hope that this helps you understand how one of the best Android phone cleaner apps is quicker and easier than manually cleaning Android. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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  • comment_avtar
    Manju Songra
    Little did I know about these risk factors! Will be more cautious and take your advice into consideration. Thank you writing so well.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Abhi Sharma
    It’s a great tool. Cleaning files manually if not risky, is definitely a hectic job. Plus these file managers are too tough to navigate through. Thanks for the advice!

    4 years ago

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