Protect Your PC From Malware And Security Threats To Data

Malware and Identity Theft are among the most important issues that have been giving restless nights to PC users. Some users have been so terrified that they have decided to stop using the PC altogether. However not using your computer or staying offline is not a resolution, it is rather running away from the problem, which is not recommended. So let us understand these issues in detail and learn more about malware protection and how to overcome threats to data and information on your PC.

What Is Malware?


Any software developed with malicious intent is malware. It includes different types based on the type of attack they are designed to perform like viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware, etc. Some of the malware are harmless and do not do any sort of serious harm to your PC while others could destroy your PC, data within, and steal your identity as well.

To fight Malware, you need antimalware software on your computer. An antimalware app will scan your PC, detect and remove all those files and apps that are considered as a threat by the antimalware app. The app developers regularly update virus and malware definitions and send them to your PC via updates. This helps apps to identify and delete even the latest malware on your PC.

What Is Identity Fraud?

Identity Fraud

The second issue that terrifies PC users is Identity Theft or Fraud where someone uses your credentials and performs an activity not authorized by you without your knowledge. This happens if malware, spyware, adware enter your system and find identity traces. It then collects all your credentials lying in your saved passwords, Windows Registry, and other traces and shares them with the malicious actors behind this plot.

The only solution to save your credentials is to remove your Identity Traces from all over your PC and lock them up in a secure Digital Vault like TweakPass. Before you store and lock your credentials in a digital vault. You should also wipe your PC clean using an Identity traces remover. This way even if a new malware or spyware manages to enter your PC, it would not find anything of use and probably will render useless to a threat actor.

How To Protect Your PC From Malware And Security Threats

To protect our computer from Malware and remove Identity Traces on our computer, we need a third-party software known as Advanced PC Cleanup which is a complete Optimization Software.

Advanced PC Cleanup: Say Goodbye to Malware, Identity Traces, and More

The concept is to utilize third-party software to scan and identify personal information stored in the system while you browse and sign in to different online sites and portals. This operation is nearly impossible to complete manually, necessitating the use of a strong algorithm-based tool. Advanced PC Cleanup, which is a complete PC optimization software with one important module of eliminating personal information and so operating as an identity theft prevention app. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Click the link below to download Advanced PC Cleanup.

Step2: To access the application, you must first install it.

Step 3: Open the application and allow it to scan your computer automatically.

scan your computer

Step4: Now, on the left panel, look for Identity Protection and click on it.

Identity Protection

Step 5: The findings will be presented on the app’s right panel, or you can click the Rescan button at the bottom.

Step6: After the scan is finished, click the EYE icon next to each entry to learn the password.

Step 7: To delete personal information from your computer, click the Clean Now option. To visit any site on this page, keep in mind that you will have to manually enter all of your credentials.

Because this information was easily collected by this application, it is also vulnerable to other people with evil intent who can use numerous methods to hack into your computer and obtain this information. Hence it is impervious that you remove it.

Step8: Now that the identity traces have been removed, it is time to remove the malware. Click on the Malware Protection tab in the left panel.

Step 9: Click on the Clean Now button to begin the scan and remove the malware from your computer.

Step10: Restart the PC to ensure that the changes applied to take place.

Why Use Advanced PC Cleanup To Protect From Malware?

Advanced PC Cleanup by Systweak is one of the greatest Windows PC optimization programs for cleaning up garbage files, erroneous registry entries, freeing up disc space, and improving RAM and CPU efficiency. The cache, cookies, and any evidence of identity theft are likewise deleted. It also scans your Windows operating system for malware, spyware, and other security threats. It also reduces startup times, deletes past downloads, and eliminates apps.

One-Click Care: This option can optimize the computer with just one click, including eliminating unneeded files, for those who don’t want to go into the details.

Uninstall Programs: This feature now allows users to completely uninstall apps.

Temporary Files: In addition to garbage files, temporary files that are no longer needed after their first use up a lot of storage space.

Temporary Files

Registry Cleaner: Your computer’s registry is a database that keeps all of your preferences as entries. By scanning the registry and eliminating unnecessary objects, this tool aids in the resolution of any registry difficulties.

Registry Cleaner

Startup Manager: You may need to remove startup items that are not visible otherwise to ensure that your machine reboots faster.

Startup Manager

Removal Tool for Malware: The most essential aspect of this PC Optimizer is that it also functions as an antimalware program, removing dangerous threats from your computer.

Removal Tool for Malware

Identify Traces: You may unwittingly leave several traces connected to your browsing history and personal identity when you use the internet. Advanced PC Cleanup can help users by removing all traces of their identities.

The Final Word On Protect Your PC From Malware And Security Threats To Data

It is important to safeguard your computer by maintaining malware protection and removing any security threats to data and information. This process is not possible manually and can only be done with the help of a third-party optimization software like Advanced PC Cleanup.  Other than removing malware and identity traces, this app helps optimize and maintain your PC and ensures that it delivers optimal performance at all times.

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