How To Remove Personal Information With Advanced PC Cleanup?

One of the most important issues that we all face while surfing on the internet is to protect our identity traces that seem to be captured without out intention. All browsers tend to collect some of our personal information to help customize the search results to suit our needs. While some claim that this practice saves our time and effort while searching on the World Wide Web, others believe that this activity does not reveal unbiased search results. This blog will guide you to remove your personal information from your computer which will acts as an identity theft protection for you.

How To Remove Personal Information With Advanced PC Cleanup?

The idea here is a use a third-party software that will scan and identify your personal information stored in the system while you search and sign in to various web sites and portals. This process is rather impossible to perform manually and requires an application based on a powerful algorithm to help accomplish this. The software I intend to introduce is Advanced PC Cleanup which is a complete PC optimization software with one major module of removing personal information and hence acting as an identity theft protection app.

This short guide will explain on how to use Advanced PC Cleanup to remove personal information from your PC:

Step 1: Download Advanced PC Cleanup from the link below.

Step 2: Next step is to install the application in order to use it.

Step 3: Launch the app and let it perform an auto scan of your computer.


Step 4: Now, locate Identity traces in the left panel and click on it.

Step 5: You would find the results displayed on the right panel of the app else click on Rescan button at the bottom.

clean now

Step 6: Once the scan has been completed, you can click on the EYE icon next to each entry to know the password.

Note: This information was only know to you and as you did not enter it in your system then it must have been stored somewhere in your system. This information has two important points to consider:

Advantage: This stored information helps you login to your websites and web portals without having to sign in by entering the Username and Password.

Disadvantage: As this information was easily obtained by this application, it is also vulnerable to other people with a malicious intent, who can hack into your computer by various means and get hold of this information.

Step 7: Click on Clean Now button to remove personal information from your PC. Remember you will have to enter all your credentials manually to access any site hereon.

Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best PC optimization apps that also facilitate other computer maintenance tasks like removing temp files, removing apps from startup and much more.

Advanced PC Cleanup: A Complete PC Optimization Tool

Advanced PC Cleanup

Here are some other features of Advanced PC Cleanup that can work wonders on your system and enhance your PC.

Junk Cleaner: Junk files are get accumulated on all PCs under any operating system and must be removed.

Temporary Files: Temp files are those that are useful at some part of time for installation and operational purpose but get redundant and need to be deleted to free up valuable storage space.

clean now

Registry Cleaner:  Registry is the hierarchical database of your system that stores every setting of your PC. However, it is not free of the older entries that are of no importance but do result in sluggishness of your PC.

Registry Cleaner

Startup Manager: This option assists users to remove all the applications which are configured to launch at start up. This increases the time your PC needs to reboot.


Uninstall Apps: If you want to know how many apps are installed in your system then this apps lists them all and even allows you to uninstall the unnecessary apps that would be occupying your storage.

Old Downloads. Every computer contains files that are old and redundant that are not much useful and occupy storage space.

Malware Protection.  The best feature of this application is saved for the last. Advanced PC Cleanup is an amazing PC tool that also scans your computer for malware and removes any potential threats to your system.


The Final Word On How To Remove Personal Information With Advanced PC Cleanup?

Removing personal information is of the utmost importance and helps to act as an identity theft protection for you. This does makes things a bit hard and challenging as you will now have to enter and remember each credential manually. But believe me, this is a small price to pay to prevent identity theft and Advanced PC Cleanup is a champion when comes to optimize your pc and remove all the unintended identity traces on your PC.

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    Gajendra singh
    This tool is amazing

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    Removing identity traces from web browser is quite easily achieved using Advanced PC Clean Up.

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