The Best Tools to Print to PDF in Windows 10

A List of Best Print to PDF Software for Windows 10

For Windows 10 Top 10

A PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the many document types invented by Adobe in 1990 to facilitate the stability of a document for viewing and printing purpose. Earlier a document typed in MS Word would open with a different layout in other word processing software. As a matter of fact, the lack of compatibility was also observed between two different versions of MS Word as well. But all those issues were eliminated after the invention of PDF as the foremost quality of a PDF is that it remains in the same layout forever, irrespective of the operating system or any third-party software used to open it.

The PDF document format has gained popularity and is now being used across the globe for Personal, Professional, Legal and even for Government tasks. The PDF document is printer-friendly and can be printed via any device to any connected printer, and it will always display the same output. Another use of PDF is that you can store various types of documents, magazines, cut-outs without the fear of losing the format as PDFs cannot be easily edited.

 What is saved in a PDF file, remains as it is for life.

To save a file as a PDF you can use MS Word, but as this application is not free, you may need other free PDF printer tools that can save any file as Print to PDF in Windows 10. The idea behind these tools is that these applications disguise themselves as regular printers and save the document in print ready state and create PDF file instead of printing the contents on paper.

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Best Tools to Print to PDF in Windows 10

1. Microsoft Print to PDF for Windows 10 (Free)

Microsoft Print to PDF for Windows 10

Microsoft realised the importance of PDF and has already inculcated a Print to PDF in Windows 10 operating system. Whenever you need to save any file as PDF, you need to press CTRL + P on your keyboard and from the print options, you can choose Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10. Then click on Print button, and it will ask you the location where you want to save the PDF and save a PDF file with the same contents in the exact format that is visible on screen.

Print to PDF for Windows 10

The same is possible while saving an image, Email or excel sheet. This eliminates the requirement of any third-party software and on top of it all, it is free. Also, once you save a PDF file and want to print it, Microsoft provides an option to choose the required pages you require to print on paper while ignoring the rest.

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2. clawPDF (Free)


Unlike Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10, claw PDF is third-party software that offers more features and functionality. It is an opensource, free to use the program, that has been developed on PDFCreator code and support almost all Windows versions.

clawPDF lets the users merge multiple pages into one PDF file and also facilitates adding a cover and background to the pages in the PDF. Users can also add document metadata comprising of Keywords, Subject and Name in the PDF document. There are many other features that include adding a digital signature, encryption, etc. making clawPDF as one of the best tools for print to PDF in Windows 10.

Download: clawPDF

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3. CutePDF Writer (Free for personal use only)

CutePDF Writer
Image Source: CutePDF Writer

A unique feature of CutePDF Writer which is very rare to get in a free tool is the ability to edit the existing PDF document. Generally editing PDFs is a paid feature of many tools but you can use the online version of CutePDF and edit any PDF file in your browser. CutePDF also offers encryption with 128-bit AES security measures along with placing certain restriction on the PDF document.

CutePDF Writer is one of the free PDF printers that have an easy to use interface and supports Windows Vista and upwards. However, while installing this software, an additional postscript for PDF will be installed automatically, free of cost. The process to use this application is similar to Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10 with the difference that users will have to choose CutePDF Writer from the list of printers and click on Print.

Download: CutePDF Writer

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4. PDF24 Creator (Free)

PDF24 Creator (Free)
Image Source: PDF24 Creator

Another interesting Print to PDF software with a lot of features is PDF24 creator. It is a complete solution for all you ever wanted to do with a PDF, and it is free of cost. This application lets you create a print to PDF documents as the basic functionality along with extracting specific pages, Merging and Splitting files and creating documents embedded with a watermark to preserve the ownership of the document.

PDF24 creator also helps the users to create different profiles and choose from various settings PDF’s quality, metadata, file resolution, image colour compression settings and many others. Confidential documents can be restricted from being edited by applying 256-bit encryption.

Download: PDF24 Creator

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5. PDFCreator (Free for personal use only)

Image Source: PDFCreator

PDFCreator is a popular tool used to print to PDF in Windows 10 computers. It allows users to create PDFs in various formats like PDF/X, PDF/A (1b, 2b, 3b), Image (JPEG, multipage TIFF, etc.), and text files. This free PDF printer features a special feature known as HOTFolder, which automatically converts all files added to a pre-selected PDF format. Other features include setting up pre-defined profiles.

The entire Print to PDF process can be automated by activating the Autosave mode and setting up certain required parameters like file location, encryption settings and template. You can use a token to modify certain content such as target folder, filename or mail content. Finally,  quick actions can be setup to open a folder, open a document within and send it via email.

Download: PDFCreator

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Best Tools to Print to PDF in Windows 10- Which one did you choose?

There are many software that can help you to print to PDF in Windows 10 and these five top them all. One of the main reasons I choose them is that they were free and worked to satisfaction without any issues in download, install and execution. If you are looking for a simple solution, then you do not need to install any print to PDF software like the Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10 will do the job for you. But if you want to relish the extra features in creating a PDF, the best free PDF printer would be the PDF24 Creator, which is a complete solution with numerous benefits.

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