How to Organize & Secure Personal Data on Windows PC

Surfing on the internet or browsing online without leaving traces of your identity is not possible. Browsers, extensions, cookies, cache, adware – you name it, there are many different types of stuff on the internet that are designed to capture your data and information. This data can be collected for a simple and harmless task like managing your recommended searches or for more heinous crimes like Identity Theft. This article today helps you on the best method to organize and secure personal data on Windows PC using Advanced Identity Protector.

What Is The Advanced Identity Protector?


Advanced Identity Protector is a digital vault that protects passwords and other personal data against identity thieves. Systweak Software was intended to help people avoid and protect themselves from identity theft. Here are some of the things this software can help you with:

Enable Personal Information Security

Usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses are examples of sensitive information that must be protected. This and other information is scattered throughout your machine, which has been removed and secured.

A Safe And Secure Digital Vault

Advanced Identity Protector saves all of the personal data in a digital vault on your computer. This information is saved locally on your computer rather than being saved online or on a server.

Remove Any Traces Of Your Identity

This tool assists users in scanning common browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Opera for traces of their identity and removing them by transferring them to a secure vault.


How to Organize & Secure Personal Data on Windows PC

Step 1: Using the download button below, download and install Advanced Identity Protector on your PC.

Step2: Once the application has been installed, open it.


Step 3: On the app’s home screen, tap the Start Scan Now button to begin the process of detecting the accessible identification traces. This will find all of the information saved in the browsers, as well as any traces in the Files and Registry.


Step4: After the identification traces have been recognized, you must Register the program to protect your data. After you’ve registered your app, go to the Identity Traces tab and click the Protect Now option.

Step 5: The Protect Now button will present you with three options:


  • Make your way to the Secure Vault. A vault will be created with all of your credentials and a single master password.
  • Permanently remove traces.People with eidetic memory should select this option because they are likely to recall all of their passwords and can safely erase them. Others should avoid this choice since while losing credentials protects you against identity theft, it also prevents you from using the service unless you recall your credentials.
  • Make a note of it in your Exclusions List. Users can utilize this option to prohibit Advanced Identity Protector from taking any action on the credentials right now or shortly.

To create a vault, select the first option and click the Continue button.

Step6: When you first use the program, you’ll get a prompt requesting you to create a Secure Vault. Select the Yes option.


Step 7: Fill up your Profile Name and Email Address, then create a new password that you must type twice.


Step8: The Advanced Identity Protector will ask you to close your browsers to continue deleting your traces in the next step. Yes should be selected.

Step 9: Wait for the process to finish before pressing the Finish button.


The Final Word On How to Organize & Secure Personal Data on Windows PC?

Our personal information is the key to unlocking the gold mine for cybercriminals. They can use it to commit credit card fraud, obtain a tax refund, and cause you to lose all of your assets. Not only that, but because they’ll have access to everything, including your social security information, they’ll be able to effortlessly impersonate you. As a result, if you want to avoid all of this and avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, the easiest way to stay safe is to keep track of your transactions. Furthermore, using software such as Advanced Identity Protector will assist you in maintaining a stable distance. Because this software realizes the significance of your data, it examines every part of your computer for data that could expose personal information.

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