Best Ways To Organize Photos On External Hard Drive

Because A Sorted Photo Bunch Can Help You Especially In A Crunch.

What are the best ways to organize photos on an external hard drive and why do I need to learn how to do that? External hard drives are one of the best storage mediums to store files. They are portable and come with a great deal of storage space. Sure, you have cloud storage mediums as well where you can keep your photos, but, external hard drives can come in handy and prove to be a life savior in situations where you have no access to the internet and when you need data immediately.

Also, in the case of cloud storage mediums, you may have to sign up for premium variants of a cloud storage medium to get more space. That being said, we aren’t against cloud storage mediums, in fact during the blog, we are going to throw light on how they can be used to organize photos.

Now, whether you are already using an external hard drive to store photos or planning to buy one, knowing how to organize photos on an external hard drive is a great skill to have. By sorting photos the right way you can easily find the photos you need quickly and get rid of those which are unneeded and which are just hogging your hard disk’s storage space.

Best Ways To Organize Photos On External Hard Drive?

Before you dump all your memories inside your external hard disk, do bookmark this page and keep it as a reference-

1. Keep Backups


Assuming that you use a variety of devices – smartphone, laptop, and desktop to download images from the web, store images from other places and even access them, keep backups at two or three places. Let’s say, the first backup location can be your cloud storage drive and the second backup location could be your computer. The backups will ensure that even if something happens to your external hard drive, you will at least have your backed-up photos safe.

Also, it will be easy for you to pick important photos from these backups and transfer them to the external hard drive than transferring photos from various folders and spending more time. Now, dump all photos inside your external hard drive.

2. Get Rid of Duplicates

You might not read this at many other places but, one of the best ways to organize photos on an external hard drive is to get rid of duplicate photos. Let’s face it after you have dumped all your photos, there might be several copies of photos. So, to remove those unwanted duplicates, you can use a dedicated third-party tool to remove duplicate photos. Duplicate Photos Fixer is one such tool that can be of great help in this regard. Here is an inside-out review of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

How To Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro To Remove Duplicates From External Hard Drive:

1. Download and run Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

2. Click on Add Photos or Add Folder button

3. Select individual files for comparison or select complete folders to look for duplicate images
4. You can tweak the filters on the right-hand side to look for exact duplicates or even similar-looking photos and by that, we mean those photos which have minute differences
5. Click on Scan for Duplicates

6. For faster results, click on the Auto Mark

7. Now from the bottom click on Delete Marked

3. Use A Folder System

Now that your external hard drive is duplicate-free, it’s time to distribute the images in folders and follow a protocol of sorts to assign a naming convention, tags, dates, etc. You can formulate one based on your convenience and it should be something that can help you maintain uniformity in the long run. For example –

  • You can start by first creating and renaming folders by the year in which photos were taken.
  • Next, create subfolders and name them appropriately. Try and keep the same subfolders across all year-wise folders we had previously created. For instance, you can first start with creating a folder with your college reunion photos that can go inside a folder of the same name. Then, your nature travel expedition can make its way in another folder named appropriately, so on and so forth.

You can even take the help of metadata to add the right tags so that the images can become more searchable and you can filter images more specifically. You can even strip off confidential and critical metadata like geolocation information or other information which is confidential to your profession (in case some settings are exclusive to the kind of photography you do).

When placing files inside folders follow a naming convention. For example, you could name your photos on these lines – Folder name_date_vno_year. Knowing how to rename multiple files at once can help you maintain uniformityand make it easy for you to filter out photos faster.

Wrapping Up

How do you organize photos on your external hard drive? Do share your workflow with us and other readers in the comments section below. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

The eventual aim of this post is to help you organize photos on your hard drive and not just once but always. If this post helped you, or if you feel that it could help someone else too, do share it and drop in your suggestions in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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