How To Fix OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10

Are you constantly encountering the “OneDrive is full” notification even when you have plenty of storage space available on your device? Well, yes, it can be annoying. But don’t worry! You can easily fix this issue by following a few workarounds that we’ll be discussing further in our post.

Developed by the Microsoft Corporation, OneDrive offers you a cloud storage space where you can store your pictures, videos, music, documents, access them via any device, share them with your friends or colleague, and easily collaborate on content. As soon as you sign up for your Microsoft account, you get access to OneDrive across all your devices to easily sync data and work on the go!

OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10
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So, if you’re stuck with any OneDrive issues, here are a few workarounds that will help you in fixing OneDrive errors on Windows 10.

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How To Fix OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10

#1 Unlink Your Microsoft account

The “OneDrive is full” error can be easily resolved by unlinking your Microsoft account. So, let’s quickly learn how to tweak this setting on Windows 10.

Tap on the “OneDrive” icon placed on the taskbar, select “Settings”.

Switch to the “Account” tab. Tap on the “Unlink this PC” option.

OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10

Enter your credentials and sign up for your Microsoft account. Browse to the location of the OneDrive folder and follow the on-screen instructions to unlink your account.

Unlinking the account is one of the best workarounds to fix OneDrive errors. If you’re still facing any issues, let’s proceed to our next solution.

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#2 Change the Folder Location

We will now try to change the location of the OneDrive sync folder to see if it helps. In this way, we can know if any specific disk drive was interfering with the OneDrive’s functioning.

Right-click on the OneDrive icon and select “Settings”.

Switch to the “Account” tab. Tap the “Unlink this PC” button. Sign up for your Microsoft account to authenticate your identity.

OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10

Now here you’ll need to change the location of the sync folder. Select any other folder (Apart from the one that you were currently using) to store OneDrive files and data.

Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for a while until the sync process gets completed successfully.

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#3 Reset OneDrive Cache

In our next solution, we will reset the OneDrive cache and load it to its default settings. Here’s what you need to do.

Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box.

Type the following command in the text box and hit Enter.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10

Once the OneDrive settings have been reset, you’ll have to sign up again to your Microsoft account to check if you’re still encountering the “OneDrive is full” error on your Windows device.

#4 Re-install the OneDrive App

Press the Windows icon placed on the Taskbar. Tap the gear-shaped icon to open Settings.

In the Settings window, select “Apps and Features”.

Scroll down through the list of apps to find “OneDrive”. Tap on it and hit the “Uninstall” button placed underneath.

OneDrive is Full Error on Windows 10

Once the uninstallation process is completed, head back to Microsoft’s OneDrive official webpage and download the installer file.

Run the installation file and re-install the OneDrive app to start afresh.

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#5 Download and Install Advanced System Optimizer

OneDrive full error is most commonly encountered due to insufficient storage space. If you’ve tried the above-mentioned solutions and if you’re still stuck with this issue, then we recommend you use a third-party cleaning and optimization tool.

Download Advanced System Optimizer

ASO Overview

Download and install the Advanced System Optimizer utility tool on your Windows device to make sure that your PC is running in an optimum state. Advanced System Optimizer does a pretty splendid job in removing junk files, cached data, defragments your hard disk for better allocation of data, and improves the overall performance of your machine. This nifty tool is a must-have utility for your Windows device if you are looking for reliable cleaning and optimizer that securely gets rid of unwanted files.


Here were a few solutions that you can try for fixing the “OneDrive is full” error on Windows 10. Just make sure that you check for the available storage space capacity of all the disks before you begin the troubleshooting process. To instantly free up chunks of storage space on your device, you can download the Advanced System Optimizer tool that cleans up the disk drive and removes the unwanted clutter in just a few clicks!

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