My Microphone Is Not Working On Windows 10! How Do I Fix The Issue


PART 1: Introduction

PART 2: Why My Microphone Is Not Working?

PART 3: Best Methods To Resolve Microphone Not Working On Windows 10 Issue:

PART 4: Microphone Not Working On Windows 10 Issue: FIXED!

 Get Your Microphone & Windows 10 Working Together Again!

PART 1: Introduction

We’ve discussed fixing sound issues in Windows PC already, but these guides focus almost exclusively on the audio coming from speakers. So, what if we are facing problems with microphones? Well, whether you’re using headsets or recording music with a USB mic, here we have listed the best methods to fix audio lag problems or unreliable mic issues.

PART 2: Why My Microphone Is Not Working?

 Non-functional microphones on Windows PC is not something that happens frequently, however certain factors can trigger the issue easily. Broken or incompatible drivers, incorrect sound settings, hardware malfunction, etc are some common causes resulting in Microphone not working on Windows 10!

But, before you call out the nearby technician to fix the issue, here are some simple workarounds you can try to resolve the issue by yourself.

PART 3: Best Methods To Resolve Microphone Not Working On Windows 10 Issue:

METHOD 1-  Make Sure The Microphone Is Turned OnWe have included four different ways to repair the microphone not responding problem. All the methods are easy to implement. Anyone with basic computer skills can resolve the issue.

In case, you’ve accidentally disabled certain functions of your microphone, then you might face no audio issues on Windows 10. So, make sure all the needed settings are enabled. Just press Windows + I on your keyboard, you will be taken to the main Settings. Click on Privacy > Head towards Microphone option. Enable the Microphone setting, if it’s disabled by any chance.

From the same settings, you can choose which applications can have access to your Microphone. So, in case, you locate an app that requires Microphone (like Skype), Enable the Microphone access permissions to it, for smooth running.

Make Sure The Microphone Is Turned On

METHOD 2- Double-Check Physical Connections 

Ensure that your microphone is working fine and has no faulty hardware connection. So, unplug your Microphone carefully & plug it back in. If you observe a pop-up sound, it shows that Windows has successfully recognized new hardware. You might not face any audio issues as such. But what if you don’t see any sound prompts?

In such a scenario, Open the Start menu > search for Device Manager > Locate Audio inputs and outputs, click on it to expand the category. When your Microphone is connected properly, you should see it appear there. If you don’t see the microphone, try plugging into a different USB Port. Still doesn’t appear. Then, probably you should try using a different cable to fix the problem of Microphone Not Working On Windows 10.

Double-Check Physical Connections

METHOD 3 – Troubleshoot Sound Problems

This is probably the very first thing you can do when you are having issues with audio or microphone. Your Windows 10 system is designed in such a way that it can self-diagnose & fix the problems that might be interfering with the regular operations.

The Troubleshoot in-built is a Windows tool that can easily be run to detect and resolve common Microphone & audio issues.  Just right-click on the sound icon on taskbar > click on Troubleshoot sound problems. The setting would automatically scan & fix the problems that are hindering Microphone Not Working On Windows 10!

Troubleshoot Sound Problems

METHOD 4 – Check Your Microphone Driver Windows 10 

Though Windows 10 automatically installs and updates device drivers, & it certainly works fine. But sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re witnessing the problem, Microphone Not Working On Windows 10, then you might need to ensure that you’re running the latest audio drivers.

You can update your drivers automatically if you don’t have that much patience or computer skills to find & install compatible audio drivers. Use Smart Driver Care, that scans, finds & updates the correct and latest drivers for all your devices, including the microphone driver Windows 10.

Just download the driver updater utility using the button below > click on Scan Now button and let the software detect problematic drivers. Review the list properly & click on the Update All button to download & install the right and compatible drivers for your Windows PC.

Check Your Microphone Driver Windows 10

METHOD 5 – Disable Audio Enhancements

Although the Audio Enhancement functionality works to improve the overall sound experience on your system, often times the feature is the root cause for various speaker & microphone-related issues.

To fix the Microphone Not Working On Windows 10 problem, try disabling the Audio Enhancements temporarily to see if it works: Go to the Control Panel > Find Sound Settings > From the dialog box, go to Recording tab > Right-click on the microphone & choose its Properties > Click on the Enhancements tab & check Disable all sound effects option. Hit the OK button to save changes!
Disable Audio Enhancements

PART 4: Microphone Not Working On Windows 10 Issue: FIXED!

So, this was our short guide on How to resolve mic not working Windows 10 issue. We have included some of the general tips to fix the issue easily. However, oftentimes, Microphone stops responding because certain third-party apps keep blocking the access. So, finding & removing such utilities are essential to get everything back at the place. If nothing works, you can always reset your PC from scratch. But remember, to create a complete backup before you do this!

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      Hi Gajendra, There are a lot of options in the market, but it depends according to your requirements & budget. A good option that we recommend for the home recording studio is Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Hope it fulfills your utility!

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