How To Resolve The Issue Of Skype Microphone Not Working?

Skype is best when you are looking for a telecommunication app. It works with all devices supporting the app, and you can use it to intercommunicate. The app works for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can chat, send files, and make voice & video calls. Use this app to make personal calls and connect with your loved ones sitting in any part of the world. Skype business is helpful in enterprise making voice and video conference meetings.

So, what do you do if you find Skype microphone is not working? A large portion of people depending on it will be left haphazard. If Skype is not able to function, then it will hinder the video and voice calls, which will defeat the purpose of the call. Well, in this article we cover the solutions to this issue of Skype audio not working.

Common Reasons For Skype Microphone Is Not Working:

  • Device Drivers not working.
  • Device microphone is damaged.
  • Check the headphones

Skype has no sound while on call, it could be caused by a pulled wired connection of headphones. The reasons can be several and we would like to find the solution to all of them. Whether you are using Skype on the desktop or mobile device, the call is affected if the audio does not work.

The common fixes that will help you fix your problem are given below:

1. Check your connections and see if the wired headphones are working well. Reconnect the headphones with the device, and try making the call again.  Check out how to make your headphones working again. If you are using Bluetooth headphones then the Bluetooth might not be working.

2. If you are not able to see a microphone icon while on Skype call, you need to make a new call. It might be a temporary issue as the site could be down, and you will get it resolved in a short time period. If there has been a bigger issue, which is seen by many users, as Skype audio is not working for them. You can Google for it, and find that as many people have faced a similar issue, and in that case you can wait for the time till it gets resolved.

3. Adjusting the volume settings for your device can help you. On your system, check the Control Panel.

Go to Hardware and Sound, open Sound and then look for Adjust System Volume. Check if the microphone is turned off. If this is the case, turn it on. Next, click on Check System Sounds, which opens a new tab. Here under Playback check for any muted microphone. This can be the reason of the microphone is not able to work with the Skype app. Turn it on in case, it has been turned off. Under another section Recording, you can check for the microphone which is attached to the computer. If it says not connected, try using a different microphone or headphone with mic.

4.  Check Skype app for more solutions.

For desktop, launch the app, Skype home page will show you a three-dot option on the top-right. Go to Settings from the drop-down options.

Skype Settings

Now, you need to go to Audio and Video settings.

Skype Audio settings

If you are having troubles with Skype audio not working, and you have checked the above points, this can help you. This tab will show you the connected device used for Microphone and camera.

Skype microphone not working

If the app shows you such a result for Microphone can’t be found or no device found under Microphone. 

This can be an issue because of the damaged audio port in the system or the issue with microphone.

Check with the technical help from a professional if your issue is not resolved.

5. Update Audio card driver ( Only for Windows)-

Use Advanced Driver Updater to fix the device driver in case Skype audio is not working in Windows 10. The device driver which are outdated can cause the issue of no sound for the computer. When you are in the Skype call, and there is no sound from your side, this causes discomfort. This tool will help you get the automatic updates for all the device drivers present in the Windows PC. It reaches out to the manufacturer’s websites and updates the driver for the sound card installed in your system. This action helps your computer work accurately, and the performance increases.

After using this tool, Skype microphone not working issue caused by the outdated sound card will be resolved.


This is how you resolve Skype microphone not working issue with different methods. The reason most likely is that you have accidentally turned off the sound settings on your computer. Another reason is an outdated sound card driver which can be fixed with the use of Advanced Driver Updater. Check if you want to delete Skype chat conversation permanently. And if you wish to delete the Skype account permanently check this post.

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