How To Delete Skype Conversation

Undoubtedly the most popular chat service, Skype proves to be the best communication platform that allows its users to keep in touch with people via texting, voice and even video calling. When using the messaging medium, your text history is saved to the client forever, by default. And, it’s being stored on your desktop until you take an action to delete it.

If the system is only accessed by you, then the message history may not be a big issue. However, if you want to better protect your privacy and you are worried that your private conversation could fall into the wrong hands, then it’s better to erase all.

Suppose you have written bad stuff about your boss while you were discussing your job with a friend, you can’t go home before you delete the conversation, right? Everyone knows very well when it’s needed to purge the unwanted chats.


So, without further ado, let’s see how to delete Skype conversation.

Delete Skype Messages on Windows or macOS

Clearing Skype chat history would not only help in safeguarding your private data, but it will also speed up your device.

How-To: Delete Individual Chats

Step 1- Launch the Skype application on your system. And log in with your account.

Step 2- Once you’re logged in you will see a list of all your contacts along with each one’s recorded chats.

Step 3- Choose the one you want to delete and right-click on it.

Step 4- A drop-down menu will appear > click on ‘Delete Conversation’ option.

Step 5- A pop-up message will appear asking if you are sure that you want to permanently delete the chat. Click ‘Delete’ to confirm.

How-To: Delete Entire Chat History

Step 1- Launch the main window of Skype and head towards ‘Tools’ located in the menu bar.

How To Delete Entire Chat History on skype

Step 2- A drop-down list will appear > click on ‘Options’.

Step 3- Choose IM Settings from the left sidebar of the following screen.

Step 4- Click on the ‘Advanced Options’ button.

Delete Entire Chat History step-4
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Step 5- Choose for how long you would like to keep your chat history in ‘Keep history for’ option. And click on ‘Clear history’ button to delete Skype conversation entirely.

Delete Entire Chat History step-5

Whoosh! Your private conversations are securely deleted.

Delete Skype Messages on Android or iOS Device

Here’s a step-by-step procedure to remove individual chats and entire chat history on Android & iOS device.

How-To: Delete Individual Chats

Step 1- Launch the Skype app on your smartphone or iPhone > go to the ‘Chats’ tab.

Step 2- All your conversations will be displayed under the Chats tab > Carefully browse through it and select which individual’s chat history you wish to delete.

Step 3- Long-hold the conversation and a list of options will appear in front of you. Choose ‘Delete Chat’ option!

Step 4- A pop-up confirmation message will appear > Hit ‘Delete’ button to confirm.

Delete Individual Chatss step-4
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How-To: Delete Entire Chat History

Although, there is no dedicated feature available for Android to remove the whole chat history of Skype in a single click. But there’s a way out that will wipe out entire chat logs and will also remove cookies related to the app that was stored on your device.

On Android:

Step 1- Go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your smartphone and locate ‘Apps’ section.

Step 2- A list of all the installed applications will be displayed in front of you, look for ‘Skype’.

Step 3- Once you click on it, the App info will be displayed > tap on ‘Storage; option.

Note: There might be a difference in the interface if you are using an older version of Android. If it is the case, straightly head towards Setting > App Manager > Skype > Force Stop > Clear Cache.

Step 4- Press ‘Clear Data’ & ‘Clear Cache’ button and clear Skype chat history completely.

Delete Entire Chat History on android step-4
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On iPhone:

Step 1- To remove whole chat history on iOS devices, launch the application and click on ‘Recent’ to see all the call history, conversation, and chat logs.

Step 2- Click on the Edit button present at the top of the screen.

Step 3- Tap on Minus “– “symbol next to each conversation to delete the latter.

That’s it! You have successfully cleared your Skype chat history.


Do not forget that once you erase the Skype conversation history, it will be impossible to restore it. As soon as you delete your chat history, all the instant messages, voice/video calls, chat logs and all the files sent/received will be erased.

Therefore, be very patient and careful before you delete Skype chat history.

Hope this article will help you to delete skype messages & entire chat history successfully!

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