How to Keep Calculator on Top in Windows 11

Are you sick of your Windows calculator disappearing beneath other windows? By following these instructions, your calculator will always be visible and reachable regardless of what else is happening on your computer.  This post will precisely demonstrate how to maintain the calculator’s position at the top of Windows for simple calculations.

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How to Keep Calculator on Top in Windows 11


It can be annoying when a different program or window blocks your Windows computer’s standard calculator when you’re using it. For constant access to your calculating application and to keep Calculator constantly on top, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the Calculator application. You can either press Win + R and type calc.exe to open it or search for Calculator in the start menu.

Calculator application

Step 2: Once the Calculator app opens on your desktop, look for a little icon that contains a right-slanting arrow pointing upwards. This icon will be next to the “Standard” label of the Calculator app.


Step 3: This is the “Always on top” feature that you need to click once and the Calculator app will set itself in the top right corner of your screen. The calculator window will remain above all other windows if you click it.

calculator window

Note: Simply click the icon once more to switch off “Always on Top” mode, and the calculator will resize to its default size.

Shortcut keys

Press Alt + Up arrow on your keyboard when the Calculator app is highlighted and it will shift to the “Always On Top” mode.

Press Alt + Down arrow on your keyboard when the Calculator app is highlighted and it will shift to the default mode.

Now you can use the calculator without being concerned that other windows or apps will block it.

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Bonus Feature: Cannot Paste Numbers Into Your Calculator App? Here’s The Fix!

Many Calculator App users have complained on forums about not being able to copy and paste the numbers from a word document or an excel sheet onto the Calculator app. This only occurs if you are trying to paste a complex numerical into the app or due to an unknown bug in the Windows operating system.

Calculator App

You may need to update your copy of Windows 11 if you try to paste and nothing happens. By now, all platforms should have received the fix for the calculator problem; therefore, this update should take place automatically. Another temporary resolution is to choose a different calculator software that can address both potential problems simultaneously. Many calculator apps exist that offer greater functionality than the Windows built-in calculator.

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Your Thoughts On How To Keep The Calculator Always On Top On Windows PC

Switching windows to access the calculator can be inconvenient if you frequently use one while working with other applications. Keep your calculator constantly on top so it is always visible and in front of other windows to ensure that you always have easy access to it. Calculations will be easier than ever before thanks to one-click access to all of your computer’s features, regardless of how busy it gets.

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