5 Best Free Currency Converter Apps On Microsoft Store In 2023

In this day and age, it’s not just the currency of your country that matters and something that you should be aware of, but you should be aware of currencies of other countries as well. But, why choose a currency exchange app from Microsoft Store when I can fetch exchange rates from the web?

Think Microsoft Store is the only place for wonderful apps for Windows 10, wait till you read this!

Instances When A Currency Converter App on Your Windows Computer Would Come In Really Handy –

  • You have business spread in multiple countries and want to see exchange rates simultaneously. Needn’t lift a finger to switch tabs or close existing business applications
  • You are purchasing an item from an online store which does not trade in your currency, and you want to know how much would that particular item cost in your currency.
  • Someone you care for lives in a different country and asks for some money to be transferred. And, you want to get an idea of how much would that amount be in your currency while you are working on the computer.

We have listed the following currency exchange apps for Windows 10. All you have to do is paste the link in your browser and hit the Get button. You will then be taken directly to the Microsoft Store where you can again press the Get button, and the currency converter app will be installed on your computer.

Best Currency Exchange Apps on Microsoft Store

1. In-Built Calculator.

2. Exchange Rate

3. Callista Currency Converter

4. Currency Converter +

5. XE Currency

1. In-Built Calculator

In-Built Calculator

Let’s start our list with something that we already have in Windows 10. You might not be aware of this, but the inbuilt Windows 10 calculator also acts as a fantastic currency converter app. Simply fire up the calculator and click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the left-hand corner. Now, under the converter section, click on Currency and see the wonders happen. It supports currency exchange for over 100 countries.

You can even update the existing currency rates by clicking on the Update rates button anytime you feel that the currency rates may have changed since your last session.

2. Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

At its core, Exchange Rate helps you monitor the currency of all the major countries in the world, more than 140 countries to be precise. It has three title variants. In the large live tile, you can view up to 12 currencies whereas in the wide and medium tile view you can watch auto 6 and 3 currencies respectively.

The interface is highly intuitive. You can change the base currency anytime by sliding any country’s currency up and down, and accordingly, the currencies of other countries will change. Also, adding currencies is easy.

The settings are highly customizable, where you can Change update frequency and even change the theme as well.

Get It Here

3. Callista Currency Converter

Callista Currency Converter

 If you are looking for a decent currency converter on Microsoft Store, Calista Currency Converter can be your best bet. It is free and has no ads, unlike many other currency exchange apps on any platform.

To begin with, you can add as many currencies as you want on the home screen and move the base currency up and down. To the right, you conveniently enter the currency amount using the calculator.

Callista Currency Converter supports exchange rate conversion between 72 commonly used currencies in the world, including USD, GBP, CAD, INR, AED, AUD and many others. It uses European Central bank and Yahoo Finance as exchange rate providers which are trusted across the globe.

If your financial institute adds a fee to your transaction, you even have the functionality to mention that too.

Get It Here

4. Currency Converter +

Currency Converter +

Currency Converter + is undoubtedly one of the most feature-rich and best currency converter apps available on Microsoft Store. It helps you see conversion rates of currencies of more than 150 countries.

It comprehensively shows exchange rates by way of attractive charts and dynamic tiles. These are so attractive that you’ll fall in love with keeping track of exchange rates.

Get It Here

5. XE Currency

XE Currency

XE Currency is yet another top-rated currency exchange app. It has a database of more than 30000 currency charts for historical rates. You can watch the highs and lows in rates in multiple time frames. This currency exchange app updates every single minute.

As for the interface, you can view upto 13 currencies at once, and the interface adjusts itself as you increase or decrease the size of the application’s window. It uses standard and trusted rates which are accurate.

You can even pin your base currency on a live tile and change the view to landscape, snap or portrait.

Get It Here

Money Matters And So Do Your Comforts

Here’s what many people do if they have to see how much “X” currency would be in terms of currency “Y” – They would look for the exchange rate, type in the amount and do the multiplications. If you frequently have to keep track of currencies, why switch to another tab or why lift your finger to take out your smartphone for currency conversion? Instead, use one of the above currency converter apps and get exchange rates and exact amount in a matter of seconds.

Want to take the smartphone way for converting currency rates, we’ve got that too figured out for you. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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