Best Currency Converter Apps For Android & iPhone 2023

Currency converter apps are a blessing for people who travels a lot. Whether it be buying some charms or brokering a deal, the main task with foreign transactions is the need for accurate conversions in local currencies.

Yes, you can quickly get currency rates using Google Currency Converter. But beyond that, you might want to see market trends over time, compare multiple currencies & get other financial information. For such purposes, there are plenty of money converter apps available on the Google Play Store & App Store. We selected the Best Three Choices based on different users’ needs for both Android and iPhone.

Our Top 3 Choices For Best Currency Converter Apps For Android

Well, there are tons of applications available on the Google Play Store, but these are the best & top-rated ones.

1. XE Currency

XE Currency Exchange app is quite popular with most people trading in foreign currencies. You can absolutely rely on the XE currency app for getting accurate and fast information. With such a pleasing & user-friendly interface, the application showcases the latest data on world currencies & precious metals.Best Currency ConverterFEATURES:

  • Use XE Currency exchange to get rate charts & do a global money transfer.
  • Compare prices anywhere while traveling abroad.
  • It helps you to keep track of real-time rates for almost every currency.
  • Works offline as well, just remember to download the rates of every country before you leave.
  • Built-in calculator to compare prices.
  • The money exchange app is also available for iPhone & Apple Watch users.

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2. Easy Currency Converter

Loaded with lots of helpful features, Easy Currency Converter app has support for over 180 World Currencies with live exchange rates. Go for creating your own personal currency list with this application, you just need to pick the important currencies, Easy Currency Converter would work in an offline mode according to your convenience. The currency exchange app works with multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.

Best Currency Converter


  • Work in offline mode, with no roaming fees.
  • Live exchange rates.
  • Check the history of every currency & know its fluctuations through days, months or years.
  • Currency graph & Country flags are shown next to the searched currency.

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 3. All Currency Converter

All Currency Converter is one of the easiest and most instinctive currency converter apps available. The application supports more than 100 different currencies & its rates are 100% accurate. Some common currencies supported by this currency converter app includes UAE Dirham (AED), Argentine Peso (ARS), Brazilian Real (BRL), Bitcoin (BTC), Swiss Franc (CHF) & lot more.

Best Currency Converter


  • Mark favorite currencies.
  • Keep an eye on currency trends & charts.
  • Batch currency conversion is supported.
  • Get frequent updates on different currencies.
  • Tip calculator with Exchange Rates.
  • Highly compatible with Android & old Samsung tablets.

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Our Top 3 Choices For Best Currency Converter Apps For iPhone

For iPhone users, these are some interesting & feature-loaded money converter apps:

1. Currency

Currency is one of the simplest money exchange app available on App Store, It offers users to get exchange rates for more than 150 countries (including cryptocurrencies). The interface is intuitive & colorful, you can make quick conversions with the built-in calculator for multiple currencies.



  • Get live historical charts.
  • Widget available.
  • Dark Mode feature supported.
  • It doesn’t consume much space in your storage.
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch & Android devices as well.

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2. My Currency Converter & Rates

Best Currency Converter suited for both traveling & business needs, the app allows you to convert currencies within the Safari browser. Using the application, you can get quick exchange rates for 170+ Word Currency & Precious metals. The money exchange app is proactively designed to support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dogecoin.

My Currency Converter & Rates


  • Incredibly simple user-interface.
  • ‘Switch’ feature to invert currencies.
  • Best known for offering accuracy up to three decimal places.
  • Automatically updates & stores the latest exchange rates, so that the currency converter can work offline as well.
  • Lightweight money exchange app.

Optimized for the latest iPhones & iPad models, get this money converter app here!

3. Currency Converter Plus Live

If limited storage is a problem for you, we’ve got a solution. Currency Converter Plus Live is one of the most lightweight currency converter app available on the App Store. The application is best known for providing instant custom currency conversions, a handy calculator that displays results in local currencies & historical rate charts & graphs.

Currency Converter Plus Live


  • Supports a plethora of currencies. To name a few: Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yuan, Yen, Ruble, etc.
  • Batch currency conversion is possible.
  • Multiple handy features to compare prices & check live exchange rates.
  • Easy-to-use calculator to get results in local currencies.
  • Free currency converter
  • Supports Bitcoin.
  • Works in Offline mode as well.

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Bonus Online Currency Converters

Don’t want to install Currency Converter APPS? Well, how about checking out online currency exchange websites.  These would not only help you to transact & plan your dealings but would also give you important financial insights in the process.


One of the most reputed & best currency converter, OANDA provides you facilities to perform currency conversions for more than 160 different currencies. The website also displays crucial Forex information, including live exchange rates & historical graphs.

 2. TransferWise

With an appealing & easy-to-use interface, TransferWise is another currency conversion website that offers swift money transfer service. You can even open an account with TransferWise to manage your money in more than 40 currencies.

Bottom Line

Travelling & trading can become a super-smooth process with the assistance of Best Currency Converter Apps for Android & iPhone. Most of the apps allow you to calculate multiple currencies as well & also helps you to stay updated with the latest money market trends and much more.

How Do You Convert?

Do you have any favorite Currency Converter Apps? Please share them with us in the comment section below!


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