Best Calculator Apps For Android With Advanced Features

Everyone needs a calculator in today’s fast life and it’s an advantage for us that we can carry one inside our smartphones. Whether you are a businessperson or a student, you need a calculator. The basic calculator is available on all Android phones. However, students need more. They need algebraic calculators, scientific calculators, and more. Businessperson needs business calculators, finance calculators, marketing calculators and currency converters. Well, such kinds of calculator apps for Android are available on the Google Play store.

Here we talk about the basic math problem-solving calculator apps, educational apps, calculating apps specifically for engineers and bankers.

Free Calculator Apps For Android

We have covered some of the best calculator apps for Android as per necessity.

1. Photomath


This calculator app for Android can be used to scan the problems written on a sheet of paper. And thereafter provide you with the relevant solutions. Another good point is that it can explain the calculation in steps, so you can learn to do it yourself. Let’s take a look at the features of Photomath.

  • It is a free app and one of the best available for Android phones, which doesn’t even need you to type out the problem.
  • Just click a picture of it on the app and you are provided with the solution.
  • It does not require an internet connection to work. Best to understand fractions, integers, trigonometry, calculus, statistics

           A paid version called Photomath Plus is also available in the US for word problems.

Download: Photomath

2. Calculator (Google LLC)


We have put this on number 2 because this calculator app for Android is very easy to use and comes with great features. One of the best Calculator apps for your Android phone as it’s known to give you instant results as type it out. Let’s see the highlights of the Calculator (Google LLC)

  • Helps you with basic mathematics calculations, trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential functions.
  • With its History feature, you can have a look at your past calculations which can be used for comparisons.
  • It allows you to copy a value for later use.

This app is downloaded by over 100 million Android users and loved by all for one basic form for its user-friendly interface.

Download: Calculator

3. Mathway

math way

With 5 Million+ downloads it might be one of the best calculator apps you need for everything as a student. It comes with an interactive way to solve your problems. As you type out the question it gives you a simplified steps structure as a reply. Let’s check out the features of Mathway

  • This app also integrates the feature of clicking a picture of your problems and it can provide you with a relevant solution.
  • You have Basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, graphing and chemistry in its menu.
  • All the functions are given on the same page, so you don’t have to figure out the app as its very basic to use.

They state themselves as a private tutor and they are not wrong. After all, it gives you the evaluation of each problem.

Download: Mathway

4. Calculator Plus Free ( By Digitalchemy)

Calculator plus free

This one as it looks like an old handheld calculator is similar in use too. It has a very attractive display with large buttons for numbers and signs. Let’s take a look at the feature of the Calculator Plus Free:

  • It has a memory for saving up the calculations, for later use. Even if you close the app it will open with the same results on the last time use.
  • Simple and clear function keys make it very liable among the users.
  • Among other features you can use it with two themes, also works on rotation mode.

It’s not at all confusing and is great to use for people who are acquainted with the old models of calculators.

5. Desmos Graphing Calculator

desmos graphic calculator

As the name suggests it’s basically a calculator assigned specifically for problems related to graphing such as Plot polar, cartesian, parametric graphs. Let’s take a look at the features of Desmos Graphing Calculator:

  • It enables you to see maximums, minimums and points of interaction by just one touch on the curve.
  • It lets you adjust the values and see the changes happening in the graphs.
  • It comes with the zooming feature and scrolling feature makes it one of the best for the graph problems.

Thus, it is one of the best calculator apps for Android if you want to use it for graphs and also it is free to use Offline. Another good feature includes your data saved on your personal account. As you sign up, it is accessible from your account, therefore, you can login from any device.

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6. Calculator++ (By Sergey Solovyev)

Calculator +++++++++

Looks similar to the Google Calculator, as it has a simple layout. But the additional features make it stand out like its two modes to work on, Standard and Engineer. Let’s know more about Calculator++ in detail

  • It can be added as a home widget.
  • With the standard layout, it allows you to perform basic mathematical calculations.
  • The Engineer Layout helps you to deal with all the problems related to engineering.

So, it makes it personalised for the user and you can select for your very own needs. The most amazing feature of this calculator app for Android is working as floating above the other apps so you can use other apps while calculating and saves time from switching between apps.

7. CalcNote


As it is evident from the name this is a hybrid of a calculator and notepad which is best for managing finances. This has the left side dedicated to a written format and right side for calculations.

  • It allows you to switch the keyboards between numerals and alphabets or completely drop the keyboard to be able to look at the full screen.
  • It enables you to set the number of decimals you wish to see, the round off behavior can be customized.
  • It comes with an in-built unit converter and currency converter for quick results.

It can save the files for future use in a format which can be edited later on.

8. Scientific Calculator (CalcTastic):

 Scientific Calculator (CalcTastic):

You can solve your complex problems here on this calculator app for Android, as its very much customizable. The app is free to use. Let’s check out the features of the app:

  • It allows you to convert distance, area, volume, mass, density, time, angle, frequency, force, torque, pressure, energy, power, and many more.
  • It also provides constants to insert directly in the equations while performing calculations.
  • On Scientific Calculator by CalcTastic you choose from the simpler form for easy calculations and Scientific and RPN calculations.

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9. Geogebra Graphing Calculator

Geogebra Graphing Calculator

This calculator app comes with a very much of use for algebra and geometry. You can share your calculations with anyone.  Let’s take a look at the features of Geogebra Graphing Calculator

  • It can create graphs in a very simple way, you can find out the tools to drag and drop the images.
  • You can also make changes by touch on the screen and keep seeing the real-time changes below the graph.
  • It is available on multiple platforms and this is widely used as a learning app.

Moreover, it’s been helpful for a tool to teach geometry, algebra, tables, and graphing. And for so it has been applauded with a number of awards in the USA and Europe.

10. Stylish Calculator Free- CALCU

Stylish Calculator Free- CALCU

Everyday calculations can be fun with a number of customized themes. Yow can find more functions by swiping up on the screen and have a look at the history by swiping out. Let’s take the look at the features of Stylish Calculator Free- CALCU:

  • It can be a nifty calculator app for Android users as it’s an ensemble of both simple and scientific math calculations.
  • Quick toggling between the standard and scientific layout along with very stylish themes makes it stand out in all of the calculator apps for Android.
  • The app is easy to use and comes with intuitive interface.


There are a number of calculator apps for Android available in Play store and it can get hard to choose the best for you. To be clear about our usage can help you to find the best calculator app for Android among all of them. There is an app for all of the categories whether you fall into a student category then the learning app like PhotoMath is the one for you. If you want the traditional calculator then go for the Calculator Plus Free. For the graph related calculations, Desmos Graphing Calculator will be the best to recommend. Whereas, the Calculator by Google can be of help for everyone making it one for all calculator app for Android.

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