Lesser Known Features Of The Default Calculator App For Windows 10

A calculator is one of the most used apps in any device or platform.  Although there are many other application that can do high-end calculations, however, you will not use MS Excel to make a simple calculation. Microsoft has provided a fantastic calculator app for Windows 10 that can do much more that merely adding or deducting numbers. Let us begin with on how we can customize Windows 10 to keep the calculator app at our disposal at all times.

Ways To Open The Calculator App For Windows 10

calculator app for windows 10 main screen

The Calculator app for Windows 10 can be simply opened by typing calculator in the search box on the left bottom corner.

You can also open it by using a dedicated shortcut key provided you know how to remap your keyboard.

Another way is to open it once and click on the shortcut to pin it to the taskbar.

If the Calculator is missing, then you can get it back. The easiest way is to reinstall from the Windows Store app and download it for free.

Finally, you can check if a quick shortcut for your calculator has already been set by checking the properties of the executable calculator file. The default shortcut set up is generally CTRL+ALT+C.

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Lesser-known Features Of The Calculator App For Windows 10

Feature 1: The Calculator Can Be Resized With A Mouse Drag

The calculator app for Windows 10 provided by Microsoft can be enlarged or shrunk, only by dragging one of the corners with a pressed mouse click. The change in size will reflect all over the app and adjust the controls as well. This way you can fit the Windows 10 calculator anywhere on the screen.

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Feature 2: Keep The App Visible Always

One of the features of all Windows apps is that it disappears as soon as you touch click on another app and hides behind other apps. However, there is a way to keep the calculator app on the top always and visible to you. To keep the calculator app for Windows 10 on top, follow these steps:

Step 1. The menu on the left can be used to select a standard calculator.

Step 2. Locate an icon on the right that resembles an arrow.

Step 3. Click on the Pin next to it, and the calculator will fix itself on the top permanently.

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Feature 3: The Calendar App For Windows 10 Has A Good Memory.

The calendar app for Windows 10 has a wonderful history feature that lets the users check all the recent calculations and even allows them to recall it into the current workspace or copy and paste it elsewhere.

The history panel is located on the right side. You may have to resize the Windows calculator or click the History icon at the top-right to show a slide-out panel. This panel will have a log of all the post operations carried out on this calculator. Users can delete one single entry or trash the entire history with a single click.

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Feature 4:  Recall Numbers Stored In Memory

calculator app for windows 10 Memory options

There are a few buttons on your Windows 10 calculator app as well the real physical calculator that stores specific numbers to be used later on. These buttons are always denoted by the letter M and are rarely used by many. I, once stored the value of Pi, which is 3.1416 and used it for my calculations, recalling it from memory each time I needed it instead of manually typing the entire value many times.

Any numerical value can be store by hitting the MS button and recalled by using MR Button. There are other memory buttons like M+ and M- which add or subtract the stored value to the current value on the calculator screen. The final MC Button clears all values from memory, and all the memory is automatically erased when the user exits the app.

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Feature 5: Work As Scientific Calculator

calculator app for windows 10 scientific calculator

Want to calculate Sin, Cos and Tan on the right-angled triangle? Then you can convert the standard Windows Calculator app into a scientific calculator and work on many more functions. The scientific Windows 10 calculator allows the users to calculate trigonometry and exponents as well. This is a great feature, and it means you do not have to download a separate calculator app for Windows 10.

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Feature 6: Work As A Programmer

calculator app for windows 10 programmer

Many of you might not know that the calculator app for Windows 10 has programming mode inculcated as well. This special is used by a few to perform special calculations with binary, octal and hexadecimal functions. The default value set is QWORD (64-bit) followed by DWORD (32-bit), WORD (16-bit) and BYTE (8-bit).

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Feature 7: Perform Date Calculations

calculator app for windows 10 Date Calculation

Note: There are 173 days between Independence Day and Christmas Eve.

The default Windows 10 Calculator also lets the users figure the number of days between two dates. It also allows you to add or subtract a certain number of days to a particular date. Date calculations are particularly important as it helps to plan the number of days before an event or check if the product is still in warranty or not.

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Feature 8: Unit Conversion

calculator app for windows 10 Temperature

Windows Calculator also acts as an app for converting between different units of measurement like feet to inches. Many different unit categories can be used. Some of the most popular ones include Currency, Volume, Length, Weight and Mass and Temperature. Others include Energy, Area, Speed, Time, Power, Pressure, Angle and Computer data size.

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Feature 9: Windows 10 Calculator Shortcuts

There is no fun using an app without the shortcuts. Some of the frequently used shortcuts of the calculator app for Windows 10 are:

Alt + 1: Launch Standard mode

Alt + 2: Launch Scientific mode

Alt + 3: Launch Programmer mode

Alt + 4: Launch Date Calculation mode

Ctrl + M: Store current number in memory

Ctrl + R: Recall the stored number from memory

Ctrl + L: Clear memory

F9: Select between positive and negative.

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Do You Know Any More – Lesser-Known Features Of The Default Calculator App For Windows 10?

With all the above features, I don’t think there is a need for downloading any third party calculator. The default calculator app for Windows 10 is all power-packed and provides all the important features that one may require for different types of calculations.If there are any other features that I missed or if you think that the Windows 10 Calculator lacks a feature, then do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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