How to Run Apps in Administrator Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system has a special restriction for User Account Control that restricts administrator privilege for some of the software. Specific applications require administrator permissions to access and run effectively. These increased privileges may be required to explore the full functions of the running application.

High integrity levels are provided to the applications that run as an administrator. Running an application as an administrator allows the software to change system settings, some features of the app only work when the application is running as an administrator. This page will portray different methods with which you can run any app of your choice with admin approval mode.admin approve setting, run as an administrator

Using The Start Menu Option

All the applications installed are included in the start menu as an icon or a tile. You can choose to run in admin approval mode just by right-clicking on the application’s start menu icon.

  • Invoke the start menu by pressing Window key.
  • Locate the application icon among the list of icons.
  • Right-Click on the application icon and choose run as administrator option.
  • Enjoy high integrity levels of application permissions.

You can also run the application as administrator by holding (Ctrl+Shift)keys together while selecting the application icon.

Using The Right-Click Menu

The application can be run as an administrator from the icon available in the installed location. Locate the application icon in the installed folder. Right-click on the application icon and choose “Run as administrator ” option.

Using The Search Tabusing search tab run administrator, administrator mode

Search tabs are available in the system to locate any files, folders, and also applications. When you run an application with the search tab, you can run it with administrator privilege. You can run the application as an administrator from the following steps.

  • Invoke the search tab from the start menu.
  • Type the name of the application in the search bar.
  • Locate the application icon.
  • Right-Click on the icon and select the ‘run as administrator’ option.

Using The Desktop Icon

Most of the installed application will have a desktop shortcut icon. You can run an application just by selecting the desktop icon. Right-clicking on the desktop icon of the app will give you options to run it as an administrator.

using desktop icon run as administrator, administrator mode

Using The Run Tab

You can run your favorite applications from the run tab as an administrator. The following steps brief the method of running an application from the run tab.

  • Invoke the run tab from the start menu or by pressing Windows and R keys.
  • Type ‘application name.exe’ in the run tab.
  • Run the application as an administrator with high privilege.

Using Task Manager

Task manager is not used only to terminate unwanted programs. It can also start a new application with the aid of a ‘Run new task’ option. The following steps enumerate the procedure used to run the application in administrator mode on Windows 10 and earlier version.Using Task Manager, administrator mode

  • Invoke task manager by pressing (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) keys together.
  • Click on the ‘run new task’ option from the File Menu on the task manager.
  • Type the application name in the invoked tab.
  • Put a check in the checkbox ‘create the task with the administrator privilege’ option.
  • Run the application as an administrator.

Using Command Prompt

This is another effective method of running an application with administrator privilege. You can run an application as an administrator with the following steps:

  • Invoke the Run box by pressing Windows + R key.
  • Type cmd.exe to execute command prompt.
  • Typerunas/user:”COMPUTER-NAME\ADMIN-USER””C:\PATH\TO\PROGRAM.EXE” in the command prompt window.
  • Confirm the operation by entering the required password.
  • Enjoy the advanced features of the applications with extended rights.

MethodsTo Always Run An Application As Administrator

The methods discussed above are meant to run an application as administrator for a single time. It has to be repeated for running the application with the administrator privilege again. This is tiresome for regularly used applications. The most frequently used apps can be always run as administrators with the following steps:

  • Locate the icon of the application.
  • Right-click on the application icon and select properties.
  • Select the ‘shortcut’ tab and click on the ‘advanced’ button available.
  • Choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.
  • Click on the apply button to always run the application with the administrator privilege.


Although it is advisable to provide low privilege while running applications, you can run a few applications as an administrator to explore all the app features. System security applications require higher-end privileges to perform with full efficiency. All system users must know how to run an application in administrator mode on Windows 10 or earlier versions. We have discussed most of the options and important methods that can be used to run as an administrator. You can run your applications in the admin approval mode and enjoy all the features of the app

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