How To Turn Google Sheets Into Translator

While working on Google Sheets, you might have noticed the need to translate a few words into a different language. If this is what you wanted, you can use another dedicated product from Google. Those who have used to know that Google Translate is helpful in converting a language into other languages. It supports more than a hundred languages.

If you work in a multinational company, you will require this feature more than often. While transferring data from one language to another is quite long, it is also confusing at times. Therefore, when you make use of Google products which let you bring the sharing, editing and viewing option available online. Now, if two of these products are merged or the best of the features are made available on one, the benefits increase.

All you need is to use a two letter code for Google translate in Google Sheets with an easy formula. We would learn more about how to use this feature in this article.

How To Turn Google Sheets Into A Translator

Let’s take the path of using Google Translate in Google Sheets. This method is useful for teachers, and students.

Google Sheets Translate in a function that can be effectively applied once you are aware of the simple formula to turn it into a translator.

Step 1: Launch a web browser.

Step 2: Sign in to your Gmail account and go to Google Sheets.

Turn Google Sheets Into A Translator

Step 3: Go to the main menu from the top-left corner, which is a Sheets sign. Click on it.

Turn Google Sheets Into A Translator step-4

Step 4: In the new sheet to check Google translate in Google Sheets, start with a format, select a cell on the sheet, and then, name it with a language. Here we have used, English as the primary language.

Step 5: Write a word in the row following English.

Step 6: Write the name of the language in the next Column and follow that for more names.

Step 7: Select the same cell under the new language, here we used French.

Step 8: Type the following in the cell to get the result.

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(Cell number, “source language”, “target language”)

Here, we have placed the word in the cell number B2, and we would be using it in the formula.

Now the source language is English, and the target language is French.

The languages are to be written in the short form assigned for the use in the formulas.

Check the list below for the various languages:

English- en

French – fr

Spanish – es

German – gr

Italian -it

Hindi -hi

Portugese -Pu

Russian – Ru

Japanese – Ja

Korean – ko

Chinese –  ZH

Vietnamese – vi</li>

Arabic – ar</li>

So in the Test sheet for Google Sheets Translate, we use the following statement for the cell to get a translated word.

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(B2, “en”, “fr”)

 Press Enter.


The loading message appears, and soon the translated word appears in the cell.

The result appears as the formula applies, and you can see the English word “ Water” converted as “Eau” which is French for it.

Similarly, we keep the trend for the next language in the next column for Spanish.

Now, the Formula converts to the following:

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(B2, “en”, “es”)

Press Enter.


The result appears as the formula applies, and you can see the English word “ Water” converted as “ Agua” which is Spanish for it.

Now, for more words or phrases, type under the English language, and get the translated words in sections under the languages.

To use Google Sheets Translate function, copy the formula from the selected cell, and paste it under the empty cells.


This way Google sheets translate can be used in the spreadsheets to make the words appear in other languages as well.

Wrapping up:

So, this is how you can use Google Sheets translate function to save time. This integration with the help of a simple formula will be very helpful to those often need to communicate in different languages. This can be put to use by people in the field of education as the words and phrases can be converted simply using the command for Google Translate in Google Sheets. Although it is seen as much that Google Translate is not 100% accurate every time, the same applies to use in Google sheets.

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