How to Insert A Checkbox In Google Sheets

Who would have thought that a checklist symbol could be so important and useful when working on Google Sheets? Whether you are making a to-do list or keeping a check on what all things you need to do, you need a checklist. Unlike Microsoft Excel, it is not that easy to add a checkbox in Google Slides. However, it can be done.

In this post, we have listed a step by step guide to insert a checkbox in Google Sheets.

Steps to Insert a Checkbox in Google Sheets

It has always been possible to add a checkbox in Google Sheets. Earlier, you needed to use CHAR function and a number related to the special character which is similar to a checkbox. However, now it can be done with rather an easier process. It can be inserted from the toolbar now.

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account and click on the grid to get Google Drive.

Step 2: Go to Google Drive and locate and open the spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

Step 3:  Now select the cells where you want checkmarks. It is better to create a list first and add checkmark by selecting the next empty column beside your list later.

how to insert checkbox in excel
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Step 4:  Locate Insert from the menu bar and click on it. From the context menu, choose Tick Box.

Step 5: In case you have inserted checkmark in the wrong cell, you can remove it by selecting and pressing Delete.

Note: You can customize the size of the checkboxes. To do that, you need to change the font size from the toolbar at the top of the window.

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Old Method of Adding Checkmark in Google Sheet:

Though the earlier method is a bit tricky but it can be used if the first method doesn’t work for you. Follow these steps to insert a checkbox in Google Sheets:

Step 1: Write down your to-do list and select the column cells beside it.

Step 2: Right-click on the selected cells and from the drop-down menu, choose Data Validation.

data validation to insert check box in google sheet

Step 3: You will get Data Validation window. Select “List of items” beside Criteria option.

insert data validation for check list google sheet

Step 4: Now copy ,  from the Google Doc ( Go to Insert-> Special Character-> type check mark to get and multiply to get ) Separate both the characters with a comma.

Step 5: Click Save and you will get a drop-down menu in the selected cell area.

In this way, you can select  for the work done and  for the pending or incomplete task. A check mark in Sheets can do wonders as it acts as a simple tool to maintain the list of daily errands. Moreover, it can also be used as data collecting tool to manage and organize your data on Google Sheets.

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