How to Create and Use Google Sheets Template

Whether you want to create a spreadsheet for family budget, company invoice, calendar, etc templates are required. As they are one of the best ways to create Google Sheets, Google Docs. If you use Microsoft Excel, you probably know it’s easy to find websites with templates. But what about Google Sheets?

Does it too have templates or not? Google search shows limited results due to which you think there are not enough options. But let me correct you, there are more options than you think for Google Sheets.

Here we will explain how to create and use Google Sheets templates.

Before that, you need certain things.

What do you need?

The only thing you need to create and use Google Sheets Templates is a Google account and certain templates. But how to find templates? Here’s the answer.

How to search for Google Sheets Templates in Google Drive?

Within Google Sheets, you can find hundreds and thousands of templates. These templates help save time. To access Google Sheets templates, you’ll first need to install the Google Drive Template Gallery.

For this follow the steps below:

1. Open Google Drive.

2. Click on New button > More > Connect more apps.

Google Sheets Templates

3. This will open a new window here in the search box type template gallery.

template gallery

4. You will see Drive Template Gallery as the first search result. Click the + CONNECT button and add it to the drive.

5. Click Ok. This will add Drive Template Gallery to Google Drive.

6. To use it again click on +New button > More > From templates.

7. Click the Accept button to open Google Drive Template Gallery.

This way you can find and access templates.

To access templates from Google Sheets, click File > New > From template…

Alternatively, you can access templates by URL. Simply copy-paste the URL in the address bar to access Google Docs templates, Google Sheets templates, PowerPoint presentation templates, etc.

Now that you have Google Sheets templates added to Google Drive it’s time to create a template folder.

How to Create a Google Sheets templates folder?

To create google sheets templates folder head to Google Drive > New > Folder. Name it to templates > CREATE.

Google Sheets templates folder

How to use Google Sheets Template?

To use Google Sheets Template, follow these steps:

  1. On your computer head to Google Sheet.
  2. Here, click on Template Gallery at the top right corner.
  3. Select the template you want to use, this will open a copy of the Google sheets template you would like to use.

Note: If the Google Sheet template you choose has “Add-on” next to it, you will have to install the add-on.

Also note, if you open one of the Google Sheets templates and add some text to it, no longer it will be a template. To use it you will need to right-click the template you want to the user and select Make a Copy.

You will not be able to see a new file name starting with Copy. Rename the file and start using it.

How to add your template to the Folder in Google Drive?

To add your custom template to newly created a folder follow these steps:

  1. Open the folder you created.
  2. Select New > Google Sheets to create an empty spreadsheet that we will use as a template file.
  3. Open the spreadsheet that has the data that you want to use in the template. Highlight the content. If you want to select everything press Ctrl + A.
  4. Click Edit > Copy to copy the content.
  5. Open the empty spreadsheet you just created and press Ctrl+V.
  6. Give a name to the template like Form Letter Template, etc.
  7. Click the Google Sheets icon to return to Google Sheets.

The newly created template will be automatically saved in the root directory of Google Drive. To move it to the Templates folder right-click the file and select Move To.

You can now start using the newly created template.

And this is all friends, using these simple ways you can create your own Google Sheets template and make your work easier. If you use Google Sheets this method will surely help.

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