How To Resolve MTP Connection Problem On Windows 10

Ever since Windows 10 updates rolled out, the company kept urging users to upgrade to the latest versions. Users were hooked by the promise of a better, faster & reliable experience in a systemized UI. However, those who thought upgrading from earlier versions had to face certain bugs and issues. One such irritating problem from all the common issues is MTP Connection Problems when connected to the PC. 

After witnessing the issue, users could not transfer files from their phones (after being properly connected via USB). In case you are facing the same problem, follow this guide to get immediate solutions to resolve MTP connection problems on Windows 10.   

How To Fix MTP Not Working Problem On Windows 10 – Basic Methods

Before we proceed with advanced solutions, there are certain things you should make sure of. 

1. Is Your Device MTP Compatible?

If you are trying to use the Media Transfer Protocol service for the first time on your device. Make sure your device supports MTP. The majority of the phones do, but you must check the MTP compatibility using your Mobile Model number or in your phone’s manual book if you are using an old handset. 

2. If Your Device Passes The Compatibility Test, Successfully Setup Your Device For MTP! 

Make sure you select the MTP functionality on your device while connecting your phone to your PC. As soon as you attach your phone to your PC via USB, you should get a pop-up on your smartphone to select the MTP option. 

3. Establish Connection With Different Port Or Cable 

In case you are trying to establish a connection through a faulty port or USB cable, chances are you’re facing MTP Connection Problem On Windows 10 due to this. So, try connecting to a different port or using a different cable to connect your smartphone for MTP. In case you missed our previous guide on how to enable/disable USB ports on Windows 10 & 7, check the link here!

4. Activate MTP Manually 

Well, all of the mobile manufacturers have different procedures to enable MTP functionality. So, make sure you check the correct method with your manufacturer and enable MTP manually, as required. 

5. USB Debugging Mode Should Be Enabled 

To make your smartphone work with MTP, make sure you have USB Debugging Mode enabled. This will help you troubleshoot the problem without any hassles as and when needed. New to USB Debugging feature? Check out the detailed guide here

If none of the tips helped you to fix MTP Not Working Problem, then you need to implement the following workarounds one by one to see what works for you! 

How To Fix MTP Not Working Problem On Windows 10 – Advanced Methods

Here are the four amazing fixes you can try to rule out the MTP Connection Problems on Windows 10: 

Method 1- Update MTP USB Driver (Recommended)

If the associated device driver is already installed on your device, but you can still transfer the files to the device, you need to update the drivers. Chances might be, your computer has damaged, missing, or faulty MTP USB Drivers that are responsible for causing the connection problems on Windows 10. There are multiple ways to update drivers on Windows 10. However, the easiest and safest way to upgrade to the right drivers is through using Smart Driver Care

STEP 1- After installing the driver updater utility on your Windows, launch it. 

STEP 2- Using the Registered version, click on the Start Scan button. 

With the free version, you’ll be able to update two drivers each day (only). ;

scan now

STEP 3- Once the list of faulty drivers appears on the screen, you can click on the Update All button to install bulk drivers automatically without any hassles. 

Once your computer starts running right & the latest driver versions, hopefully, MTP connection issues get resolved instantly! 

Method 2- Use Command Prompt

You can also rely on Command Prompt to enable MTP. The process is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical skills to activate MTP functionality. 

STEP 1- Run the Command Prompt as administrator. 

STEP 2- Once the Command Prompt window gets opened, type the following command line: 

net localgroup Administrators local service /add


MTP Not Working Problem On Windows 10


STEP 3- Hit the Enter button to run the command to check if the MTP is up and running successfully! 

Close the window and check for the MTP connection problems again. If this didn’t help you, perform the next workaround! 

Method 3- Install wpdmtp.inf File

wpdmtp.inf File is something that you already have on your computer. You just need to follow the steps below to install it successfully if you face MTP Connection Problems on your Windows 10. 

STEP 1- Navigate to This PC or open My Computer > C: Drive > Locate and open the Windows folder. 

STEP 2- Find and open the INF subfolder. Locate the file named as wpdmtp. inf

STEP 3- Simply right-click on the file and hit the Install button. 




STEP 4- Reboot your PC after installation to complete the process!  

Hopefully, this should automatically fix the MTP Not Working Issue On Windows 10. If not, you can go ahead with our next workaround! 

Method 4- Install Media Feature Pack

If the Media Feature Pack is not available on your computer, then MTP will not work how it should be. If you are unaware of what Media Feature Pack is, note that it has components related to Windows Media Player and more. Hence, you need to update your version to KB3010081, and you can download it from the Microsoft website right here. To proceed further, just install and run the .exe file; make sure you reboot your computer to implement the changes! 


MTP Not Working Problem On Windows 10


That was all! This guide explained how to fix the MTP connection problems on Windows 10 for users trying to connect their smartphone devices and cameras. Let us know which of the aforementioned workarounds helped you resolve the issue; shoot your suggestions in the comment section below!

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