How to Recover Pattern Lock In Android Without Factory Reset

“To err is human”, is something that we often quote. In modern times, remembering the right smartphone unlocking combination is where we err most often!

When it comes to privacy, some of us are overcautious and tend to create Android lock patterns that proves do be our undoing. If you forget the pattern – which is not uncommon if you have an affinity towards complicated locks – factory reset is perhaps the the only option you know of to reset your phone. But there are other ways to reset your lock pattern.

Here’s a list of alternative measures you can try out:

A. Reset via ‘forgot password’:

There’s a limit to the number of times you can enter your set pattern. If you exhaust that limit, you will usually get to see a ‘forgot pattern/password’ link. Tap on the link and it would take you to a page where you will have to enter your Gmail credentials. As soon as you get through it, you’ll be able to set a new pattern lock.

B. Unlock with 2-step verification:

2-step verification is an added security feature to your Google account. It requires a unique passcode (received via SMS, voice call or Google Authenticator) apart from your Google credentials when you try logging in to your Android.

Unlock with 2-step verification

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Once 2-step verification is setup, it can be used to generate passwords for different apps, which allow third-party apps and devices to access your Google Account once they’re authorized.

After enabling 2-step verification, you need to nullify the access permissions to your Android via Google account and re-authorize it with 2-step verification. Once it is successful, you should be able to access your device even if you don’t remember your unlocking pattern.

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How to nullify access permissions?

You can nullify access permissions to your Android from Google, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Account Permissions page in Google Account Settings on a webpage.
  2. Identify the Android device, you want to reset the password for.
  3. Click on the Revoke Access on your right and confirm by clicking on OK.

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Re-generate password for your Android (App Passwords)

Once the access permissions are revoked from your Android device, you need to reconnect it to Google account followed by a new password generation process:

  1. Go to app passwords page and enter your Google credentials.
  2. Select relevant option or custom name and enter any suitable description at the bottom,
  3. Click on Generate Password. A 16-digit password would appear on screen.
  4. Tap on Forgot Password / Forgot Pattern link on your Android.
  5. Put 16-digit password along with your Google ID in Account Unlock page.

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Go back to the App Passwords page and click on ‘Done’. You should be able to access the content of your Android device.

All said and done, you wouldn’t want to put so much effort to recover your device’s security lock pattern! It is always safer to draw a pattern which you can remember easily. In case you need to put a tricky pattern, you may encode the pattern in digits and keep it safe with you somewhere.

Need more such tips and tricks, let us know your problem in the comments section below.

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