How To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

We use several apps on our smartphone to watch movies, high resolution videos, play games and other utility apps. After a certain period, your phone starts to overheat which could lead to possible damage. Sometimes, you might even feel how warm your device gets when you watch a video or play games for a long time. One of the reason for this is battery generating excess heat and sometimes the faster you charge, the hotter your phone will get.

How To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

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Heat can be an issue and immoderate temperature might damage the internal components of the device. However, you can prevent your phone from overheating. Let’s find out how.

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Do Not Run Multiple Apps At Once

Running several applications at the same time in the background usually slows down the speed of the device. Generally, OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) include using several features on smartphones simultaneously. But phones are not optimized properly for such labor.

Keep Your Phone in a Cool Place

Have you ever noticed that your device is overheated mostly in summers? It is advised to keep your phone in a cooler place to avoid this situation. Using your phone in an air conditioned environment helps to keep its temperature stable.

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Avoid direct sunlight on your phone

Exposing your smartphone to direct sunlight causes more harm than you know. If your phone catches direct heat from the sun it absorbs the same and keeps getting hotter, the longer you stay in sunlight. Whenever you’re in sunlight try to avoid the exposure of direct sunlight to your phone. You can keep your cell phone in your pockets instead of holding it in your hand.

Clear Junk Files and Cache

Clear Junk Files and Cache

Regular optimization of your device will not just enhance the speed of your machine but will also prevent your device from overheating. Generally, cache is the immediate data that your device creates itself. It is used by the processor to reduce RAM access. However, when you have excess junk files, cookies and cache, then the processor will have to work harder to access the data, which result in overheating.

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Use Professional Apps

Use Professional Apps

Overheating is a common issue nowadays and it doesn’t matter which phone you are using. But thousands of apps are available that monitor and control your phone’s temperature. Most amazing part is these apps monitor your device’s temperature in real time. And if you feel your device is overheating, you can cool it down with a simple touch.

One of our favorite apps is Auto CPU Cooler Master that allows you to keep track of your phone temperature you need to cool it down. This app has a feature that helps you close all resource consuming applications and lets your device to cool down so you can enjoy multitasking.

Metal or Glass Body

Metal and glass body will always harm your device no matter what you do, how you take care of your machine. To avoid these situations, you can ask the OEMs to replace your phone’s whole body and build it with something else which can help it to stay cool, like a plastic body. You should avoid suffocating mobile cases made of leather and metal because that can also raise your phone’s temperature.

Let Your Phone Have Rest

Continuously using your mobile phone may cause overheating. Make sure after playing games, watching movies or videos, your device gets rest for a while before using them again to prevent overheating.

Always avoid charging or using your mobile phone after it has been in contact with water, regardless if it is water resistant.

Overheating might give you a static, slow performance and sometimes it might freeze when you try to download something or restart your device.

Try these simple tips and get more out your smartphone.

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