How To Fix Search Engine Keeps Changing To Yahoo Or Bing?

Some customers reported a strange problem with their web browsers. They instantly switch to Yahoo or Bing as their default search engine. Most reports of this problem were made using Google Chrome. However, this issue might also arise if you use a different web browser. They claim that whenever they perform a search in Google Chrome, Yahoo or Bing is automatically forwarded to that search engine. In this article, we’ll examine your options if Yahoo or Bing keep switching to be your default search engine.

Expert Recommended Methods On How To Fix Search Engine Keeps Changing To Yahoo Or Bing?

Look Over Your Extensions


Such problems are symptoms of malware or virus infestation. The main symptom here is that  Yahoo Search or Bing Search is immediately redirected to you when you use Google Search. Google Chrome or another browser may have a harmful extension installed, or your machine may already be infected with malware or viruses.

If the problem still exists, disable all of your extensions. If the search engine does not change immediately when you disable your extensions in Chrome or your main browser, you must identify the harmful extension. In order to achieve this, enable each extension separately before seeing if the problem still persists. Remove the harmful extension from your web browser as soon as you detect them.

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Use Chrome’s Clean Up Feature

Chrome's Clean Up Feature

Users can identify suspicious or undesirable apps on their PCs with the assistance of Google Chrome’s Clean-up tool. The Chrome Clean-up computer tool will locate viruses and malware and remove them from your computer if your search engine is switching to Yahoo or Bing as a result of a virus or malware. The following are the methods to use Google Chrome’s Clean up PC tool:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.

Step 2: Select Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click on “Reset and clean up” in the left panel and then choose “Clean up PC”.

When you complete the aforementioned steps, Chrome will begin checking your computer for malware and viruses. If it discovers that your system is affected, it will prompt you to uninstall the malicious software. Choose Remove. You will be prompted to restart your computer after the procedure is finished. Whenever prompted, choose Restart. You will see the statement “No harmful software found.” if your PC is clean.

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Run A Malware And Antivirus Scan

Antivirus Scan

As was previously said in this post, virus or malware infestation is the main reason for these kinds of issues. We advise you to run a reliable antivirus or antimalware scan on your computer. Another excellent antivirus program offered by Microsoft without charge is Windows Defender. You can also use some third-party antivirus software of your choice in addition to that.

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Reset Your Web Browser


If the issue still exists, we advise that you restore your web browser to its factory settings. A web browser’s settings can be reset to their default state. Therefore, after resetting your browser, you must make all the adjustments again.

Get Rid Of Bing And Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search

In most circumstances, refreshing the browser is effective. However, uninstall the search engine if the problem persists or does not go away after you reset the browser for any reason. Keep in mind that you cannot remove the default search engine. Make a different search engine the default to remove it.

Change To A Different Web Browser

Web Browser

The final option is to switch web browsers. Change to a different web browser. Even though Chrome, Firefox, and Edge dominate the market, there are many other excellent browsers that you can download and install on your computer.

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The Final Word On How To Fix Search Engine Keeps Changing To Yahoo Or Bing?

If your search engine keeps switching on its own at random, a malicious addon may be to blame. Check your extensions for issues to find the offender. In addition, your machine could be infected with a virus or malware, which would cause the problem. Follow the steps mentioned above and the issue will be fixed.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or recommendations. We would be delighted to provide you with a resolution. We frequently publish advice, tricks, and solutions to common tech-related problems. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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