How to Fix Chrome’s “Failed – Virus Detected” Error On Windows PC

Have you used Chrome to download a file and receive the message “failed – virus detected”? Windows Defender and Chrome typically look for viruses in a potentially harmful file you’re downloading. To stop your computer from becoming infected, it stops the download process and displays this error message. Sometimes, Chrome falsely indicates a file is infected. Here’s how to download it onto Windows if you’re confident it’s secure.

How to Fix Chrome’s “Failed – Virus Detected” Error On Windows PC

1. Clear Cache & Cookies

Every PC has a lot of caches, cookies, and other temporary files that may cause interference to your downloads. Optimizing your PC regularly and removing the junk files is recommended to ensure your PC delivers optimal performance at all times and regains valuable storage space. For PC optimization, we recommend using a third-party software named Advanced PC Cleanup. Here are a few features of this amazing PC maintenance app.

Junk Remover: A specific module in Advanced PC Cleanup assists in scanning, locating, and removing the trash files from your system.

Temp Files: After garbage files, there are temporary files, which may have been necessary once during the setup or operation of a particular software but are now just taking up space on your computer. All of these temporary files can be deleted by this app, and don’t worry—if your programs require them, new ones will be produced instantly.

Recycle Bin Records: All the files you consciously remove from your computer wind up in the Recycle Bin. If certain files get stranded in your recycle bin, this software can assist you in emptying them.

Remove the apps: You are unaware of many redundant programs that are installed on your computer. This software can help you eliminate any apps you don’t want or don’t recognize from your PC’s list of installed apps.

Activate The Chrome Clean Up Tool

A built-in “Clean Up” function in Chrome assists in locating and removing malware from your computer. It ensures that a computer infection isn’t preventing your browser from downloading files and producing the error. To use the Chrome Clean Up tool, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Click Reset and tidy up in the left-sidebar.

Step 3: Click Clean up the computer in the right-hand pane.


Step 4: Select the Find option.


Step 5: When the scan is finished, it will let you know if there is any malicious software on your computer and prompt you to uninstall it. It might also disable some addons that could harm your browser and be a part of this problem.

Change Chrome’s Security Preferences

You should disable Chrome’s Safe Browsing function in the settings if it still views your download as a threat. The steps you must take are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Go to the left sidebar and select Security and privacy.

Step 3: Click Security in the right-hand pane to start.



Step 4: Ensure the circle says “No Protection” (not recommended).



Turn off all security add-ons


Your security add-ons, particularly virus scanners, could obstruct the download and force Chrome to halt it in the middle of it. It is consequently advised to turn off any security browser addons you believe may obstruct downloads.

Does The Problem Relate To A Specific File?

Verify to see if the error only happens when downloading a certain file. If so, perhaps you should get it from a different source. To know if you are successful, try downloading the identical file from another website, ideally an official one. If not, the issue is more pervasive if you keep running into problems while downloading many files. In addition to the functions mentioned above, there are numerous others, including malware protection, erasing identity traces, erasing faulty registry connections, and much more.

The Final Word On How to Fix Chrome’s “Failed – Virus Detected” Error on Windows PC

If it turned out to be a false positive, these instructions should have assisted you in scanning your file and avoiding the “Failed – Virus detected” error message. You would be better off switching browsers if none of the remedies have helped you and the problem still exists. Firefox, Edge, and Opera GX are well rated among the widely used options.

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