How To Fix: No Bootable Image Found, Notebook Will Be Shutdown?

When your computer cannot locate the bootable disk or image, the message “No bootable image found, notebook will be shut down” appears. This can happen if the operating system files are damaged or if you have the wrong boot option activated. Additionally, if you just upgraded or replaced the OS drive, you might be having connectivity problems that are the root of this error. Let us discuss some fixes to resolve this issue.

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Fix ‘No Bootable Image Found. Notebook will Shut down’ Error

Method 1: Alter Boot Options

Alter Boot Options

The parameters that control how the computer boots or starts are known as boot options. Boot options encompass a wide range of settings, including UEFI or BIOS mode, secure boot, fast boot, and legacy support. You must enter the motherboard BIOS settings in order to modify the boot choices. To do this, take these actions:

Step 1: Shut off your system entirely.

Step 2: Then switch it back on. Start pressing the F2 or Delete key to enter the motherboard BIOS settings as soon as you see the manufacturer’s logo.

Step 3: Navigate to the boot option settings after that.

Step 4: It can be found in the Advanced Boot Options section.

Step 5: Here, select Legacy as the boot mode. Try switching to UEFI if you already have a legacy mode enabled.

Step 6: Save the BIOS settings when finished, then quit.

Step 7: After that, try restarting Windows to see if the error has been fixed.

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Method 2: Reconnect Your Hard Disk

Reconnect Your Hard Disk

The system might not be able to recognize the bootable image because your OS drive is not correctly attached. You should absolutely check whether the OS drive is connected properly if you’ve recently made any hardware changes to your computer. Another option is to attempt reseating your OS drive. To do that, simply remove the drive from the casing that contains the operating system before connecting it back. After finishing, turn on the laptop to check if the error still occurs.

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Method 3: Reset BIOS Settings

Reset BIOS Settings

The boot option can be brought back to default by resetting the BIOS settings. You may easily reset your BIOS settings to restore the default boot options if you accidentally picked the wrong boot option. Reset the BIOS settings by following the steps.

Step 1: Ensure that your system is completely turned off before attempting to reset the BIOS settings.

Step 2: To start the computer, press the power button.

Step 3: To access the BIOS settings once you see the manufacturer’s logo, repeatedly press the F2 or Delete key.

Step 4: Locate The “Load Default Configuration” option and press the key mentioned next to it.

Step 5: Exit the BIOS settings after finishing, then try to start the operating system.

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Method 4: Reinstall The OS

Reinstall The OS

A problem with the operating system files also contributes to this issue by preventing the system from recognizing the bootable image. You must reinstall the operating system if that is the case. If you are downloading the ISO file, be careful to choose the appropriate boot option when building a bootable image.

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Method 5: Change The Hard Disk

Change The Hard Disk

If the issue persists even after you have installed the operating system again, it is likely that your OS drive has a hardware fault, which is why the system is unable to recognize the drive. If you have access to another computer in this situation, you can test the drive.

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tipsAdditional Tip

Recover Your Data From The Non-Bootable Drive

If you are still getting the “no bootable image found, notebook will be shut down” error and have to replace the hard disk, then you can try and recover your data from the old hard disk using Advanced Disk Recovery. This software helps users recover accidentally deleted data, data from corrupted hard disks, and even files and folders from formatted drives. It supports external drives, USB Flash disks, and Memory Cards. You can download and install this software to scan the faulty hard disk by connecting it to another PC via a suitable hard disk connector. This will help you to recover files and folders onto the secondary PC.

The Final Word On How To Fix: No Bootable Image Found, Notebook Will Be Shutdown?

All potential fixes for this problem have been provided in this article. You can take your system to a repair shop to have this problem fully diagnosed if none of the techniques above worked for you.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or recommendations. We would be delighted to provide you with a resolution. We frequently publish advice, tricks, and solutions to common tech-related problems. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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