How To Clean Instagram With These Tips

Do you also find Instagram to be a little different from the times you joined it? It is quite possible, if you have been using this social media app for a while. Instagram keeps changing the algorithm and the new features on Instagram are ever-changing the game for all users. Some of them feel like it is also hard for them to get to the accounts which they liked the most. Others have been complaining that the unnecessary notifications from certain accounts are intruding. There is little knowledge of how to clean Instagram and make it optimum for use. If you do not feel safe using Instagram, try these methods.

Let’s discuss the following cleaner tips for Instagram and help you use social media in a  better way.

How To Clean Instagram:

1. Sort Follow list:


Sort Follow list

With the latest Instagram feature, check all of the accounts, which you have been interacting with the most or least on the app. This can be checked from the Following list in your Instagram profile. With Most Shown in your Feed, you can sort the accounts to check the feed from them on your Instagram account. This will let you remove the accounts, which you are no -longer interested in. It also has another list, which says Least Interacted with, you can go to the accounts and turn on their notification for the post.

2. Use Close Friends:

Use Close Friends

The Close Friends section is very helpful as you can post Insta stories for this specific group of people. Close Friends option can be useful as you are limiting your audience, and this saves you from unnecessary spam. This is a very useful Instagram tip to keep your app clean from undue notifications, especially when you have a public profile. You can locate the Close Friends in the profile section when you slide from the right to see options. Add the accounts in the Close Friends list with the suggestions shown in the section. Now with the Close Friends list you get the option to put Story on view for just the Close Friends.

3. Delete Old Pictures:

Delete old pictures

Lots of people might not be aware, but archives save all of your Stories on your Instagram. On the Profile, when you slide left from your right side, Archive is number one on this list. Here you will be able to see the posts which have been put in Archive in the Posts Archive. Whereas, the Stories Archive will show you all of the stories you posted in the past. Tap on the Story, and select delete, this way you can clean Instagram account.

4. Mute Posts and Stories:

Mute Posts and Stories

If the posts appearing on your Insta feed are repeatedly making you close the app, you can always mute them. As Instagram comes with an option to mute the Posts and Stories from a particular account. You can mute the stories from the account as quickly as you see them in your Stories list. All you need to do is long-press on the Story, and an option will appear on your screen. Tap on the Mute Story, and it will no longer appear in your Instagram Stories.

For muting the posts on Instagram, one can directly select the option on the feed. As you view the post from a particular account, which you would like to stop getting updates from, tap on the options. The three-dot options on the top-right of the post will show you the actions. Here Mute is listed as the last option, which is better than blocking the account.

5. Clean Explore Page:

Clean Explore page

Use the Explore Page of your Instagram feed to be cleared by sorting the posts you are shown. This can be easily done by sorting the types of post, you see on your Explore page. As you go to the Search icon on your Instagram app, you will see a number of posts and stories. This is made visible in turn to keep you engaged in more accounts, which have similar content you might have liked in the past.

The app uses the user’s searches and provides you with more relatable content. This can be changed with two steps- one is to completely clear your search history on your account to remove particular posts. It is important to wipe your search history to get a fresh batch of posts on your Explore page on Instagram account. The next step will be more helpful to you if you are only looking to clear up a few posts. Tap on the post, you want to remove and then go to the three-dot icon on the top-right for options. Tap on the Not interested in This Post to stop receiving such content.

6. Clean Spam/Bot/Fake Profiles From Your Account

Even after following the aforementioned tips and tricks, there’re chances that your Instagram account may feel bloated. Hence, the last and one of the crucial ways to clean up your Instagram and improve the overall experience is by finding and eliminating all the ghosts, annoying shops, non-mutual followers, and inactive users. For this purpose, we recommend using a reliable Instagram cleaning and monitoring tool like SpamGuard that works against spam activity. 

It’s an innovative service that strictly monitors your feed and blocks all the irrelevant followers, dead accounts, bot profiles, spammers, and their unwanted comments, photo tags, and DM requests in a couple of clicks. The web app runs a thorough scan to detect these inactive and irrelevant commercial profiles that are significantly impacting your engagement rate. As soon as they are identified, its unique anti-spam monitor will securely wipe them to clean and protect your Instagram account. Try using SpamGuard and do share your experience with us in the comments below!


Instagram is an app where we go to get our daily dose of social media, current events. This makes it much more important to get a clean use of the app. Using the Instagram tips in the post to get a cleaner look for your account. Other things include mass unfollow,

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