How Safe Are Your Instagram Uploads? (2023)

Own a public profile on Instagram? Wondering, if it is safe? Consider going private on Instagram? The photo-sharing platform became a huge hit with people using it to express, share their photography talent, etc. But the question lingers on everyone’s mind – Are Instagram privacy settings enough to keep your data safe online? Recently an Instagram hack was revealed which bypassed the security and made private profiles visible.


Every now and then, you can see that anything uploaded on the web is exposed to several threats. You can not essentially save things from getting ugly at any point. From Instagram profile being hacked to the pictures leaked online to ensure you stay safe on the web, Instagram privacy earns some brownie points. How many of you know that it can be compromised or just so happens to have a loophole? Read the post on how and what you can do to change privacy settings on Instagram.

How Do You Set Privacy On Instagram?

1. Remove Other Accounts

Facebook Profile

When you link another social media account to Instagram, you are willingly making visible to our friends that you are on Instagram. Learn how to remove Facebook account from Instagram. It can be an easy way to find your friends from the contacts but it also makes your presence visible to a lot more people. Similar steps need to be taken care of on other linked accounts – Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba, and

2. Abstain from posting information

is instagram safe

As alluring it seems can turn dangerous within a few moments. A lot of people have reported to find out most about a person’s lifestyle from his Instagram posts. Therefore, it is recommended that you post a little less confirming posts such as not to share your whereabouts. It has proven to be a good method by keeping the unknown strangers away from stalking you. If you are thinking that Instagram is safe for chatting with unknown people, then you are wrong. It is not that you can’t talk to them, but it is advised that you must not share your personal information.

3. Use different email accounts

Make sure you start with using an email account, which is not used for important deals such as banking, or professionally. Keeping two separate accounts will help you keep your private data safe in case of a data breach. Maintaining different email account for all your social media accounts is a good practice. It will help you keep all your information unrelated and that way keep prying eyes away.

Can You Hide Your Instagram Profile From Searches?

No, you can not hide your Instagram profile from searches. This is again one of the threats to people being prone to cybercrime, bullying, and stalking. The only way out here is to block a certain person if they bother you. The profile can be checked by someone with a new account or a friend’s account. More methods on how you can hide your Instagram profile on search.

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

No, Instagram does not provide any information on who visits your profile. But, there are other methods which can show you results, although whether you can rely on them or not, is still not clear. The third-party apps and websites help you show who viewed your Instagram profile. Other methods to find out if someone has visited your Instagram profile will only be if they performed any action, such as liking one or more posts from your profile or to send a post on your direct message. Reposting your Instagram profile with the help of the official app from Instagram will notify the user in a tag. So, if your profile is private, you are at least sure that Instagram posts and stories are only viewed by certainly allowed followers. But, if the Instagram profile is public, you can never be sure of who visits your page or take a screenshot of your posts.

Lack Of Privacy On Instagram :

1. Can Not Remove Tag From Comments

One of the biggest flaws to date on Instagram is that you can’t truly remove a tag from the comments. Anyone who knows your Instagram username can tag you on Instagram posts, stories, irrespective of the fact whether he/she follows you or not.

However, Instagram allows you to remove the tag from the posts, it does nothing as such for comments. As this continues, a lot of users find themselves in bizarre posts when tagged in objectionable content.  This also fails to ensure the safety of kids on Instagram as they are vulnerable to be exposed to obscene posts, cyberbullying.

2. Instagram LoopHoles

instagram privacy settings

People have come across a lot of loopholes, one of them being, able to view posts of the private profiles, by those who are not your followers. Anyone can take a screenshot of your posts and later use it anywhere else without your knowledge. Also, learn how to stop people from sharing your Instagram story. Therefore constantly posting live videos is not safe.

3. Instagram Blocks You If You Mass Unfollow:

instagram profile is safe

Instagram takes it up as an issue if you tend to unfollow a large number of accounts at once. This is viewed as a profile that is trying to spam and therefore violating Instagram policies. Your Instagram profile will be blocked temporarily for this action, so keep this in mind. Instagram is filled with content that can be distracting and if you feel like you wish to unfollow such profile, you must.

Additional Tip To Use Tracker :


It is very important to maintain a healthy balance between your life with nowadays social media taking over. To ‘do it for the gram’ is one of the crazes that is bugging people to alter reality so much for the sake of it. It follows people taking big steps in turning their virtual life into a real-life picture perfect. If you want to limit your Instagram usage, then the Instagram activity tracker will tell you the time spent on the app daily.

Additionally, Social fever is one such Android application that would help you to break your smartphone addiction. It comes with useful modules that help users to track and manage screen time, app usage, and maintain Eye & Ear health. The application motivates users to stay more productive beyond screens. Not only this, using Social Fever, you can set quality time for spending time with family, friends, and other activities that you love doing.


Download Social Fever (Used By Thousands Of Users Worldwide)

Wrapping up:

So, concluding the post, we would like to advise the users to change the Instagram privacy settings to stay safe. Using Instagram can cause addiction which is quite harmful as some tend to revolve their lives around it. Other than straining you, it poses a threat to your personal information, if not used perfectly. We hope you benefit from the tips to keep you safe in the longer run.

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