How To Accomplish IP Address Masking And Never Reveal Your Location On The Internet?

Every computer connected to the internet requires an Internet Protocol Address that identifies it from other billion systems that are online at the same given point of time. This IP address is important so that you get the response of the requests that you make on the internet. It also helps to maintain your digital footprints i.e. websites and online apps that you have visited online. But the negative side to IP address is that many times you are not able to view content just because of geolocation restrictions which is rather confusing. Hence, using a VPN can help in IP address masking and never revealing your location online.

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What Is IP Address Masking?

“Masking” as the term suggests is to put on a mask (Scream Mask, Hannibal Mask or the best one yet, The Jim Carrey Mask). Just Kidding! On a serious note, the term masking refers to hiding something or wrapping something so that it is not identified by others. IP Masking would simply mean that the user is trying to hide his/her original IP address under a completely different IP address to reveal content that is restricted to the original IP Address.

For example, if you wish to watch Rugby Championships on Netflix while you are in Asia, then you will not be able to do so as Rugby matches are available live only for America and Europe. Thus by masking your Asian IP address into an American one, you can easily view all the American Netflix content from Asia.

Note: Masking your IP address does not hide your activities from your ISP provider as they are the ones that provided you an IP Address in the first place. However, it is not visible to the website, app or streaming site you visit.

Why Should You Carry Out IP Address masking? – Benefits Of Systweak VPN


That is a very important question for everyone you know might not be using a VPN. VPNs are a new technology and are gaining popularity exponentially. But should you facilitate IP Masking is something you should decide after reading the five points below:

  • No Geolocation Restriction. Once you use a Virtual Private Network service like Systweak VPN, you initiate IP masking on your computer and remove all the restrictions applied by streaming sites like Netflix based on the IP location. This means that you can watch Netflix content not intended for your region or country by using a VPN.Geolocation Restriction
  • Maintains Privacy. IP Address Masking provides privacy and security to the user as Ecommerce and other Websites cannot track your original IP address or location. This way no trackers, spyware, malware, etc. can be sent to your computer with malicious or influential intent.
  • Protected File Sharing. Files shared over the internet after IP Masking is turned on, remain safe and secure. These files cannot be traced by hackers and are encoded when sent across the internet if you have a VPN working.

Is There a Need to Use VPN at Home

  • Remote Access. Using a VPN means you create your own network that is accessible by you anywhere. This means when you take a remote of your Office computer or Home system after IP masking, the connection established is safe and secure. This can allow work from outside as no data can flow outside the computer unless authorized.
  • Enhance Gaming. With VPN, you can connect to any gamer server including those not intended for your region. You can also improve lag and reduce ping while playing. Your credentials and other personal information shared within the game remain safe and secured.

IP Address Masking is becoming more and more important and can also help you save money by accessing content, apps, and games available for free in a region other than yours. Privacy and Security are the boons provided by Systweak VPN along with many other features.

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Why Should I Use Systweak VPN?

Systweak VPN

There are many software developers that provide VPN services but Systweak VPN has some unique features that are above the five uses or benefits of above. They are:

OPEN VPN. This is a protocol used by a few VPN providers that avoid any sort of detection by filters and firewalls.

Ikev2 Security. A VPN creates a secure tunnel that offers amazing speed along with securing your data. Systweak VPN uses the Internet Key Exchange Version 2 which is the latest and most advanced tunnel model yet.

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Military Grade Encryption.  Systweak VPN is one of the few Virtual Network Providers that provide AES 256-bit military-grade encryption for achieving online obscurity.

Kill Switch. A kill switch is installed to protect your identity over the internet. If there occurs a security breach or any of the VPN’s servers crash, then this application will disconnect your computer from the internet with immediate effect. This will prevent your unmasked IP from being revealed to any Ecommerce websites or persons with malicious intent.

Multiple Servers Around The Globe. Systweak VPN has over 4500 servers across 53 countries, making it one of the fastest and most diverse VPNs available. It also has a record of 200+ locations all over the world.

Download Now:

The Final Word On How To Accomplish IP Address Masking And Never Reveal Your Location On Internet?


One of the greatest benefits of Systweak VPN is while using a public network. A VPN will always keep your data and credentials protected while using public Wi-Fi. The Systweak VPN provides other benefits to gamers and sports enthusiasts as well by removing any geolocation restrictions. Although the idea of using a VPN is new, however, the benefits of using it are great and this will result in everyone across the globe to use VPN while using the internet.

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