Best Pedometer Apps For Android And iPhone 2023

No one is estranged from the lifestyle that we are pursuing nowadays. Sitting in front of the laptop for hours, running social media on phones and watching television before dozing off is common everywhere. But do you realize the harm that such activities are causing to your health?

Now that you will not leave your phone home alone for long hours, you can consider keeping amazing best pedometer apps there that will not just inspire to walk but push you when you are being compared with your buddies. Wherever you are, just finish the target assigned, for example, 10,000 steps in a day, and gain the relief of brownie points, prizes, and ranks which are simply great!

Allow this simple and smart way in your lives for self-enrichment. No need to buy a new device or watch, just use your smartphone!

How Walking Is Healthy For A Great Lifestyle?

Even when you take steps to reach your work floor or walk while talking on the phone, your step counter will keep working at the backdrop. So, you shall now understand how walking within a whole day will affect your whole body and mind positively.

  • Provides Cardiovascular fitness
  • Maintains body weight
  • Mental relaxation
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Boosts immunity
  • Increases energy levels
  • Embeds creative thinking
  • Improved sleep

And the list is uncountable! Explore some of the step counter apps and bring a positive change in your lifestyle from now on!

Best Pedometer Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

1. Google Fit

Practically an app that is a compound of overall health, it also acts as a smart & free step counter app. It uses sensors of your mobile phone to track movements while recording pace, route, and speed along. For all the starters out there, this step tracker is a perfect dose!

Google Fit

Catchy Points:

  • ‘Move Minutes’ works on the concept of move more and sit less. Earn your points throughout the day by smallest to major physical activity.
  • Double up points if your speed has increased and various awards are presented for other activities along.
  • Associated with ‘World Health Organization (WHO)’ and ‘American Heart Association (AHA)’.
  • Learn How to use Google Fit!

Get Here! (Android | iPhone)

2. Activity Tracker Pedometer

Let your battery stay sharp even when your phone is counting healthy steps. It not only tracks your steps but also keeps an eye on calorie burnt, distance covered, floor climbed, etc. They aim to keep you healthy and fit and reminds you the same with daily weekly, and monthly charts where you get to set the goals manually as well.Activity Tracker

Catchy Features:

  • Weekly targets seem more possible to achieve rather than longer. Hence, this pedometer app believes in reaching the goals efficiently.
  • Absolutely workable and compatible with Apple Watch.
  • With its Pro version, you can save and move your data to another phone as well.

Get Here! (Android | iPhone)

3. Leap Fitness

In-built sensors that count your daily steps and inspire you to earn badges make it distinct from all. Interestingly, you don’t need to sign in, enter the cloud service and working GPS for it to remain active. And this is why Leap Fitness is one of the best pedometer apps that even save your battery level to an extent.

Leap Fitness

Catchy Features:

  • Themes, report graphs and optional backup to Google Drive are some of the important qualities.
  • Add water consumption and weight add/loss within it for a proper record.

Get Here! (Android)

4. Argus

Step up and move ahead as Argus will not just act as a step counter app but will remain along to record even other details of the day. It keeps a log of your heart rate, sleep cycle, and suggests some customized workouts as well. Moreover, it’s 100% free and requires no other device to be purchased. Cheap but effective, indeed!


Catchy Points:

  • 24/7 active pedometer that also saves your battery by running on low usage.
  • In-built barcode scanner to track nutritional intake.
  • Learn your sleep habits smartly with the tracker and wake you up at the optimal time with an alarm.
  • Invite your friends to build up a challenge that also works as a motivating factor.

Get Here! (Android)

5. Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

When it comes to iPhone users, this is one of the best step counters, undoubtedly. Intuitive interface, easy activity tracking and linking to Apple Health is an interesting aspect of Pacer. It also works smart by inspiring you to stay fit while tracking weight, seeing BMI and making customized day-by-day goals. Cool, right?

Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Catchy Points:

  • Tracks all your steps throughout the day using GPS.
  • It allows you to stay connected with family or friends, so you may compete with each other and stay healthy.
  • Works on standards provided by WHO, AHA and President’s Fitness Council.

Get Here! (iPhone)

6. Accupedo

Accupedo is a convenient option for all the iPhone users which has a simple interface and beautiful loaded color themes, to begin with. It keeps the GPS tracker active and notes down activities like walking, running and biking. Also, this pedometer app can sync with your Apple watch for further ease.


Catchy Points:

  • Watch your own daily log and its history along with calories burnt, speed and active time.
  • Share your results and charts with friends on email, messenger, etc.

Get Here! (iPhone)

7. Runtastic Steps

Amongst best pedometer apps around the web, Runtastic Steps is a good option that counts your steps every day. Along with that, it also displays the distance that you have covered, calories burnt and minutes you remained active. Interestingly, it can also integrate with Google Fit for better precision.

Runtastic Steps

Catchy Points:

  • Get yourself weekly, monthly or yearly overview to monitor your progress.
  • Increase your activity level week by week if you wish to lose weight.
  • Accuracy and consistency are noteworthy, and it runs even when you are talking on the phone or playing games while walking.

Walk It Like You Talk It

We believe you have learnt how much a few steps matter every day and how much these pedometer apps can help you swiftly. It is good if your steps are being recorded so as to understand the performances day-by-day.

                                                                          We would like to add another useful tip over here!

Social Fever is one such app that helps in keeping your stress away easily. As you have already planned up to walk, try to stay away from social media as well and throw away the mental strain. It is an Android application that can help you take much-needed breaks from your phone. It can also be used to set the profiles for walking and during that time your phone will automatically go on DND mode. It has more features such as tracking time spent on the application on your phone. More features to take care of your health as to remind you of overuse of screen time for eyes and the usage of the earphones.



This app tracks your time spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and push you to take better physical activities like a walk with the pet, cooking or just reminds you to have a glass of water.

Feel free to add your valuable comments and feedback below and follow us on YouTube & Facebook for more updates!

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