Top Best Barcode Scanner Apps For iPhone 2022

Barcode is a machine-readable code in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, often used for storing product information for retail. There are handheld barcode readers, which are generally used in warehouses and departmental stores to scan various product information such as price and other details. Regardless of whether you work in retail or are the customer, a barcode reader app is certainly a handy tool.

There are many barcode scanner apps available on App Store and developer websites. Some apps can only read barcodes, whereas many apps can read multiple codes. Today, we’re going to discuss 10 best barcode scanner apps for iPhone in 2022:

1. QR Code Reader for iPhone

QR Code Reader for iPhone

QR Code Reader for iPhone is one of the best QR code scanner apps which scans QR codes and barcodes. The app can also be used as a PDF scanner, puzzle scanner and business card scanner. You can use the app to browse products, coupons and deals. The app allows you to create your own QR codes. You can share them using messenger, emails, Twitter or Facebook.

2. BarCloud Pro:

BarCloud Pro

BarCloud Pro is a core business application that is designed for inventory management and asset tracking. It is a cloud-based app and you need a BarCloud account before using. BarCloud Pro allows you to view real-time asset/inventory levels and Track the movement of inventory at multiple locations. It secures the tag of being among the best barcode scanner apps for iPhone.

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3. Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner:

Free QR Code Reader

Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Reader is a popular app as it works great and costs nothing. Not just barcodes, the app also scans all standard 1D and 2D code types. You can view the product on Google and Amazon by using its fast scan. Free Barcode Scanner saves the history of your search items and supports in dark using flashlight.

4. Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader:

Scan - QR Code

Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader is one of the most reliable and user-friendly barcode scanner apps. Though it’s not free, but the list of features covers the price. You’re allowed to sync your scan history across the web and all of your devices. Also, you can scan pictures of QR codes and barcodes from your camera roll. It offers to sync your scan history across the web and all your devices.

5. NeoReader®:


NeoReader is a free yet fast, simple and well-performing scanner app on iTunes. It allows you to scan the broadest 1D / 2D codes and QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 128, PDF 417 etc. The app supports the front and rear camera and offers integrated browser. You can also create your own QR code for free and share via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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6. Scan to Spreadsheet:

Scan to Spreadsheet

Scan to Spreadsheet is a great companion to your business. It lets you create spreadsheets using the barcode scanner on your iPhone and you can use it for inventory, cycle count, marketing event scanning, attendance etc. Scan to Spreadsheet segregates the barcode into different columns using the Parse / Delimiter feature to directly send the data into these columns when scanned.

7. QuickMark:


QuickMark is a powerful yet simple to operate barcode scanner app that supports 2D barcodes: QR Code, Data Matrix, Quick Code and 1D barcodes: EAN8/13 (Products, Books), Code 39 (Bills), Code 128. Using this app, you’re allowed access web links, save a contact and make a call. QuickMark can access your photo album and decode the codes from even there.

8. ScanLife:


If you’re going shopping, keep the ScanLife app installed on your iPhone and scan the barcode of the item you wish to buy, it gives you the information you want. ScanLife is the first choice of every smart buyer as they get to find and compare the prices from biggest stores. You can check out the nutritional value and reviews of the product. ScanLife saves the history of your scans across multiple devices and lets you share on Facebook.

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9. Quick Scan:

Quick Scan

Quick Scan decodes all the QR and barcodes around you, including contact detail, text, URL, telephone number, SMS message, email address, email message, calendar event, locations and what not. Its claimed to be the fastest and one of the best barcode scanner apps for iPhone. It provides unlimited storage to save the history of your scans and lets you perform all the actions without quitting the app.

10. Shop Savvy:

Shop Savvy

As the name suggests, Shop Savvy can be found on every iPhone belonging to a shopaholic. They claim to have more stores than anybody and show you who has the best prices upon scan. The app can do the price watching and informs when there’s a sale. It lets you create wish lists, shopping lists and it will automatically watch the products on your lists for low prices.

11. Inventory Control:

Inventory Control

If you’re a business person and like to use a core business barcode scanner app, Inventory Control is for you. It claims to be the fastest, easiest way to organize your inventory using a powerful barcode scanner. Inventory Control with Barcode Scanner app lets you customize inventory options as per your needs and supports EAN/UPC barcodes. You can use the iCloud support to sync your data through the app. This app supports multiple currencies and can print reports directly using AirPrint.

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12. QR Code & Barcode Scanner

QR Code & Barcode Scanner

QR Code & Barcode Scanner is one of the best iOS QR scanner app which enables users to create & share  QR codes to establish a connection with WiFi hotspots, open URLs, read Vcards and more. You can get precise information by adding custom websites into the barcode search. The QR bot uses Apple’s inbuilt native scanning technology for producing quick results. You can export your scan history in CSV file.

13. Bar-Code

scan barcode iphone

Bar-Code is an app which can be used to scan a barcode on iPhone. It can also send scanned codes by emails and save them to use in future. You can also copy/paste codes into other apps and also search them on the web.  The app also has iTunes file sharing, with which you can export the list of scanned codes to your PC.

14. QR Code Maker

QR Code Maker

QR code maker is one of the best QR code scanner apps which helps you to create, share and save other QR codes. This app provides various types of QR barcodes such as Plain-Text, URL, Emails, phone number, contact information and SMS message barcodes. The QR Code Maker lets you create barcodes in different sizes and save them in Photos.

Overall, you can select any of these 10 best barcode scanner apps for iPhone, depending on your scope of use. You’ve got a list of barcode scanner apps whether you’re an inventory handler or simply like to go on shopping frequently.


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