How To Use Google Fit To Track Blood Pressure, Weight, And Workout?

All of us want to stay fit and healthy but often we fail to do so, and we tend to make excuses like we don’t have time, we don’t know how to track our activities and so on. To manage our health and keep track of our physical activities we can certainly take advantage of various health apps available for us.

Google Fit is one of those that is often neglected as we don’t have knowledge about how to use Google Fit.

In this article today, we will explain you all about Google Fit. How Google Fit works, how you can use Google Fit to track your blood pressure, weight, and workouts, how Google Fit measures your activities, how to see your activity and how to manage Google Fit settings.

What is Google Fit and how to use Google Fit?

It is a health tracking platform developed by Google for Android and Wear OS. It blends data from multiple devices and apps. Lately Google Fit is being redesigned with new health-tracking rings and added features. These new features will help you get to a healthier and more active life.

Google Fit not only tracks, measures, and stores fitness information on your mobile and smartwatch. It even helps to perform following actions:

  • Set personal fitness goals.
  • Automatically measure how soon you can reach your goal.
  • Track your daily activities.
  • Compare your activities and see if you’ve improved.
  • Connect third party fitness apps with Google Fit to store and view data.

To take advantage of all this if you just must start using Google Fit app. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you’’ need to download and install Wear OS by Google app.

Link to download is given below:

Download Google Fit for Android

Download Wear OS by Google app

Once Wear OS by Google app is download on your iPhone > open it and scroll down to look for Google Fit.

Now, that you have Google Fit installed let’s start tracking your weight, activities, workout, blood pressure and bring a healthier change in your life with Google Fit.

Tracking activity (workouts that weren’t actively tracked)

Tracking your weight

Tracking your blood pressure

Tracking your workouts

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How To Use Google Fit?

Using Google Fit is not difficult, it like a child’s job. By adding your height, weight, activity you can start using the app.

Let’s begin with how to track your weight using Google Fit.

1. How To Track Weight With Google Fit

The most common reason of using a fitness apps is to keep tab of your weight. Google Fit makes it simple and easy. Once you’ve measured your weight, open Google Fit app, tap the + icon present at the bottom right corner > Log your weight.

This will open a new window, here you will see current date, time and Weight field.  Enter your measures weight and click on Save option present at the top right corner of the screen.

You are all done.

This will help Google Fit to remember your weight so that you can keep a track and compare your earlier and latest weight.

How To Track Weight With Google Fit

Note: You can also change the measurement to kilograms, Pounds, or Stones using the drop down.

Tip: To view your weight history go to the Home tab, scroll down, and tap on Weight section. Here, you can see your weight over time, including loss or gain over the time.

2. How To Track An Already Performed Activity With Google Fit

Google Fit not only lets you track your weight, but it also lets you add an activity you might have forgot to track.

To add the data, tap + icon present at the bottom right corner > Add activity. From here tap on the down arrow to see list of all available activities. Select the activity > enter date and time when activity took place. Fill out the duration for which activity was performed give a description if you want.

How To Track An Already Performed Activity With Google Fit

Next, tap on Save option present at the top right corner to save activity details.

Once you are done you can see calories burned for the activity. If the activity is walking you will see steps taken, and kilometers covered.

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3. How To Track Ongoing Activity With Google Fit

Now, that you have logged in your weight, and an already performed activity. It’s time to start tracking a new and current activity.

From simple workouts to advanced you have it all, Google Fit has a huge database of exercises, from which you can select.

To start tracking an activity open Google Fit app, tap the + icon as you did earlier. Now tap on Track workout.

Note: Location needs to be enabled to allow Google Fit to track activity.

How To Track Ongoing Activity With Google Fit

Select the activity from the drop-down menu, once selected, press start and get going.

When done, stop tracking in Google Fit and you’ll be good to go. You can also pause the activity if you wish.

Once the activity is completed tap Stop, Google Fit will automatically analyze time, Heart Points and will add all details along with the workout to your Journal.

Along with this, you will also be able to see calories burned.

4. How To Track Blood Pressure With Google Fit

Besides, this Google Fit can also help you track and keep a tab of your blood pressure. Few smartphones come with the hardware needed to do this (basically some Samsung mobile models.) But, if regularly get your blood pressure checked, you can keep track of it within the Google Fit app.

For this press the + icon > tap Add Blood pressure. Here enter the details and hit save to keep keep the journal in Google Fit.

How To Track Blood Pressure With Google Fit

Using these simple steps, you will be able to use Google Fit app to the fullest and stay healthy.

In addition, to this as discussed in the beginning Google Fit helps you earn Heart Points to stay healthy. But how is it done?

To keep you heart healthy Google Fit tracks your activity in the form of Points and Move Minutes. The method of measuring an activity will vary from device to device as Google Fit uses your phone sensors to track your Heart Point and Move Minutes.

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How Google Fit Assigns You Point?

For each minute of an activity you do a point is given to you by Google Fit app.

To get points you need to add your activity as already explained above.

Once an activity is added along with the duration, you will be able to see your Heart Points and Move Minutes earned.

How Google Fit Calculates Calories Burned?

Now that we know, Google Fit not only allows to track and add activity it even show calories burned for an activity. But how does the app calculate that?

For this Google Fit uses a combination of your activity, height, gender, and weight. This estimate is not only of the total calories it even includes your basal metabolic rate.

By now we hope you have understood how to use Google Fit and how useful the app is for you, how will it help you to live a healthy life. You just need to make up your mind and Google Fit will help in keeping tab of activities you perform and manage things.

We would like to get a feedback from you on this article.

But before we end up here are certain ways to boost your activity level. With Google Fit app if you keep these small tips in mind you will be able to achieve your goals much sooner.

  1. Walk your dog.
  2. Go for a walk with your family/ friends.
  3. Go for window shopping.
  4. Walk and talk.
  5. Ditch the car.
  6. Take the stairs.

Certainly, these are some basic points, but they will help you achieve your goals and stay fit.


  • comment_avtar
    My google fit is inaccurate, I go out running with a friend and it records a different distance, I have checked it with a few other people, is there a way to calibrate it?

    3 years ago

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