How Do I Fix Horizontal/Vertical Lines On My Windows 10 Computer Screen

Here’s Your Troubleshooting Guide To Fix Horizontal/Vertical Lines On Windows 10!

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The annoying vertical or horizontal lines on Windows 10 computer screens can be caused due to a variety of reasons. The main culprits are software incompatibilities, faulty graphics card drivers, defective ribbon cables, improper video cable connection, hardware failure, or damage to the screen. But don’t worry, it’s often not hard to fix at all; you can implement the following workarounds to fix horizontal or vertical lines error on the monitor screen.

PART 1: Repair Vertical or Horizontal Lines On Windows 10 Monitor Screen: Quickly & Effectively!

One of the main reasons for computers showing vertical or horizontal lines is outdated or faulty graphics card drivers. To fix the issue instantly, we recommend our users update their device drivers with the most compatible and latest driver versions.

To automatically update graphics card drivers, follow the steps below:

STEP 1- Install Smart Driver Care on your Windows 10 computer or any other version.

The driver updater utility holds strong capabilities to find and install the recent drivers on your PC. It can quickly detect faulty, outdated, incompatible, corrupted, damaged, or missing drivers and list them in a classified format. So, you can update drivers individually or in bulk.

STEP 2- Register the premium version of Smart Driver Care. With the free version, you can update two drivers per day; you’ll also be missing out on more functionalities.

STEP 3- From the registered version, click on the Start Scan Now button to let the driver updater utility find and list all the drivers that need instant attention.


STEP 4- Smart Driver Care would take a few moments to list down all the faulty drivers. Once the list appears on your screen, you can take a quick scan and update drivers individually or simply click on Update All button to fix everything at once.

Scan result

To know more about Smart Driver Care, you can check out the detailed review right here!

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PART 2: Best Fixes For Horizontal/Vertical Lines On Windows 10 Computer Screen

For the majority of users, updating graphics turned out to be an effective aid. But if you are still struggling with the issue, try the methods mentioned below.

Top Workarounds (2020) {Solved} Vertical or Horizontal lines Windows Monitor
METHOD 1- Wipe The Screen If the above fix didn’t help with the problem, then it can be a hardware-related issue. You can try wiping the monitor screen to get rid of the issue.
METHOD 2- Adjust The Screen Resolution Sometimes, incorrect screen resolutions can also result in horizontal or vertical lines on the computer screen. Follow the steps below to adjust the settings.
METHOD 3- Update Video Card A faulty video card can also be a culprit behind witnessing such annoying display issues on Windows 10 PC & other versions. Scroll down below and learn the best methods to update video cards.
METHOD 4- Replace Ribbon Cable In case your Ribbon cable is defective or damaged, the horizontal or vertical lines can pop up on your monitor screen. Hence, you need to replace it to fix this constant display issue.

Try these following methods step by step to fix vertical or horizontal lines problems appearing on your Windows 10 computer screen.

METHOD 1- Wipe The Screen

Power off your computer and get some cotton balls to wipe the Monitor screen gently. Make sure you proceed with caution so that you do not cause any other damage to your desktop screen. Once you are done, start your PC and observe if you are still witnessing the issue. If yes, don’t get disheartened and try another workaround discussed below.

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METHOD 2- Adjust The Screen Resolution

Follow the steps below, adjust the screen resolution on Windows 10, and fix the annoying issue:

STEP 1- On your desktop screen, navigate to a blank space and right-click to choose Display Settings.

Display Settings

STEP 2- From the Display Settings window, head towards the Scale and layout section. You need to choose the Recommended solution here.

Display Settings window

STEP 3- Make sure you choose the 1920*1080 Recommended Display Resolution too.

Display Resolution

Once you are done altering the settings, check whether you are still struggling with the annoying vertical or horizontal lines appearing on your Windows 10 monitor screen. If yes, proceed with the next workaround.

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METHOD 3- Update Video Card

If you are still noticing the horizontal or vertical lines on your screen, it might be related to faulty video cards. Hence, we advise you to upgrade it to the latest and most compatible versions. You can take the help of dedicated driver updater software like Smart Driver Care or Advanced Driver Updater for the purpose. It automatically installs the latest drivers for your PC, or you can check out our previous guide: Best Methods To Update Video Drivers In Windows 10.

METHOD 4- Replace Ribbon Cable

Suppose you are still unable to figure out the root cause of this annoying display problem. In that case, there’s a high probability that it is happening because of a faulty Ribbon Cable that connects your laptop’s screen to its motherboard. Hence purchasing a ribbon cable won’t cost more than $25 and you can get it easily installed.

PART 3: Video Tutorial: How To Resolve Vertical Or Horizontal Line Problem On Laptop Screen?

Don’t have much time to read? Check out this quick video tutorial and solve the display issue instantly.

If everything fails, then sadly, you have to take your computer to a repair shop and have it looked at by a professional. If this article helped you troubleshoot the “horizontal or vertical lines on Windows 10 computer”, do upvote the blog and share it with your friends & colleagues!


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