I Fixed Windows 10 Stretched Screen, Here’s How You Can Do It

There can be certain instances wherein you see that your desktop fonts and photos are stretched out, sometimes vertically, other times horizontally. The pixels look broken, and images stretched towards the side makes text distorted. This Windows 10 screen resolution problem makes the font appear larger than it is & indistinct in such a way that it expands the entire screen contents to fit the monitor.

Fortunately, there are a few workarounds that can help you fix the Windows 10 Stretched Screen & other resolution problems.

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How Do I Fix Window 10 Screen Resolution Problem: Stretched Screen?

If you want to solve this Windows problem without calling tech support as I did, then here’s the way. Try these quick solutions to fix Stretched Screen Issues on Windows 10 PC.

Top 3 Recommended Ways To Fix Windows 10 Stretched Screen Problem

Quick Workarounds Fix: Windows Stretched Screen Issues How To Do It?
Solution 1 – Check Display Settings Go to Display Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Set The Resolution to Recommended Level Check Display Settings
Solution 2 – Uninstall Problematic Graphics Card Driver Navigate to Device Manager > Display Adapters > Uninstall Display Drivers Uninstall Problematic Graphics Card Driver
Solution 3 – Update Most Recent Graphic Drivers Install Smart Driver Care > Start Scan > Update All.



Update Most Recent Graphic Drivers


Solution 1 – Check Display Settings

Most of the time, the actual problem lies within the display settings when the options aren’t correctly configured. So, try making specific alteration in the Windows Display Settings to check if it helps you fix the Windows 10 Screen Resolution Problems

  • Click Windows key + S to launch the search bar.
  • Type ‘Settings’ and hit the Enter
  • From the Settings app, click on System and navigate to the first tab ‘Display.’
  • Now you have to change the settings to the Recommended level.

Restart your Windows PC after saving the changes. This should make a difference!

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Solution 2 – Uninstall Problematic Graphics Card Driver

If the aforementioned method did not solve your Windows display issue, this indicates you have a problem with your graphics drivers. There are multiple methods to fix the errors with graphics drivers. You can start by uninstalling your default graphic driver and then rebooting your PC.

  • Press the Windows key + R button on your keyboard. This would launch the Run window.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and hit Enter.
  • From the Device Manager panel, locate Display Adapters & double-click to expand the category.
  • Now right-click on the Graphics card & select the Uninstall option.

Reboot your PC when uninstallation is done & check whether this solves your screen resolution problems on Windows 10.

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Solution 3 – Update Most Recent Graphics Drivers

Well, installing the most recent version of device drivers is vital. To ensure your Windows 10 machine is running the right and compatible versions, download and install Smart Driver Care. The best driver updater utility will not only help you to fix faulty graphics drivers, but you can also detect outdated, corrupt, damaged, and missing drivers. You can repair & update all the common driver issues in just a few clicks.

  • After installing Smart Driver Care.
  • You’ll be exposed to a modern yet simple interface to find and list all the faulty drivers.
  • Click on the Scan Now button to begin the process.
  • A complete list of all the outdated, faulty, missing & damaged drivers would be classified.
  • Hit the Update All button to install the recent versions of device drivers from official sources.
  • Restart your Windows PC to implement the changes.

You can even choose to update just faulty graphic drivers. Just skim through the list and click on the Update button to install the latest Graphics Drivers. You can check your Windows 10 Stretched Screen Problem would have been resolved by now.

Alternative To Smart Driver Care? Try Using Advanced Driver Updater, Your One-Stop Solution To Fix All The Driver-Related Issues From One Place!

More Fixes To Resolve Windows 10 Stretched Screen Issues

Well, all the aforementioned methods should probably fix your Windows 10 Screen resolution problems. But in case nothing works & a stretched screen is still appearing on your PC, try the following fixes:

Solution 4 – Use The Function Key

Several Windows users are unaware that most system issues are resolvable using just the keyboard. The peripheral device is powerful enough to make effective changes to your PC without actually navigating to the Settings. You just need to press specific keyboard commands & that’s all!

To fix the Windows Display Problem, all you have to do is: Hit Fn key on the keyboard & hold space bar along. Now, observe whether you are still witnessing the stretched screen issue on your PC.

Solution 5 – Adjust Screen Configuration

Try making changes to your display hardware settings. Once you alter the screen resolution/refresh rate, observe it fixes the stretched screen problem. Don’t worry; you can always revert the changes if it doesn’t help you.

  • Go to the Search menu, type Resolutions, and click on the ‘Change the resolution of the display’ result.
  • Open the settings & scroll down to the end of the screen to locate ‘Display Adapter Properties.’
  • From your hardware properties, you need to choose the ‘List All Modes’ option from the Adapter tab.
  • A list of resolutions will be presented on your screen. Simply change them according to your hardware specifications & hit OK.

Adjust Screen Configuration

Restart your Windows PC and see if the changed Windows display settings help you to fix the Stretched screen issue.

Fixed: Windows 10 Stretched Screen & Other Resolution Issues

Well, there you have it! Now you have learnt to quickly fix common Windows display errors using the combination of these five workarounds. Comment below, if you find these solutions useful or if you want to discuss further the same!


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