HEIC vs JPEG: Which One to Choose and How To Open Them

Whether you are confused between the HEIC and JPEG image formats or cannot decide which format to use to save digital images, we are here to help. This guide will explain the differences and similarities between these image formats, their features, pros, and cons, and will also introduce user-friendly ways to view and convert HEIC images.

What is a HEIC?

HEIC, also known as HEIF(High-Efficiency Image File), is a file format developed by Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), which Apple used in 2017 with iOS 11 to save storage space without compromising image quality. The file format compresses photographs to a smaller size, supports transparency, animation, and metadata, and allows storing multiple images and image edits in a single file, making it a versatile and preferable format for editing.


  • It offers non-destructive image editing.
  • Takes less storage space but maintains the image quality.
  • Supports up to 16-bit color range, live photos, animation, etc.


  • Windows, Android, Google Chrome users, and most web browsers do not support it.
  • Cannot use HEIC files on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Apple propriety is not open source.

What is a JPEG File?

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is the popular image format compatible with almost all devices and platforms. The image format has lossy compression, making it suitable for online use. However, these files are not ideal for printing, and the amount of compression is adjusted at the expense of image quality and storage space.


  • It is easy to compress the quality and degree of the image.
  • Compatible with most devices and web browsers.
  • High image quality.


  • Occupy more space than HEIC/ HEIF files.
  • The output is not always progressive.

Operating Systems Supporting HEIC and JPG

Generally, HEIC is compatible with Apple devices. However, JPEG is a format that is compatible with most of the operating systems and platforms.

HEIC vs JPEG: What are the advantages of using HEIC images?

The good thing about HEIC files is that they offer better image compression. This means you don’t have to compromise image quality, even if the file size is small. Professionals prefer the 16-bit color depth provided by HEIC as a more comprehensive range of colors can be accessed.

What is the difference between HEIC and JPEG files?

The debate over which format is best for photos is never-ending. Some users use a file format because they aren’t aware of the other formats and their benefits. Here, in a tabular manner, we explain the difference between two popular image formats – HEIC and JPEG.

Key Aspects HEIC JPEG
Image Transparency HEIC supports it. JPEG doesn’t support it.
Image Color 16-bit deep color. 8-bit colors.
Image Quality Compared with JPEG, the image quality is higher. Lower than HEIC.
File Size Smaller file size. Larger file size.
Compression Robust compression algorithm. Less efficient compression algorithm.
Flexibility Flexible than JPEG. Holds single or image sequences and others. It is less flexible and holds only a single image.
Compatibility Limited device and platform compatibility. Compatible with almost all devices and platforms.
Storage Space Takes less space compared with JPEG. It takes more space than a HEIC file.
Editing/Metadata Supports editing and metadata. Limited editing and metadata options.

How Do You Choose Between HEIC and JPEG?

Although it is a personal choice as to which image format you want to use, if you are an Apple device user, HEIC will be the default format in which the images will be captured. It is compatible with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Additionally, if you worry about saving the storage space or the space is limited, use the HEIC format, as it will save high-quality images without occupying much space.

In contrast, JPEG images are more accessible and compatible with all operating systems and devices. If you use different devices, you will never face issues when using JPG format as there is no need to convert them for viewing and file transferring.

How to open HEIC files and convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows?

Since HEIC images are incompatible with Windows, non-Apple platforms, and most browsers, you need to convert HEIC to JPEG or PNG to view them on a Windows PC. HEIC Converter is an excellent tool that helps convert unlimited HEIC to JPG/PNG on Windows without restriction.

Here’s how you can use the tool.

1. Download, install, and run HEIC Converter.

2. If you have the key, click the Activate Now button, enter the key, and activate the product.

heic converter

3. Add HEIC photos to the program. You can drag and drop the images or use the Add Folder or Add HEIC Images button.

HEIC Images button

4. Next, select the format you want to convert HEIC files. You can convert it into JPEG or PNG. Select the format and enter the Output path to save the converted files.

converted files

5. To start the process, click the Convert button. In no time, the HEIC file will be converted to the selected format, and you can view it on your computer.

Note – If you are an Apple user and use Windows occasionally, we recommend creating a copy and converting it into JPEG or PNG.

Which Is the Best format?

Compared with JPEG, HEIC is superior in almost all areas. You get to save better-quality images without taking up much space.

However, you must deal with the compatibility issue, as HEIC files are incompatible with all devices. However, converting HEIC files to JPG using HEIC Converter for Windows is easy.

On iPhone, this happens automatically when you share images without noticing.

In addition, you can switch back to shooting in the JPEG format. Go to Settings > Camera > Formats on the iPhone and select Most Compatible. This will help change the camera’s capture setting from HEIC to JPEG.

Suppose you use multiple devices simultaneously; you can use JPEG. However, if you use a HEIC Converter, you can stick to HEIC. As it helps save space and has technical advantages, this format will soon be available on different platforms. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


Q1. Can I view HEIC images on a Windows PC?

You can view HEIC images on a Windows PC using software to view and convert HEIC to JPEG and PNG.

Q2. Which one offers better color representation – HEIC or JPEG? HEIC supports 16-bit deep colors compared to JPEG, providing better color representation.

Q3. Is HEIC compatible with all the platforms and devices?

No, the HEIC format is compatible with only selected devices and platforms.

Q4. What are the editing limitations with HEIC and JPEG files?

HEIC provides more editing options and post-processing capabilities, while JPEG offers limited metadata and editing capabilities.

Q5. When I convert HEIC to JPEG, will image quality be lost?

Sometimes, you may face loss of image quality as JPEG is a lossy compression format. However, when you use HEIC Converter, you can protect your images from losing quality.

Q6. Which format should I choose?

Ultimately, the file format to choose from depends on the user and the needs. If you want high-quality images that take up less space, HEIC is the best. However, if you are a Windows user and want to view and use HEIC images, use the HEIC converter to convert them into JPG and PNG.

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