Google Introduces Note Taking App With Integrated AI

Google is surpassing its feats day by day. After it stepped into the world of AI with Bard, we have yet another app that has been integrated with Artificial Intelligence. This app is called NotebookLM and it helps users to quickly learn various things. Some of you might recall the announcements of the Google I/O conducted in May 2023, where this app was first revealed.

However, it was called Project Tailwind at that time and was being developed by Google Labs.

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What Can NotebookLM Be Used For?


According to Google, NotebookLM can handle three primary tasks in particular:

1) Produce a summary. After adding a Google Doc to NotebookLM, users can create a summary that includes important topics and questions.

2) Pose inquiries based on the source. Users may query NotebookLM about the papers they have uploaded.

3) Produce fresh ideas. Users can produce fresh concepts by using the uploaded papers in NotebookLM.

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How Can You Preview NotebookLM ?

Preview NotebookLM

As stated earlier, NotebookLM is not released to the public as a whole and can be used only by users in the United States who also need to sign up with Google Labs first. There is a waiting list for all new joiners and there is no word as to how many days you will have to wait before you can start using NotebookLM.

Another important fact to know is that Google has provided the NotebookLM support for Google Docs only. It might add the AI module to other apps but there is no time disclosed yet.

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What More Do We Know About NotebookLM?


NotebookLM uses a powerful language model and it is designed from a basic level. Using the strength and potential of language models in conjunction with your current material, NotebookLM is an experimental solution that aims to help you arrive at important conclusions more quickly. Consider it a virtual research assistant that, based on the sources you choose, may explain difficult concepts, summarize data, and generate new connections.

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How Is NotebookLM Distinctive?

With NotebookLM, Google hopes to eliminate the biggest issue with artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Bard and that is “hallucination”. This phenomenon implies that a large language model (LLM) confidently generates incorrect information and answers a question with it. To overcome this, Google has introduced a ‘source-grounding’ method. Source-grounding enables the language model to look up information in your sources and notes. Google cautions users against simply relying on its app and implores them to compare the AI’s solutions with the original source material.

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The Final Word On Google Introduces Note Taking App With Integrated AI

Google is making things easier for its users by introducing AI based apps. Although AI apps are not to be trusted fully, if you know your stuff then they can make your work easier and faster. NotebookLM is one such app that will improve your work and performance over time.

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