Google AI Event On Feb 8, 2023: What To Expect?

Google announces Search & Maps AI Event on Feb 8, 2023 (08:30 AM ET). This event will be an online event titled “Live From Paris” and can be streamed from YouTube.

Why Is Google Suddenly Scheduling An AI Event Out Of Nowhere?

AI Event

  • Most of you would wonder about a surprise AI event announcement from Google. It is not a hidden fact that with the advent of ChatGPT, also termed ‘Google Killer’, Google has been working hard on its own AI model. Google Search Engine has been a market leader for a quite long time and it seems that ChatGPT from OpenAI can replace that. Hence, Google has scheduled this AI event to stay on top.

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  • Another reason for a sudden AI event could be to divert people’s minds. To reduce the negative attitude generated around the world about Google after it dismissed 12000 employees without warning.
    Open AI
  • Finally, Google’s rival, Microsoft has already invested billions of dollars in OpenAI. There are rumors that Chat GPT will soon be integrated with Microsoft’s Edge Browser and Bing Search Engine. If that happens then Google’s Chrome browser will soon lose its popularity. As it would enable Bing to provide more insightful summaries and results, something Google has had trouble doing.

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What Is Google Going To Discuss In The Search & Maps AI Event?

Search & Maps AI Event

The occasion will serve as Google’s platform for showcasing its work in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), and we might learn more about Google’s potential ChatGPT opponent. Traditionally, Google has kept its significant statements for the I/O conference, where it can engage and commune with the innovator community. However, it appears from this event that the company is prepared to announce its AI project given the incredible popularity of ChatGPT.

The invitation makes mention of Google Maps, Shopping, Translate, and Lens. It would be difficult to criticize if the show only focused on minor adjustments to those tools because those changes could have a significant impact on some of the millions of users.

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Why Did Google Develop A Sudden Interest In Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

In general, Google has always been in the lead, but the OpenAI product undoubtedly caught the search engine powerhouse off guard. As a result, the business had to raise an internal red code to create a compelling solution that could compete with ChatGPT. According to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, who asserts that Google has been aggressively investing in natural language AI and that it will be made available to users via Search, Google’s AI integration has complemented its current set of goods, and this new ChatGPT rival is expected to follow the same path.


Google has been developing its AI product for years, but sources say the firm has been troubled about the app’s morals because of sentience issues, which the company has not publicly admitted. The reason for their unusually upbeat demeanor may be related to ChatGPT, which has definitely upset Google by robbing the show in the domain of AI.

What is Google’s AI Chatbot Called?

Google’s AI Chatbot

There are no confirmed reports of what Google’s Search Engine AI Chatbot will be termed as but older Google announcements do bring up a name – “LaMDA”. It is short for “Language Model for Dialogue Applications”. This AI model has been in the news since 2021 but Google did not publicize it. The tool remained limited to Google’s engineers and beta testers. But it seems that with ChatGPT gaining millions of users and posing a threat to Google, it has decided to push its AI tool in the market.

Another report stated by CNBC states that the chatbot is known as Apprentice Bard AI. This was developed after Google’s parent company, Alphabet issued a Code Red against ChatGPT,

The Final Word On Google AI Event On Feb 8, 2023: What To Expect?

With ChatGPT on the market, Google is worried that OpenAI may surpass it, and this event may reveal more information about its own strategies in the field of AI. It may also disclose the ChatGPT rival project which will enhance Google Search Engine and Google Maps. The possibility that Google would reveal such a tool at the upcoming event is still unknown. However, less than three months before the company’s well-known Google I/O developer conference, Google rarely hosts events like this in February.

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