BharOS: Made In India OS for Smartphones to Compete with Android

Yes! You read it right. India now also has its own OS (Operating System) to compete with Android.

BharOS is a revolutionary smartphone operating system (OS) developed by JandK Operations, a non-profit organization incubated at IIT Madras. Rooted in the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP), BharOS is designed to empower users with a seamless, efficient, personalized, and secure mobile experience. It is designed to focus on security and privacy and boasts a range of features that enhance user protection.

So, how is it different from the already established OS Android, and how secure and safe it is going to be?

Let’s Take a Deep Dive into the BharOS

First, let’s start with the name itself. BharOS, the first four letters of the OS name are taken from the Hindi word “Bharosa” which means “Trust” in English. So yeah, the core principle behind this whole project and name is Trust. It means you can trust this OS to be more secure in terms of how you want to use it.

The director of IIT madras, Pro. V. Kamakoti said, BharOS Service is a Mobile Operating System built on a foundation of trust, with a focus on providing users more freedom, control, and flexibility to choose and use only the apps that fit their needs. This innovative system promises to revolutionize the way users think about security and privacy on their mobile devices.”  in the press release on their official website.


The unique aspect of BharOS is that it does not come with pre-installed Google services. Instead, it offers users the freedom to install and use apps of their choice, making it a standalone operating system.

Secondly, the BharOS is built upon three pillars and these are NDA, NOTA, and PASS. Let’s understand them better one by one.

  • The First pillar is NDA stands for No Default Apps. It simply means, unlike traditional OS, it does not come with any pre-installed apps, giving users full authority over the applications they choose to use and the permissions they grant them. This allows for a more personalized and secure experience.
  • The second pillar is Nota stands for Native Over-The-Air Updates. With a focus on security and privacy, the BharOS operating system offers a special NOTA (automatic updates) system. It makes sure devices always get the most recent security patches and upgrades without requiring any manual action.
  • The third pillar is PASS stands for Private App Store Services. BharOS aims to provide a secure and private mobile experience by allowing access to applications only through its organization-specific PASS. All applications in the PASS are thoroughly vetted for security standards to ensure users can trust the apps they download.

Now take a look at some burning questions around the BharOS

Is there any release date for BharOS?

No. The developers have not yet disclosed a release date or announced any specific device compatibility for BharOS. It is designed for companies with high standards for privacy and security. It is currently being offered to selected businesses that prioritize these needs.

Can it replace Android?

Again, No. Although BharOS offers improved security and privacy features, it is not yet at a point where it can fully replace Android or iOS as the primary operating system. It still has a long road ahead and will require support from device manufacturers and users for widespread adoption.

What is the Difference between BharOS and Android?

BharOS is built on the same open-source foundation as Android, but it is a separate operating system that offers enhanced security and privacy features. It is not dependent on Google services and allows users to install apps of their choice without any pre-installed apps.

To Wrap This Up

So, this is all about the BharOS made by India to compete with Android in its own way. Currently, there is no information on which specific smartphones will be compatible with BharOS. Meanwhile, it is believed that the company will partner with various Android OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to create devices specifically designed to run BharOS soon.

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