Google’s Duet AI Lands in Sheets, Here’s How it Transforms Your Spreadsheets

During Google I/O 2023, Google revealed an exciting array of generative AI capabilities. These features are being gradually introduced to a group of chosen testers. In a recent tweet, Google Workspace unveiled its plans to introduce yet another generative AI feature for Google Sheets.

Exciting news for testers enrolled in Google Workspace Labs is now granted the opportunity to explore a fresh addition to Google Sheets – the remarkable Duet AI feature. Aptly named “Help me organize,” this functionality harnesses the power of generative AI to craft convenient table templates, assisting users in organizing their data effectively.

How ‘Help Me Organize’ in Google Sheets Will Work?

“Duet Al for Google Workspace can now help you stay organized in Google Sheets. Just describe what you want to accomplish, and Sheets will generate custom templates to help you get started,” Google said in a tweet.

According to Google, this feature holds great potential for individuals seeking assistance in handling intricate organizational and tracking tasks. Google suggests that activities such as managing product roadmaps, organizing company retreats, and handling team budgets could greatly benefit from this capability. If the feature performs as expected, it has the potential to significantly streamline processes and save users a considerable amount of time.

Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, users will have access to a convenient “Help me organize” side panel. This interactive panel allows users to specify their objectives, such as creating an agenda for a one-day sales kickoff event complete with session descriptions and status updates or managing a client and pet roster for a dog walking business. By simply providing these details, Duet AI will swiftly generate a customized template, tailored specifically to assist users in initiating their projects effortlessly.

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What is Duet AI?

Embedded within Google Workspace apps, Duet AI stands as a transformative productivity tool fueled by generative AI. Its primary function involves leveraging the power of generative AI to comprehend user queries and generate valuable responses spanning various Google Workspace applications. Duet AI strives to empower users in their endeavors by facilitating the creation, organization, visualization, and expeditious execution of tasks within the realm of Google Workspace apps.

Duet AI encompasses an array of remarkable features, including automated data classification and the ability to generate personalized plans within Sheets. These functionalities serve as valuable assets to users, enabling them to expedite data analysis and swiftly take action based on the insights derived.

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With its overarching purpose in mind, Duet AI has been meticulously crafted to elevate users’ productivity and optimize their workflows throughout the Google Workspace suite of applications.


Since its debut at the I/O event in May, Google has been swiftly expanding the repertoire of AI features within Workspace with the introduction of Duet AI. Among these enhancements is the recent unveiling of “Help me write” in Google Docs. This feature empowers testers to simply input a command in the web version of Docs, prompting Duet AI to generate text on their behalf.

In the realm of Gmail, Duet AI’s capabilities extend to composing emails on both web and mobile platforms, providing users with the convenience of automated email composition.

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