Google Introduces Passkey Support to Revolutionize Cloud and Workspace

Remember a while ago we brought you the news of the introduction of ‘Passkey’ through our blog – Introducing Google Passkeys: “The Beginning of the End of Passwords” In this you can learn about Passkeys and how to activate it in your personal google account. This time Google takes it a little further to make your experience with Google products more secure, seamless and user-friendly.

Introducing Google Passkeys To Google Workspace and Cloud Accounts

Google has expanded its Passkey support, which was initially introduced for personal Google Accounts in May. The company is now rolling out this feature to Workspace accounts, marking it as a significant step forward. Through the introduction of Passkeys, users can now replace traditional password-only logins and utilize alternative methods such as fingerprint scanners, face unlock, PIN codes to access various applications and websites. This expansion is currently available as a public beta, demonstrating Google’s commitment to enhancing security and user experience across its platforms.

Google Passkeys

Passkeys have the potential to significantly diminish the vulnerabilities associated with traditional password-based logins like phishing and all. Now with the launch of the open beta phase for Passkeys, it is available to more than 9 million organizations. With this expansion, users of Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts can now enjoy the added security and convenience of signing in using Passkeys, eliminating the need for passwords altogether.

As per the official announcement, Google has implemented a default setting for Workspace admins regarding the passkey option. Initially, this option will be disabled, ensuring that users cannot bypass the password requirement during sign-in. However, users will still have the flexibility to establish a passkey as an additional layer of security for two-factor authentication purposes.

The tech giant has stated that passkeys offer a remarkable performance advantage, boasting a speed that is twice as fast as traditional passwords. Moreover, passkeys have proven to be four times less prone to errors, further enhancing user experience and productivity. This advanced security feature relies on the implementation of robust cryptographic protocols found in Titan Security Keys, making it highly resistant to a wide range of cyber threats, including phishing attacks.


In an upcoming rollout spanning the next few weeks, Google Workspace administrators will gain the ability to activate Passkey login for individuals within their organization. Additionally, they can opt to utilize Passkeys as a secure two-step verification method.

For end users seeking to take advantage of this functionality, Google has provided a convenient starting point by directing them to It is important to note that users will only be able to access this option if their administrator has enabled the Passkey function for their specific account, ensuring a seamless and streamlined authentication experience.

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