Google Slides Unleashes AI-Powered Image Generation with Stimulating Prompts

Google has recently launched an innovative feature known as “Help Me Visualize” in its widely used presentation tool – Google Slides. Unveiled at the prestigious Google I/O 2023 event held last month, this advanced feature utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower users in generating captivating backgrounds and images for their Google Slides presentations. With this latest addition, Google aims to enhance the visual appeal and creativity of users’ projects, providing them with a seamless and convenient solution for creating compelling presentations.

Introducing Google’s ‘Help Me Visualize’ Feature

Help Me Visualize
Image Courtesy: Google

Google is introducing a brand new feature called “Help Me Visualize” that enables users to effortlessly generate images using prompts within Google Slides. This exciting feature was unveiled at the recent Google I/O event and can now be accessed conveniently through the side panel in Slides. With “Help Me Visualize,” users can unlock their creativity and easily create stunning visuals to enhance their presentations.

“We’re making it easier to create unique & compelling visuals for presentations with Duet AI for Google Workspace! You can generate original visuals to convey your unique artistic visions, all from a simple prompt in Google Slides. Sign up to try it now,” Google tweeted.

How Google’s ‘Help Me Visualize’ Feature Works in Google Slides

Google’s latest feature, “Help Me Visualize,” harnesses the power of Duet AI, an advanced artificial intelligence system. As users engage with this AI-powered tool, Google collects and stores specific data to enhance the user experience. This includes the prompts entered or selected by the user, their chosen image styles, the generated images, and any feedback provided on the generated images. Upon entering a prompt, individuals are presented with a range of distinct rendering styles to choose from, including Background, Photography Flat Lay, ClipArt, and Illustration.

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Worldwide Availability of ‘Help Me Visualize’ Feature in Google Slides

The rollout of “Help Me Visualize” is happening in a phased manner, which means it may not be instantly available to all users. Presently, only desktop users have the privilege of accessing this feature. To leverage the AI-powered capabilities, individuals are required to sign up for Google Workspace Labs. If you’re interested in signing up, simply click here to get started and unlock the potential of this innovative tool.


In addition to this, users can expect significant expansions to the existing AI capabilities in Gmail. Gmail users can now benefit from an enhanced feature called “Help Me Write,” which provides contextual suggestions for email replies based on previous conversations. This feature aims to streamline communication by offering tailored suggestions that take into account the specific context of each individual’s email exchanges.

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