Google Slides Tips & Tricks To Make Better Presentations

Google launched G Suite in 2006 which included Gmail, Docs, Slides, Drive, and Calendar for business. We use this on our smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices. Due to the seamless accessibility of documents across devices, Docs, Slides, and Sheets have become widely popular among users. One of the tools of Google Suite, Google Slides is great when it comes to making presentations. Do you know there are a few Google Slides tips that could help you create presentations to amaze your bosses and audience? Let’s know what they are!

Google Slides Tips & Tricks

Insert A Video In Slideshow

You can make your presentation lively, by inserting videos into your slides. Especially when you want your audience to understand and learn things. On Google Slides, you can either use Google Drive or YouTube. To add a video follow these steps:

  • On your presentation, locate and click Insert.
    Google Slides 1
  • Select Video.

Google Slides 1.1

  • You will get options to choose: you can either search video on YouTube, add URL and Google Drive.
  • Select the video and click Select.

This will add a video to the slide.

Trim Videos Using Google Slides

Next Google Slides tip helps you to trim videos inserted in Google Slides. Google Slides comes with video editing software which helps you edit video’s length. Follow these steps:

  • Once you insert video in your slide, right-click on video and click Format Options
    You can also choose Format options from the menu bar.

Google Slides 2.1

  • Now from the right side of the window, click Video Playback.
    Google Slides 2.2
  • Under the video on the right side, you will see Start and End time.
  • Alter the time to keep the desired portion.

Autoplay Videos While Presenting

Another Google Slides trick is the ability to Autoplay a video inserted while displaying your presentation. With this trick, as you reach the slide, the video inserted will autoplay, making the transition smooth. To autoplay a video, follow these steps:

  • Once you have inserted a video, click Format Options from the menu bar.
    Google Slides 2.1
  • Options will open up at the right side of the window. Put a checkmark beside Autoplay while Presenting.
    Google Slides 2.3

Now every time you will reach the slide, the video will start playing.

Import Slides

If you have created your presentation in PowerPoint or other apps and want it to be on Google Slides. Then this Google Slides tips will allow you to import slides to Google Slides. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to File-> Import Slides
    Google Slides 3
  • Select the file that you want to import.

Now Google Slides will work on the process and you can choose the slides that you want to be a part of Google Slides presentation.

Note: You need to make changes in fonts and positions of text and images on slides.


Master Slides

Changing font and style on every slide can be tiring and downright boring. However, with Google Slide, you no longer have to deal with this. Google Slides lets you make these changes to the slides with a Master Slide feature. All you need to do is select a font, logo, and background for the entire presentation and apply it to Master slide.
Follow these steps to get a Master Slide:

  • From the menu bar, click View
  • Choose Master.
    Google Slides 4
  • Click on the master slide, edit it and make desired changes to the master slide, it will apply to all slides.
    Google Slides 4.1


Add Comments To Your Slides

This Google Slide tip can help you comment on slides so that if there are any changes suggested, they are easily seen. Follow these steps to add a comment:

  • Right-click on the slide on which you want to comment.
    Google Slides 4.1
  • Select the Comment option.
  • Enter Comment and press Comment to send your comment across.


Update Slides In A Real-Time

To add real-time statistics on your Google Slides, this Google Slides trick will work for you. You can insert a chart from Google Sheets. Follow these steps to make it happen:

  • Click Insert, then click Chart to get more options.
    Google Slides 5
  • Now Choose Google Sheets.

Note: While selecting the chart, please ensure “Link To Spreadsheet” is checked.

link to spreadsheet

Once you have put the chart on the slide, click Update. You can see the changes on the original sheet.

Dictating Your Text

Another useful Google Slides Tip is to use a microphone while making presentation. If you have a microphone enabled on your computer, then you can dictate your presentation while entering text. For that follow these steps:


  • Click Tools.
    Google Slides 6
  • Select Voice Type Speaker Notes to get the feature.
  • It will show a microphone icon.

Google Slides 6.1

  • Click it to activate the microphone to activate it on your computer and dictate text.
  • All narrated text will be added as notes.
  • Once done, close the icon to stop.

Personal Dictionary

With this Google Slides Trick, you can make use of Google Slides’ spell checker. Well, it is a great way to make sure you are not making any spelling mistakes. Follow these steps to use the feature:

  • Click Tools and click Spelling-> Personal Dictionary.

Note: You can also access Dictionary by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Y
Google Slides 8


  • Add words that you want to add to the dictionary.

Create A Drop Shadow Effect:

If you want to make your text on Google Slides attractive, you can affects. One of the best ways us to create a drop shadow of text. For this, follow these steps:
Google Slides 9

  • Type a text and copy and paste it on a different location on the slide.
  • Change the color of the text. Color of both texts should be a different color
  • Now place one over the other just click it is making a shadow over the other.

Publish Your Presentation To The Web:


Another amazing Google Slides Tip is the ability to publish your presentation to the web. This works for those who want to share a presentation with people who don’t have a Google account. To do that, follow these steps:

  • On presentation, click File-> Publish to the web.
    Google Slides 11
  • You will get two options: On the Link tab, you can make changes in how slideshow processes when you share it with others.


  • Under the Embed tab, you can modify progress, size, auto-advance slides and other


Google Slides 11.2

So, these are some of the best Google Slides tips and tricks to make your presentation useful and effective. What do you think? Will you be using these tricks to make your presentation better? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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