Files By Google’s Safe Folder: Encrypting Files and Folders Within Internal Storage (2023)

Google has launched a beta upgrade to its file explorer application, Files by Google. The new update has added a new Safe Folder which safeguards your files such as images, documents, etc. in an encrypted folder.

The official blog of Google announced the feature as assistance to people who share their phone with others in the family. The folder will help users to save their documents and keep the confidential files private from other users.

Google is devoting itself a lot toward user privacy, and this is something the tech giant wishes to integrate to all its apps and products. A few years ago, no one would have thought Google would launch a file manager application among all apps. Currently, Files by Google has received the most downloads among all other file explorer alternative apps with features such as storage management, file sharing, duplicate finder, and cache/junk for Smart Phone Cleaner devices.

Safe Folder will also be a concept adapted from many gallery apps that have a Safe password-protected folder to store Safe image files. Files by Google will now use the Safe Folder feature as overall password protection for important files and folders over Android phones.

Here’s how you can use Safe Folder in Files by Google app on Android devices:

How does “Safe Folder” Works in Files by Google? (2023)

The Safe Folder feature will be integrated into the Files by the Google app itself. Users will be able to transfer the files into the Safe Folder and protect it via a 4-digit password. And it’s a simple three-to-four steps process:

Step 1: Head to Files by Google.

Step 2: Select a file you want to move to the Safe folder.

Step 3: Click on the drop-down button.

Step 4: Select Move to Safe Folder.

Now all you have to do is set a 4-digit PIN and create a new Safe Folder where you can store all your confidential files.

The Safe Folder feature is currently available for Beta users in the Files by Google app. It will be eventually rolled out to all general Android users, post-which you can create your own set of password-protected images and documents.

Keep Photos Secret: Helping Users to Create a Separate Base for Protected Images

While the Safe Folder is a great feature to hold files under a 4-digit password-protected folder; Keep Photos Secret has been doing the same for images for a long time. You can go ahead and save your documents in the Safe Folder in Files by Google, but images require more organization when stored. Therefore, users can find it difficult to store normal documents and images together.

You can always use Keep Photos Secret to store images and protect them in a separate vault on your phone. Here’s what Keep Photos Secret has to offer users:

1. Password Protection: Saves photos privately under a 4-Digit PIN.

2. Fingerprint Unlock: In supported phones, users can place a fingerprint lock to access or protect photos under Keep Photos Secret.

3. Photos Organization: Unlike the Safe Folder in Files app, Keep Photos Secret allows users to organize photos in different albums.

4. Unlimited Data Storage: Users can save as many photos they like in the Keep Photos Secret safe vault.

5.  Video Support: Users can also save videos in the Keep Photos Secret vault.

6. Slideshow: The intuitive interface of the app allows users to view their saved photos in the vault in a slideshow format.

Keep Your Files Protected With Files By Google!

The Safe Folder is a great feature for users to store the confidential document files that they use for their work purposes; however, users can resort to Keep Photos Secret for better management and organization of image files. This will also help you get a separate folder to save photos.

Let us know your thoughts on the Safe Folder feature and try the Keep Photos Secret app to keep your images safe and secure on Android and iOS devices! 


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