USB Headphones Not Working, After April Update: How To Fix It

Setting up sound devices on Windows PC can be a tricky task. Multiple drivers can even clash, or your PC might misread one kind of audio output as another. Whatever be the case, you can check out our guide listed with Top 5 Solutions To Fix No Sound From Headphones on Windows 10

Try These Fixes: Headphones Not Working On Windows 10

Most of the time, physical connections with headphones result in no sound. Maybe your headphone jacks get dusty; the pin is bent or wires might be frayed. If your headset is in damage due to any of these conditions, we suggest you replace or get it repaired. If none of the factors has any relation with ‘Windows 10 not detecting headphones’ then we recommend you apply the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

METHOD 1- Ensure Your Headphones Are Set As Default Device

windows 10 not detecting headphones

Making specific changes in the Sound Window is probably the easiest way to get your headphones back in shape. All you have to do is: Right-click on the Speaker icon in the Notification Area, located in the bottom corner of the screen. Click on Sound Settings > From the next window, head towards the ‘Manage Sound Devices’. Now check, whether your USB Headphones or Headsets are under the Disabled list. In case they are, make sure you hit the Enable button. 

To ensure your headphones start working automatically as soon as you plug them, Go to the Sound Settings > Choose your output device. , choose your headphones from the list that appears on your screen. 

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METHOD 2- Update or Reinstall Sound Drivers

Smart Drive Care

Well, an outdated or damaged device driver can also result in USB headphones not working with Windows 10. So, it’s necessary to keep a check on your installed device drivers & have a look whether the sound drivers need an update or you need to reinstall the drivers to get the latest and most compatible versions. For the purpose, we recommend installing Smart Driver Care, a dedicated driver updater solution that helps to quickly scan your Windows system & figure out which drivers need immediate update or replacement. 

To use Smart Driver Care to update necessary drivers, install the utility on your PC  > Click on Scan Now button to let the software search for problematic drivers > Once all the device drivers get listed, hit the Update All button to fix everything at once. In case, you want to update the Sound Drivers only; you can locate from the list and manually update it to fix the issue. Smart Driver Care, also allows you to take a backup of previous versions of drivers. So, in case anything goes wrong, you can always restore to a place where everything was regularly working. 

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METHOD 3- Alter The Default Format Of Your Headphones

windows 10 not detecting headphones

Chances are updating your device drivers will fix the headphones not working on Windows 10 problem. But in rare scenarios, if it doesn’t turn out to be helpful, there are a few more troubleshooting tips you can apply to resolve the no sound from headphone problem. From the Sound Window > Playback tab > right-click on your headphones (in some instances, it may appear as Speakers) Click on its Properties & head towards the Advanced tab. 

Now try playing around with the ‘Default Format’ of USB Headphones & click on the Test button each time you change to see if you can hear the sound. 

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METHOD 4- Try Windows 10 Troubleshooter

windows 10 not detecting headphones

Sometimes, running Windows Troubleshooter also helps users to fix common USB headphones not working on Windows 10. So, let’s check if it helps you as well to get your headset back in shape while connecting it with Windows machine. To run the troubleshooter, from your desktop > right-click on the Speaker/Sound Mixer icon, now choose the Troubleshoot Sound Problems option. 

If it asks you to select the device to troubleshoot, choose your USB headphones, followed by clicking Next button. 

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 METHOD 5- Check The Sound Playback Devices

windows 10 not detecting headphones

Is your Windows 10 not detecting headphones? Well, making some changes in the Sound Playback Devices settings will undoubtedly help you to fix the audio problem. Right-click on the Speaker/Sound icon, located at the bottom corner of your screen. Now, choose Sound > followed by the Playback option to check whether your headphones are listed there or not. 

In case you do not see the green checkmark next to your headphones, that’s the reason; your headphones are not getting recognized by the Windows 10 machine. In such a scenario, you may need to install new drivers for your PC. 

tipsAdditional Tip


Install Smart Driver Care to find & install latest and most compatible drivers for your Windows 10 PC in just a click. Probably it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your computer in tip-top shape so that no driver-related issues can lead to ‘USB Headphones Not Working On Windows 10’ or any other BSOD Problem!

Have any questions or suggestions? Please shoot them below in the comment section. We’ll try our best to help! 

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