How Outdated Drivers Would Damage Your PC

Without drivers, one cannot make use of the hardware devices installed on Windows computers. Pre-installed devices like Bluetooth, USB ports, HDMI connectivity panels, headphone jacks, Wi-Fi routers, graphics cards,  etc. require computer programs called drivers to be compatible with Windows Operating System. In simple terms, these programs are a medium of communication or connection between the system software and the hardware devices. These drivers are also the key to successfully connect and operate peripheral devices, we attach to the computer. So, it is a good idea to use the best driver updater tool to keep your drivers updated.

But, if these drivers aren’t updated with time, your system can go under severe problems and functional issues. Here’s how these outdated drivers can cause nuisances on your PC, and cause some unwanted troubles you aren’t prepared for:

Problems Caused by Outdated Drivers

1. A Drastic System Slowdown

– One of the key issues caused by outdated drivers is a slowdown in the performance of associated software or application.

For instance, if you do not update audio drivers on your PC, you may start experiencing lags in audio output or your media player application crashing down due to bad audio.

– Similarly, any associated app or function is slowed down, if the relevant drivers aren’t updated timely. These outdated drivers can cause issues in graphics output, video resolutions, and issues on Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity.

– Such freezes in your daily task on computer accumulates to worsening overall system performance and the slower response is irritating nonetheless.

2. Device Malfunctions

– The worst that outdated drivers do is that it malfunctions your devices.

– You may experience sometimes that your speakers, headphones, or USB flash drives aren’t responding. Or that your Wi-Fi signals are constantly weak, and your printer isn’t connecting up with your PC.

– All these troubles aren’t necessarily caused by hardware issues but are the direct result of outdated associated drivers.

– The real issue is that your current driver version isn’t compatible with the relevant device anymore and hence there is no response from there.

3. Game Crashes

– Gamers use dedicated graphics card for better gaming experience, and these video cards also functions with support from their drivers.

– Outdated drivers would result in poor resolution and unwanted game crashes and slow response to command keys.

4. Security Threats

– A really rare problem caused by outdated drivers, but it shouldn’t be neglected at all.

– In some extreme cases, it has been found that outdated drivers for external drives and devices can enable hackers to take control of your system by breaching the operating system.

– Despite being a very rare phenomenon, it can be really harmful to your overall system security.

How Can You Maintain Updated Driver Versions for All Devices and Programs

The driver updates are rolled out by manufacturers that you need to scan for every once in a while so that you could update them on time. But that’s another headache to perform manual scans for each and every driver and find out what’s new to check there.

Smart Driver Care is a perfect tool designed for Windows OS, that can automate driver update process. By performing automated scans and one-click driver updates, Smart Driver Care not only maintains a balance between your hardware and operating system but saves you the hassle of manual driver updates and the trouble it brings.

Download Smart Driver Care

Here’s how Smart Driver Care eradicate issues of outdated drivers:

1. Effective and Fast Automated Driver Update Scans


– Smart Driver Care begins its process by scanning your system for outdated driver versions for all devices.

– Once the scan is completed, all outdated driver versions would be listed out.

2. Automatic One-Click Update

smart driver care Update

– First, select and mark the outdated drivers on the list. All of them would be on the top of the list.

– Then click on that Update All button to commence installation.

3. Backup Previous Driver Versions and Help in System Restore


– Sometimes, new driver updates can also cause system errors like BSOD on your Windows computer.

– With Smart Driver Care, you can backup previous driver versions and save them on your system memory.

– In case you ever want to roll back to a previous system state, you can use the Restore module of Smart Driver Care to take a step back and resolve any occurring issues.

Driver issues can cause severe system slowdown, device malfunctions, and crashes. The regular updates maintain a balanced compatibility between the Windows OS and the system hardware. With Smart Driver Care, you can resolve and overcome the mentioned issues in just a few mouse-clicks, and keep your system in a conditioned state.

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