Fix dxgmms2.sys Blue Screen Error on Windows 10!

Are you viewing a dxgmms2.sys or SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error on the blue screen on your computer? BSOD errors seem to be a nightmare for Windows users. And, dxgmms2.sys stop code is one of the most common annoying errors, usually accompanied by Blue Screen Error Codes: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED & SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION

But what exactly causes the dxgmms2.sys Blue Screen Error to appear? Well, if your system has an old, corrupted, and faulty graphics card driver, there’s a high probability that you may witness this issue while playing games or watching movies. Apart from graphics card driver issues, you may encounter the dxgmms2.sys, stop code when you are dealing with incompatible firmware.

How To Fix dxgmms2.sys Blue Screen Error on Windows 10?

For most of the Windows users, updating the graphics card driver has turned out to be an effective way to fix dxgmms2.sys stop code on Windows 10. If you are not sure how to manually update the drivers, we suggest you try an automatic driver updater tool for the process.

STEP 1- Download, install & launch Smart Driver Care on your PC.

STEP 2- On the main dashboard, click on Start Scan Now button.

STEP 3- Once the driver updater utility completes the scanning process, it will show a complete list of device drivers that are damaged, missing, outdated, or incompatible.

scan drivers with smart driver care

STEP 4- Go through the list & look for faulty graphics drivers, and you can click on the Update button to replace it with the latest and compatible versions.

Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

updating drivers with smart driver care

If you have a registered version of the product, you can update all the faulty drivers at once, by clicking the Update All button to fix all the driver-related issues.

Resolved: dxgmms2.sys Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

Still struggling with the BSOD Error? Well, fret not! If updating the graphics drivers didn’t help you to resolve the issue, you can try below-mentioned workarounds:

Top 4  Solutions Workarounds To Fix The Stop Code: dxgmms2.sys
Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool Executing the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will help you fix the bugs related to DirectX Graphics API.
Disable Hardware Acceleration  The feature is dedicatedly used for maximizing the performance. But certain times, it may cause the errors too & dxgmms2.sys is one of them. So, try resolving the error code by deactivating the feature.
Update the BIOS  You can simply update the BIOS configuration to resolve the stop code dxgmms2.sys on Windows 10. 
Use CMD To Delete Problematic Windows System Files  Use Command prompt to delete problematic files that might cause this Windows 10 BSOD error.

METHOD 1- Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Follow the instructions to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool & resolve Windows 10 BSOD error:

STEP 1- Open the Run Window. 

STEP 2- Just type “dxdiag” (without semicolons) and hit the Enter button.

STEP 3- Your DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open instantly. 

STEP 4- If a pop-up appears on your screen asking to check if the drivers are digitally signed. Just click the Yes button to proceed.

Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

Once the Diagnostic tool finishes the scanning, make sure you check the details related to a video card, game controllers & unsigned drivers.

METHOD 2- Disable Hardware Acceleration

Follow the instructions to deactivate Hardware Acceleration:

STEP 1- Open the Run window. 

STEP 2- Type regedit & hit the OK button to open Registry Editor. 

STEP 3- Follow the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Avalon.Graphics

STEP 4- Locate DisableHWAcceleration. 

STEP 5- Just right-click on the blank area & click on the New option. Select the DWORD (32-bit) Value option and simply name it as DisableHWAcceleration. 

Disable Hardware Acceleration

STEP 6- Now double-click on the entry and set the value to 1. This will disable the Hardware Acceleration feature on your PC. Hit OK button to implement and save the changes.

Now restart the Windows 10 PC to see whether the Stop Code: dxgmms2.sys appears again. 

METHOD 3- Update the BIOS

Implement the steps mentioned below the update the BIOS configuration:

STEP 1- Open the Run window. 

STEP 2- Just type “msinfo32” (without semicolons to open System Information Window) & hit the Enter button. 

STEP 3- At this point, you need to search for the BIOS version your computer is running.

STEP 4- Once you find the developer & version of the BIOS installed on your Windows PC, Google the manufacturer’s website to install the latest version.

Update the BIOS

There are plenty of BIOS Update Software as well, that can ease the entire process. You can try them and save your time and effort. 

METHOD 4- Use CMD TO Delete Problematic Windows System Files

Implement the steps mentioned below to delete certain fault files responsible for causing the stop code dxgmms2.sys on Windows 10.

Note: Make sure you take a backup of all the necessary files before deleting any Windows 10 file.

STEP 1- Launch the Troubleshoot menu. To do so, go the Start menu & click on the Power button while holding the Shift key & click on the Restart button carefully.  

Use CMD TO Delete Problematic Windows System Files 

STEP 2- Select the Troubleshoot menu, followed by clicking on the Advanced options. 

STEP 3- Hit the Command Prompt option to open the CMD window.  

STEP 4- Execute the following set of command lines: 


cd windows 

attrib -s -r -h DXGMMS1.sys /s

del DXGMMS1.sys /s /q

You must press Enter after typing every command.

Now close CMD & restart PC. Executing the command above lines will help you detect and remove problematic Windows 10 files, if any.

Video Tutorial: Quick Solutions To Fix dxgmms2.sys BSOD Error on Windows 10


If you are short on time, you can check out this quick video tutorial and implement the steps one by one to resolve the stop code dxgmms2.sys on Windows 10.

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    I often face this issue. Now I know how to fix it. Thanks for sharing the info!

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    I am unable to run the given cmd command can you please guide so that I can resolve blue screen error

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    I myself faced this issue & something like this and all I could think was, to restart the device. I have got the correct resolution now

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