Best Fixes: Camera Not Working On Skype Windows 10

Skype is, without a doubt, one of the best instant messaging platforms & video calling software, but it has its share of issues. Several users are reporting about the webcam not responding on Skype Windows at all since several users are getting frustrated because they are unable to attend the meetings & video conference calls while working from home. 

We’ve tried to compile probably all the effective solutions to make the Skype Camera work again. 

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Causes of “Camera Not Working On Desktop Skype”

Well, there can be plenty of reasons why Skype Camera is not working correctly. 

  • Inappropriate settings being selected within the Skype app. 
  • Webcam drivers have become outdated or damaged. 
  • Skype Windows app has become out-of-date.
  • Skype video call might not also respond if the app doesn’t have access to the device’s camera.
  • Running an outdated Windows OS can also be the cause of Skype Camera not working.

Whatever be the case, thankfully most of the workarounds mentioned here can help to fix the common desktop Skype camera issue. You don’t need to have any technical skills to apply these fixes. 

How To Fix a Camera Not Working On Skype Windows 10?

So, let’s try solving the common Skype Camera Problems. 


1. Check The Plugged Camera


Well, if you are using an external USB Camera, for conducting your virtual meetings & video call conferences, fixing Skype Camera issues is straightforward. Try unplugging the camera & plug it in properly. If you have a spare operating system, try using the USB Camera on that to see if it’s working correctly. 

If it’s responding properly, then the chances are there’s some issue with the USB Ports. Ensure there’s no debris covering the camera. 

Camera Not Working On Skype


2. Ensure Camera Access To Skype Windows App


The method works mostly for laptop users & computer users with built-in cameras. Double-check whether your Skype has access to use your operating system’s camera. If access is not granted, chances are you might not be able to make or receive Skype video calls. To check this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Windows Settings > Privacy 
  • Click on Camera from the left panel under the head “App Permissions.”
  • From the Microsoft Store Apps section, locate Skype & ensure that the access to your desktop’s webcam is Enabled. 
  • If it’s toggled off, activate it to grant access to Skype Camera.


3. Use The Latest Skype Windows App


Do you remember when the last time you updated your desktop Skype was? If you are using an outdated version, chances are you might experience constant glitches that might hamper your video conferencing experience from time to time. Well, to fix this, download Windows 10 Skype latest version. After updating the video calling software, check if the app now recognizes your camera. 

Latest Skype Windows App

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4. Update Webcam Driver


Using the webcam with latest drier versions can relatively solve a lot of video call issues. To automatically find and install the most compatible device drivers for your Windows 10, all you have to do is: 

  • Install Smart Driver Care, a dedicated driver updater utility that scans your Windows machine and finds and installs the new and right device drivers.


  • Once you install it, click on the Start Scan button and let the driver updater software list all the devices running outdated, missing, damaged, incompatible or damaged drivers. 
  • Click on Update All button to fix everything at one place. 


5. Configure Skype’s Video Settings


Most of the Skype Camera issues can be resolved once you configure the in-built video calling settings. Follow the instructions carefully:

  • Launch Skype Windows app > Settings > Audio & Video Settings
  • Select Webcam option from the right pane
  • Now ensure Skype is not using a wrong video device as a webcam. If it is, choose a correct webcam device from the drop-down list 
  • Once you configure this, you should be able to see a video feed from your camera
  • Click on Save to apply the changes 

Configure Skype’s Video Settings 


6. Close Programs That Might Be Using Webcam


Regrettably, Skype video call software becomes very shy when it comes to preventing other apps that try to hog the limelight & webcam. Close the unnecessary applications that might be exploiting the webcam to the fullest. To do so, take help of Task Manager:

  • Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+Delete)
  • Navigate to Processes tab & choose the process that is      using your Camera 
  • Right-click on them and select option End Task 

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7. Re-Enable Your Webcam



Sometimes this quick workaround helps users to get the Skype Camera working again. To disable and enable your webcam, follow the procedure.

  • Head towards Device Manager 
  • Locate Imaging Devices category 
  • Right-click on your webcam & choose Disable Device option
  • Right-click on the webcam again & this time choose Enable Device option 
  • Close your Device Manager to implement the changes 

Re-Enable Your Webcam 

Hopefully, this method should make your Skype Camera working again. 


8. Delete The StructuredQuerySchema.bin File


Well, if you are someone who has recently upgraded from Windows 8 to 10 or using the Skype Preview app, this is a trick for you. Follow the steps below to make Skype Camera working again:

  • Press Windows Key + R together to launch the Run window 
  • Type and execute the following command: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\1033
  • Hit the OK button to proceed 
  • File Explorer > 1033 > Now right-click on the StruredQuerySchema.bin File & choose Delete option 
  • Restart your system to implement the changes 

This workaround most probably should help you to get the webcam detected successfully. 

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Now You See Me?

Try any of the workarounds mentioned above; it should fix your Skype Windows Camera not working problem. Now you can go back and attend meetings and conduct video conferences without any issues. If nothing worked, then probably, it’s the damaged webcam, which is creating the problem. 

You can get it replaced later, till then try using some of the best video calling apps for Windows that can help you similarly to communicate with your friends, colleagues & loved ones visually.

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